Ferrari 599 GTZ – The Only One in the World

Ferrari 599 GTZ – The Only One in the World


This is a one of one Ferrari! It is the only manual 599 GTZ Nibbio Zagato in the world. Originally, it was a 2007 599 GTB before being given to Zagato to completely rework the body. Thanks to @tominiclassicsdubaiLink to Ferrari Rossa – Follow me on:Music bySourire Dete Feat Anik Vendredi

Wow these lights look ridiculous what’s up it’s supercar blondie here in Dubai it too many classics and behind me is a one of one now it is a 599 GTB Jose gato I know it’s a long name and we’re gonna break those individual points down what does that actually mean but right here right now the most important thing to know is nine of these were made in the world but this is the one of one because this is the only manual 599 GTB osa gato so the 599 GTB that’s the car it’s actually modeled from so basically you take a gtp and give it to ceccato and they come back and they give you a 599 GT is it the 599 GTB there are about three and a half thousand of them mate thirty or so were made in manual and this is one of those thirty but what makes it even more special of course is that this is the only manual that there was then given to cigar so to completely rebuild so underneath here this is all the original 599 GTB engine it’s mainly just the body that has been reworked and given into Zagato so this is a v12 6-litre v12 and why is it called a 599 because it has five thousand 999 CC engine he or six liter engines though the models starting in 2007 and then in 2013 it was replaced by the f12 and I see the manual gearbox in there there had more and more experience of these older manual gearboxes recently but well I’ve just been working out so it’s really painful I love God’s right now so here with these old manual gearboxes it is actually quite different from something that you would drive now where you just kind of find the gears right just kind of push it around first second third this one actually has specific slots that you need to get into to change the gears makes it a little bit more difficult I think because you can’t just naturally feel where it slides into you have to kind of go across and up and down and this and that it smells like a new it was rebuilt by Zagato last year 2017 so that’s why it smells new so everything in here has been completely replaced just a year ago so you’re gonna be take this a one-of-one ferrari laferrari i don’t yeah well i mean recently we just saw another one up front ferrari right there awesome check out my youtube video if you haven’t seen it yet that was pretty insane I didn’t even know I was going to see that car that day so it was just standing there like what is this alright this is Miguel he’s from too many classics and he’s gonna tell us all about this beauty because online is actually very very little about this particular car because it is super super unique you guys have actually the guys who commissioned the car yes indeed in the same tradition of 50 60 years ago we give a ceccato a completely stock 592 be manual they change the entire body for the aluminum body it was all the panels with completely customized carbon fiber panels to make this very different looking to take on the 599 GTB the one thing I noticed straight away right is the double bubble red it’s a completely Saiga 2 3 yeah there is a signature design if you take any car to Zagato you will find somewhere on the car this kind of double bubble look that is their cool yeah and it’s actually a very very logical reason for it in the old days the leaders will wear helmets yeah and they will need that extra Headroom for the full helmet so they’ll have those double bubble yeah exactly so you’ve got this kind of double bubble here you see how it goes like that but in any way other than the body even interior is very for tonight and the other question I have for you is this part right here may be earth so nee bo is the actual force that inspired the Cavallino the rampant horse in the Ferrari logo that was the actual name of the actual force so it’s funny that happened today nobody has really named anything after Naevia well I was one of the most significant horses in automotive history oh so that was the Ferrari that we see on the horses that we see on the Ferrari badge that was an actual horse in real life Libya the year 1927 marks the 100th anniversary sorry the 19th anniversary for Ferrari collaborating in any way shape or form with as I got to so there were no Ferrari badges on this at all anyway yeah interesting enough when you order a an Evo Cecotto from Zagato they will hand you a beautiful box with all the badges of their original to the car in the box we must like a box of chocolates all these emblems here oh so cool I’ve never held one of these in my hands before zippers just make a little attachment to my shirt must we go instant Ferrari t-shirt put this one on the baseball cap oh yeah playing it up Ferrari style here we go whoa turn that off again out turn it off turn it on Wow these lights look ridiculous it it’s one of these push on my strong enough how’s it work push push huh my arms are already shaking man oh my goodness fire extinguisher are you doing kind of freaking out a little bit inside hey it’s just the one of one who are maybe it’ll be fine they said yes sixty thousand euros but that sixty thousand euros each to say headlight Wow that gearbox was never supposed to even handle it okay that’s the typical Ferrari trait second gear that is awful I’ve never been owned again like not being able to get a car in the second year before that’s another query for you wow this is a completely new experience let’s see how we go second time lucky yeah these are the Sivan comet ison ah what’s up how are you nice to see you this is this is boomer you’d say hi you’re on camera yeah filming say hi yeah this is the me bo Zagato we’ll see you later bye hey second key wants to play around now it’s come to the party so how was the drive it’s very smooth it experience because you can’t always get in gear it’s very powerful I can’t we obviously didn’t weren’t really able to go out and test it you’ve got to be super careful with these cars because they like pieces of art you know this is not just a normal five nine gtp which is already a beautiful car this is a one-off we drove a total error band back and that’s not a short distance so we’re lucky to do that how’s it sound Matthieu yeah it sounds like a la ferrari not as aggressive a bit lower very sure bit lower from me here is in one Yamuna ion so it’s like you’re ripping found a dozen saucy indicator like splits it in half how cool is that there is the 599 GTO it is now tripled its original price tag because it’s completely remodeled such a beautiful car the back I particularly love and really appreciate what they’ve done just think you’ll never see anything like this especially the taillights and that’s it that’s my experience with this one of one Ferrari I hope you liked the video please like it give me a quick thumbs up right now please subscribe to my channel we’ve got so many cool cars coming I come and tell you for now I’m out

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