Ferrari is testing a new hybrid (video)

Ferrari is testing a new hybrid (video)


The Italian company began testing the sport model on the race track in Fiorano.

2014 F1 changed their rules to use a more compact hybrid powertrain V6 turbo. In addition to possible attempts to end the dominance of Red Bull, the sport wanted to produce a more environmentally friendly product, simultaneously developing road technology.


Slowly but surely, the hybrid technology from Formula 1 made an impression in the automotive industry. In confirmation of this, seen during the tests of the new sports car Ferrari with a V6.

Fiorano is a testing ground Italian automaker near Maranello, Italy. The track, built in 1972 as a testing ground for Ferrari, has many different twists and turns, simulating various race tracks around the world.

Judging by the sound track in the video, the prototype test was not turbocharged V8 488. Experts suggest that derived for the test model equipped with a hybrid power unit on the base V6.

If you look at the headlights, the front panel seems very similar to the panel F8 Tributo. All things considered, Ferrari did a good job hiding the rest of the car camo. Generally manufacturers use special film for their test cars, but this model got something else.


On the dynamics of the car to judge by spy materials is difficult, but everything is relatively controlled, even on some high-speed corners the car turns smoothly.

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