Ferrari is preparing a new approach to driving

Ferrari is preparing a new approach to driving


Another patent image authored by Italian company producing luxury cars is suggestive of the fact that Ferrari is preparing a new approach to driving. European Bureau registered the request of the Italians.

Judging by the description of the patent, the new joystick built into the structure of the driver’s seat will not be responsible for the shifting or movement modes, and will replace the steering wheel and pedals. To move or be dispersed, it is necessary to move the lever forward to stop back and swinging right or left determines the direction of movement of the machine. When selecting a stroke of the lever can be set to increase or decrease speed by 50%.


It sounds strange yet it is unclear how the joystick will allow the driver to determine the desired force and adjusting the angle of rotation. But Ferrari argues that such a system would be very convenient to manage your sports car on the highway or in the city, it will be much more intuitive than the methods now adopted.

Also the automaker claims that this system is suitable for machines with internal combustion engine (just recently the company has patented a new V12), electric motor, and a mysterious hydrodynamic propulsion.

How do you like the joystick control car?

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