Ferrari has patented an unusual version of the engine

Ferrari has patented an unusual version of the engine


The Italians promised powerful motor, which can operate in conditions with low emissions.

Ferrari gave us back a little bit of hope that one of the electric cars in the near future will still be cars with powerful internal combustion engines. This is evidenced by the patent, which was published yesterday by the Office for patents and trademarks of the United States.

First, these sketches prove that Ferrari continues to develop high performance V12. Secondly, judging by the description and drawings, the company is working on technology to reduce harmful emissions in internal combustion engines without sacrificing power.

Ferrari’s engineers are going to register a scheme by which the engine can embed the two systems of fuel ignition. One involves the injection of a small amount of fuel before lighting the candles. As a result, the air flow passing through the combustion chamber and the fuel / air mixture heats up faster. In turn, this provides a more effective heating when starting the engine, while minimizing emissions.


Prior to the main combustion chamber in the engine extra with its own spark plug. In normal driving conditions the part of the air-fuel mixture falls into this pre-chamber, improving work efficiency. A spark plug in the main camera is activated when starting the engine or driving at low load.

A sensible idea from a Ferrari or a bad job?

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