Ferrari and Lamborghini zuzpin robot in Russia through ukraine

Ferrari and Lamborghini zuzpin robot in Russia through ukraine


Italian car manufacturers Ferrari and Lamborghini are launching the work on then market through a large-scalen invasion of Ukraine.

Please check with the companies’ applications.

Ferrari was told that they would donate 1 million euros to help Ukrainians.

“Besides, in order to overcome the current situation, Ferrari has taken the decision to manufacture cars for then market until further notice. We continue to respectfully follow the situation and keep up to date with all the rules, regulations and sanctions,” – go to the reminder.

At Lamborghini they said that they were deeply embarrassed by the podia in Ukraine and that they were seriously worried about the situation. The company is ready to make a donation to the UN fund to help refugees.

“The pennies will be sent directly to the UNHCR – the UN Agency for the rights of refugees, as they work in Ukraine since 2014. In the light of the situation, there is a dilatory vision of the blue of. Lamborghini is based on the completion of combat operations and the turn to diplomacy,” the company added.

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