Ferrari appoints new president

Ferrari appoints new president


Benedetto Vigna will head the legendary company

The new CEO of Ferrari will be 52-year-old Benedetto Vigna, the company said in a statement. It is designed to bring decoy to a “new technological level”.

European media openly associate Vigny’s appointment with the need to transfer Ferrari to the production of electric vehicles. The new CEO has not previously worked in the automotive industry at all and has nothing to do with technology based on combustion engines.

Until now, Vigna worked in the production of microelectronics. He is currently President of ST’s Analog, the largest and most profitable division of the computer chip manufacturer STMicroelectronics. This company is known in particular for the production of touch screens for the first iPhones.

Vigna will leave his current position only on August 31st, after which, by agreement of the parties, he will be obliged not to work anywhere for six months, so as not to inadvertently transfer the latest production secrets to the new employer. Thus, he will not arrive at Ferrari until March 1st.

Currently, Ferrari, like other manufacturers of luxury supercars, is faced with the problem of restrictions on the sale of gasoline cars in many countries. In fact, the company should quickly switch to the production of environmentally friendly cars like electric vehicles or synthetic fuel models.

At the same time, synthetic fuel itself is not yet mass-produced, and as for sports electric vehicles, Ferrari is seriously inferior in this direction to products from new players, such as Tesla Roadster or Rimac Nevera. So Vigny has to deal with this very problem.

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