Ferrari Drives on Water

Ferrari Drives on Water


This Ferrari can drive on water! This is one of the newest luxury billionaire toys in Dubai and the world’s first water supercar. Today Sergi and Nicki show you around this millionaire toy and how it works. These jetski/boat supercars is currently based off of Corvette and Ferrari but will also include Bentley, Aston Martin and Bugatti’s in the near future in Dubai.Sergi: Nicki: Waterlink: You can follow Supercar Blondie on:#Supercar #Dubai #boat

this is a car that drives on water and it’s unlike anything i’ve ever seen before i saw this thing on the internet and i was like all right we have got to do this it’s one of the newest millionaire toys in dubai and this one is modeled after a corvette now you can rent one for about seven hundred dollars per hour or you can buy one for approximately forty to fifty thousand dollars if you go for the full spec version now when i first saw it i immediately assumed it was a jet ski but when you step inside you realize that it works and feels more like a small boat is this a jet ski is this a little tiny boat they were like it’s both it has a steering wheel and a gas pedal like a real car it has a gear selector like a real car but it has no brakes like a jet ski so start is here yeah okay we’re on we’re on oh okay we’re going forward already oh yeah to slow down you just got to put your foot off the gas however just like a corvette the engine is in the back and it’s actually pretty big at 1 800 cc the car has a bunch of buttons on the center console main cabin lights running lights and even a windshield wiper i thought the windshield wiper was just there for decoration until we actually drove this thing i wish i can’t see anything where’s to be honest you get less wet than when you’re on a jet ski and you stay dry the majority of the time but every now and then you do catch a wave that goes over the windshield and completely drenches you the car even has a radar and gps installed in the middle in case you get lost this aqua corvette doesn’t have any functional doors so the only way of getting in is stepping directly on the seats can you imagine stomping on a real corvette seats to get in the car itself can hit up to 100 kilometers per hour so if you think about it this thing would be fast enough to legally drive on most highways around the world if it could drive on land this car isn’t actually amphibious the car has wheels but they don’t move it’s just part of a shell that wraps around the frame so yeah i mean it’s just plastic the idea originated in egypt with a guy named karine three and a half years ago kareem designed a corvette style aquatic car with two of his closest friends and the moment they started driving around they started getting attention and buyers obviously i mean look at this thing if you’re just walking down the beach and you look over obviously that’ll catch your attention right now kareem’s taken this vehicle to dubai where he plans to expand even further future plans include a truck a bugatti and an aston martin all will be driven on the water just like this one i’m excited to see what the truck looks like because that’ll be pretty cool now there have been real amphibious vehicles in the past like the water car panther which kind of looks like a jeep except you can literally launch straight into the water from the road and back no problem at all you also have the gibbs quatsky which is a little smaller more like a quad and it’s got retractable wheels which is actually pretty cool kind of like a james bond gadget right and speaking of james bond we have the scuba by rinspeed which is a real car that can literally submerge underwater the drivers have like a scoop of tank and oxygen masks that come with the car so that they can continue breathing while driving underwater and this car was inspired from james bond’s lotus spirit from the movie the spy who loved me however of all the aquatic cars that we mentioned this one is definitely the most accessible to the general public

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