Ferrari FXX | The Stig’s Power Lap

Ferrari FXX | The Stig’s Power Lap


The Stig sets a scorching time in the new £1 million Ferarri FXX, but is it fast enough to take top spot on the power lap leader board?Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

Here it is: it's the Ferrari FXX. It's a bit like an Enzo except it has
860 horsepower, and even though it costs a million pounds, none of the 30 people who have bought one
have ever taken delivery. No, seriously, okay, you buy this car
and then Ferrari keep it at the factory. Yeah, they will take it to a racetrack,
so you can borrow your car for the day but then they take it away again. Anyway, the point is, okay, since it's here and since we believe it could go very near to the top of
our leaderboard, we thought that you would prefer to see
this do a lap in the hands of our tame racing driver. Some say that he invented the curtain and that he recently submitted
a 20,000-pound expenses claim for some gravel… for his moat. All we know is he's called the Stig. And he's off! Lots of wheelspin
off the line, but then this car has a lot of power. Almost as much in fact as an F1 car. First corner. Comes in fast as it needs to to keep
the massive wing-generating downforce. Stig working hard. No music thankfully,
because the FXS doesn't have a stereo. Just look at the lines around your cargo.
It's like Batman on a track day. Hammerhead now.
How will it cope? I'm guessing well? But look how it reacted to that bump
on the way through. Never seen a car do that before. Is the Stig phased? Hard to tell, but let's assume not. Follow through, and surely,
even with downforce, the mighty Panther and a 6.3-litre V12, means he'll have to lift off.
I don't think he did. I don't think he did. So just two corners left. Here we go. And look now, look at the brake discs. Glowing red-hot. This really is like
a Formula One car but with a windscreen wiper. Just Gambon left. Here he comes, just flies through there
and across the line. So the Gumpert, one minute 17.1. Ready? 1.17.1 to beat. The FXX did it. -One minute ten point seven.
-What? Unbelievable.

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