Ferrari has patented center column for windshield

Ferrari has patented center column for windshield


New part in the spirit of F1 will be used in future models of the Italian brand.

In a document recently filed with the Bureau of patents and trademarks USA, describes the Ferrari of structural support, which passes through the center of the windshield.

The patent also describes two different solutions: a Central strut mounted on the front windscreen or to use two separate wind glass, one in front of the driver and one front passenger. The wiper can be hidden behind this Central reception, to improve aerodynamics.

Ferrari believes that the presence of this b-pillar will play a key role in the design and will allow the company to reduce the width of the front pillars of the vehicle. Moreover, the support can help to direct the airflow in the cockpit and allow you to use the installed rear air conditioning.


To negate the problems with the visibility that may be caused by the presence of a large element located in the center of the windscreen, Ferrari will use an external camera system for capturing images in front of the car and projecting them onto the windshield.

The patent States that the design can work either with fixed or with folding roofs. As always, there is no certainty that this intriguing piece of design will enter production. If this happens, future Ferrari models can look very different.

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