Ferrari F50 vs. Maserati MC12 | Supercar Owners Circle

Ferrari F50 vs. Maserati MC12 | Supercar Owners Circle


I’m visiting Andermatt in Switzerland with Supercars Owners Circle, where we race some of the rarest hypercars in the world. The Ferrari F50 against the Maserati MC12 at Ambri Airport.Special thanks to Supercars Switzerland for hooking me up with the Ferrari 458 Spider.Follow me on:Music by:Stand-up – Lance TaberFly – 13OunceLeviathan – Dhruv GoelYoga Chill – Janapriyan LevineChomp It Up – Neko FuzzHighway To the Sky – Keith ThomasBlessed – Jumbo

ladies welcome that’s the crowd yeah driving in our four five eight spider big thanks to supercars Switzerland you rock if you’re ever in Switzerland make sure you recharge them they’ll hook you up with a cool car and my favorite chips Africa we were told it was beautiful and sunny and then when we arrived it was 40 degrees of raining this is the worst conditions I’ve ever driven in ever I think gold is whoa wait slow down luckily you cannot see cook anything this is really really bad what you just mr. Chetty may miss the hotel did we really again – super owners circle that’s what we you for this is a super super exclusive driving hearings Wow look at this echelon here we’re gonna get some rest tonight and then tomorrow morning we’re gonna start the drive and there are some crazy crazy things planned teddy oh we’ve got some luck sweet guy deluxe suite they didn’t work for another thing coming photographed each anglish basically super car owners circle has very very exclusive cars and their owners join them on different events around the world this event is currently in Switzerland and this is the kind of treatment you get I suppose deluxe suites at the cherry and a gift should I open it okay leather and fabric to bring your clothes around in when you travel I just put all that stuff on very nice thank you so much this weekend it promised to be filled with many special moments and unique experiences yeah it is we’ll look at some of these cars that they have come to the events fancy follow right okay cheeky are these these some of these cars you probably own if you if you super lucky you may only see them once in your entire life these are really really exclusive tomorrow we are going to be going to an airstrip have completely closed down an airstrip for us to play on speed racing on Ambree airport I know it’s incredible that we see these kind of cars right that’s what makes SOC so special that they only admit a certain caliber of car and although we’re in the four five eight which is a very nice car this is actually being relegated to the photographer’s car play for this song Oh what is with this river if you haven’t yet seen my vlog on the Apollo yet go check it out it’s in England with James May Richard Hammond and the yeah just because I sat on your so you she just volunteered she saw on the page like oh my god they’re gonna be amazing car oh I’m crying that was amazing did you get out of that sounded all the way all right here we go sls against the 8:12 super-fun I think the eight oh forget it now we have the ESL s took off a bit quicker but da twelve ultimately finished in the lead 12 TDS lagging a little bit less but I think the SLR we’re good to go here we want to place your bets on where is the RAM Tech se depends on the driver hold it totally called it not only was it bad bad little gagging Argo would abandon seem belong some gonna turns way that it just means people from Brno or way slower so you got your bets on the career yeah I think so all right are you just getting in know what yeah what’s happening a 50 verse EMT role what are you a 40 record 5 yeah so 10 years difference it ends up it’s just an upgraded version of the fpv so you’re going against the f good luck currently in the f50 we get we’re gonna lose badly I think don’t cuddle the one it’s time we’re gonna have fun losing it’s gonna be great so we’ve got the mc12 in front of us so this car it’s about ten years older that’s like the replacement of this car like the newer version of this puppy that Maserati so right so it’s basically an Enzo but it’s got maserati’s branding on it it’s fine we’ll be fine I’ve got one of the show so yeah it’s a great car I love it just looks fantastic like this it’s convertible it’s only fifty pieces in the world it’s a very very special car we’re gonna go crazy seeing these two together let’s go probably gearbox we’ve got oh look it’s a mine down window hello hello help that work so I’ve been did you get it we weren’t far off you know I had a better start it’s pretty impressive actually but speedy thing you went up to what happens about 210 kilometers when I last looked we’re heading down a strip against Carrera GT all right that’s gonna be an interesting race so we have the purple Monday against the gt2 RS who do you thinks gonna win on that one now it was super hard to tell is all I think they may be different from other was a little bit quicker off the light but it looks like the gt2 RS one at the end so we’ll ask them at the finish line and did you win all right so he claims he won the whole race all the way it just towards the end he started just slowing down and that’s when the pair for Monty overtook but you know he’s from Miami all trusted it is the gt2 RS versus the p1 would not have put those two cars together by here we are what model is the gt2 RS been winning all the races so far and so has the p1 2016 be warm against 2018 gt2 RS who’s gonna win well that was an awesome stop who did it you guys were quicker at the beginning let’s start at the beginning I got it at the end yeah thank you runs really smooth why is he called Goldfinger because of the color James Bond James to drive it yeah that’s fine yeah that’s fine so cool I think I’m getting more and more into classic such an experience to drive them know it’s not easy life if you want a super car it’s got a character these guys are top secret but we doing yeah haha how do we hear the engine that’s it I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all of these are super super special part as they come back now to the hotel we’re staying out here in under Mott I’m actually heading back in the 458 Spyder to Zurich how great are these roads when it’s not foggy I hope you enjoyed watching please like the video remember to subscribe to my channel love you so much thanks for your support I will see you next time usually you walk I

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