Ferrari engine for the price of RAV4

Ferrari engine for the price of RAV4


The Ferrari Tipo 052 motor developed 845 hp. with. and spun up to 18,300 rpm. It is very difficult to restore it.

In Great Britain, an old 18-year-old Ferrari Tipo 052 engine was auctioned off by Collecting Cars. For it a whopping 36 thousand euros were rescued – as for a Toyota RAV4 crossover in a good configuration. The website of the auction house informs about it.

Surprisingly, such an expensive engine cannot even be started – it is inoperative. It will be incredibly difficult to restore it, because many of its parts are missing, and the motor is very rare.

The fact is that the Tipo 052 engine was installed on Ferrari F2003-GA cars in Formula 1. This 3.0-liter naturally aspirated V10 develops 845bhp. with. and spun up to an incredible 18,300 rpm.

As you know, in the 2003 season, Michael Schumacher brought Ferrari the championship, and his partner Rubens Barichello took fourth place. The Italian team also won the Constructors’ Cup, with a total of 8 victories in 16 races.

During the auction, it was not specified on whose car this engine was. It is only known that its service life has been exhausted. Most likely, the Ferrari engine will be used as an installation or decoration. By the way, Formula 1 working engines are about 10 times more expensive.

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