Ferrari GTC4Lusso | Chris Harris Drives

Ferrari GTC4Lusso | Chris Harris Drives


The GTC4Lusso is a luxurious four-seater Ferrari that also has a whacking great V12. But how does the FF’s replacement fare in the real world? And can anyone fit in the back seats? Chris Harris finds out. : WATCH MORE: Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Car Walkarounds: Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

now if you want to fit a v12 behind the front axle line and four seats and a boot in your Ferrari you need an extreme measure watch this so the back of this car the Lusso has that sort of bread fan shape which is distinctive here’s the rear wheel I’m gonna walk forward and you’re thinking that looks normal but now you’re thinking when does the front wheel arrive where is it where is it where is it it’s about there now look how long about wheelbase is look at the real estate between the front and the rear wheel it’s enormous so I walked back from the front of the car to where effectively the driver sits watch this all of that is ahead of you as the driver it is genuinely one of the most unusual cars ever made so from the outside it sort of looks like an FF for someone’s try to lightly restyle and inside inside it’s quite a bit different the two side TFT screens and the center of counter remained the rest of it is entirely new including this enormous flat screen center console bit here now for many years Ferrari was a long way behind the curve it always seemed to release the sort of generation of infotainment behind any of its rivals but this thing looks bang up to date and it does a split-screen thing either side I don’t quite know how it works I’ve spent a bit of time playing with it and there is a sort of instruction that comes with it I’m getting there after a year you actually learn how the controls work and the quality inside here miles better than the ffs I have to say it’s not squeaky it’s not rattling and you don’t have to put all the bits that fall off in your glove box like they put in my FF dynamics this is really because as someone who did I don’t know what 7,000 miles on my FF I loved it but there were some very obvious problems first of all it was too loud when you started it up it would wake people in the village from about a mile around that’s too much we want sound we don’t want to be anti-social that’s the new way of doing things the ride comfort even with the dampers selected the song was too busy and the biggest problem of the FF for a car that was at GT was the kind of tire suspension noise at the back of the car have you sat in the back you just got deafened there was plenty of room but you got rattled around by the suspension and the noise of the exhaust and the kind of resonance that came from the suspension the tyres so what have they gone and done well when you start it it’s quieter but it still sounds wonderful the ride comfort with the bumpy road button on is superb I’m coming out of an everyday s63 AMG Mercedes which I think rides as well as any fast car but this isn’t a long way off it’s really impressive I’m at perhaps the most impressive thing about the list so the way it filters noise that you don’t want out of the cabin and lets you have all that v12 goodness that most Ferraris are designed around the driver the driver matters no one else are all the controls and everything had configured towards the driver environment the passenger is forgotten about but the Luso is obviously a four-seater so Ferrari has kind of had to pay attention to the person that sits there in the front papacy and the back seat as well so we’re losing radical I’m now going to test this vehicle from since in the spirit of good consumer journalism I’m going to attempt to show you the new infotainment screen but before I do that I’m gonna start the engine because wouldn’t do that something waiting cool happens watch this a flap opens and air comes out now notwithstanding the fact that Jaguar managed that 10 years ago Ferrari with a flap that opens amazing so here’s your impotent screen look how big it is and it’s sort of flush to the edges it’s got the sort of matte luxury feel to it but it displays some basic information like the temperature and the time so you’ve got your usual things you’ve got the media you’re playing your Navi your phone the way that you can change your seats and air conditioning and all that sort of stuff and then the car settings that’s like a normal car but this has a split-screen function now look at that you see media and navigation at the same time you can also have apple carplay where’s my cable what’s this so I plug in the phone they get offered apple carplay now that in a Golf R I think is free in this car it’s about two and a half grand which seems a bit steep but it works quite well we’ve got a redesigned set of climate control buttons we’ve got another rotary button here which sort of helps you navigate Randy we don’t want do the touch screen and on why you do that a volume knob here which has got a crack in the middle of it and if you look at it it sort of moves the way a 300 thousand pound cars buttons shouldn’t move it’s a bit of an ergonomic hash up but it looks beautiful and the materials are very special indeed that’s what you would need to understand when you see the price of this car you’ll say well an rs6 is a third of the money an rs6 feels a third of the money inside this is beautiful the hides are waxy and soft and they’re a beautiful color and everything does like does fit together rather well in a way that Ferraris don’t always do and these vents and titanium edges they’re things of beauty there’s not too much carbon in this car which I rather like usual controls then you’ve got two paddles here up and down they’re fixed they’re not behind the wheel and moving with the way all this has been redesigned slightly that’s the most important button in the karma you press that to get your soft dampers the Manatee gnome straightforward one thing you do need to know is that when you go to ESC off and slide it around which I’m not going to do in this video the rear-wheel steering cuts off it doesn’t work because that would not help in a skid situation the fuel tank still not quite big enough at under 90 liters and everything else well it’s the same as it was before up there what I find slightly confusing is there are 1 2 3 4 5 6 rotary dials that sort of twirl around and I’m not quite sure where each of them does some hey I think that’s my pit limit my cruise control there one other thing worth noting the JBL hi-fi in my FF was pants really really rubbish the JBL – this is really really good well that’s it from the driver’s perspective I’m now hand over to my short dark very good-looking colleague to discuss what goes on in the front passenger compartment so here we are riding shotgun now in the loo so and straight ahead of me it’s the optional passenger readout or passenger display three thousand three hundred and sixty pounds I can say that with a straight face just look at this it used to be basic now how could it’s not so basic you get exactly the same graphics as you had on the main screen so you can have a duplicate of all of the information the drivers seeing about the car and what you’re doing on that left-hand screen there here but you can also have all the media as well and you can change the song which you will find drives you can put your mad because bless in my 12 year old was in the front with me this morning and was changing the radio station every five minutes which drove me completely nuts but look how cool this is so you can then have all of your performance data as well so that’s your speed and your rpms I mean I know it’s a total gimmick these cars are about theater and making people feel special and making you smile at all the sort of delights and that’s what I love about this thing so if you’re sitting here as a passenger you’ve actually got more fun to be had here than the passenger has in any other car on sale having played with my directional air vents with their new open and shut mechanism at the top they’re just quite nice and pressed my solenoid activated glovebox opening device I shall move to the back where another well not unattractive small brown man is ready to show you what it’s like that’s it in the back right I can’t talk about the back back tomorrow free eleven thousand five hundred and twenty pounds eleven and a half grand for a glass roof okay right once you got that out of the way the back of this car is a revelation legroom more than the s-class coupe a what a great position the rake of the seat back is just right and because their individual seat they’ve got these little side cushions that just pinch the lumber of your back which make it really supportive and comfortable feels like a bucket seat in the back of a car armrest of my left look at that couple of USB for charging dual cupholders and an air vent to point cold air at your face genuine four seater with a boot oh look a split fold rear seat it never falls flat already flat because of that there that’s the fuel tank under there but to genuinely practical car and it’s area it’s light because of the eleven and a half thousand pound roof option I can’t keep a straight face too much longer it’s utterly bonkers this car but I love it I’ve got a much more refined more comfortable car but of course being Ferrari it’s faster it now has 690 horsepower this is a four seat family Ferrari 700 left of course the Lucifer is really just a facelift of the FF and an excuse for Ferrari to roll out confusing new naming strategy but it is actually quite a big step over the old FF the 6.2 liter v12 now has 694 power and 514 foot-pounds it revs to 8250 again very unfamiliar in compression ratio is now thirteen point five to one there are lighter internals on a new piston design and the new generation of engine electronics in short it’s a monster zero to sixty two and three point four seconds 0 to 124 in 10.5 and 208 miles an hour flat out the chassis retains the crazy fall above separate gearbox for the front axle to allow that front mid-engine layout but now it has four-wheel steering and a completely new brain controlling the whole lot Ferrari always makes big aerodynamic claims about downforce that I don’t normally believe but I will say that the Luso has possibly the biggest diffuse that I’ve ever seen in a road car which is handy because the boot is actually quite small ah who cares about 15 and old money that’s foot-pounds so the thing is an absolute rocket sled over 200 miles an hour flat out those are insane numbers but it’s so much more comfortable it is also more agile as it now has a four-wheel drive system as if this powertrain wasn’t already complicated enough to remind you the engine is effectively front need mounted ok so the motors just so ahead of it there’s a supplementary gearbox that drives the front wheels and then there’s obviously a transaxle gearbox situation out prax so you’ve got power being directed all over the place they’ve now integrated a rear-wheel steering system with that central ECU so at any one time the computer has to decide how much steering lock to apply at the rear wheel how much talk to put to each one of the individual tires I mean it’s crazy it’s so clever and now it feels seamless the FF was a car that developed over its life I had an early one and at times it really did feel like it was a rear-wheel drive car that when you get into trouble in computer we go is the problem with front axle Thrall power to front by the time it did that you’d already crashed this one doesn’t feel like that at all it still feels fundamentally rear driven which is lovely but you can feel the torque vector you can feel it Sutton to find its line find a more efficient way of getting you power to the ground the seating position is good the steering wheel now has these extra Model T bits on the back for the indicators which is a good idea I always found the windscreen wiper a bit of a pain you had to sort of pull it to get one swish and push it to make it go on now with it done they put a rotary thing to roll on your non intermittent wiper and if you want a quick a quick switch pull it back once these are weird observations and I’m sort of providing a consumer test of a car that no one ever really uses aren’t I but I used mine it feels expensive and so it should because this one where the few toys is 280,000 pounds I’m going to pause there for a minute allowed Neal to sort of fade in some moody music at the odd shot of it while you think about the fact that it costs 200 you

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