Ferrari reveals new limited supercar

Ferrari reveals new limited supercar


Rumors of an extreme version of the Ferrari 812 Superfast coupe have been confirmed. The company has published images of Berlinetta, at the same time revealing some technical data. The main thing is that the car retained the naturally aspirated V12, and this engine became the most powerful of those that have ever been installed on a road Ferrari.

Meanwhile, the new Berlinetta Ferrari does not yet have its own name – it will only be revealed on May 5, during a full-fledged online premiere. According to rumors, the supercar will be called the 812 GTO or 812 Imola. But it is known for sure that the specialists from Maranello have invested in the car all their more than 70 years of experience. Firstly, the coupe received an improved F140 engine (V12 with a camber angle of 65 °), which develops 830 forces and spins up to 9500 rpm, both of which are records for Ferrari. Prior to that, the most powerful front-engined supercars in the range were the Monza SP1 / SP2 twins with 810 bhp. Secondly, the limited two-door has completely revised aerodynamics and increased downforce.

According to the manufacturer, the employees of the Ferrari style center and the aerodynamics specialists managed to achieve an unprecedented elaboration for a road car. To do this, they had to change the shape of the air intakes in the front bumper, plus add small “fins” along the edges; redo the diffuser and revise the configuration of the exhaust tract. But most of all, the overlay of a single piece of aluminum in place of the rear window, which was equipped with vortex generators, and a boomerang-shaped cross member on the hood, changing the perception of the overall proportions of the car, should be striking.

Also, the Berlinetta has acquired a fully steered chassis and Side Slip Control version 7.0. And thanks to the widespread use of CFRP, the car turned out to be lighter than the original 812 Superfast. All this, of course, will affect the dynamics of the supercar, but so far is unclear. And, apparently, only the most loyal of Ferrari customers will be able to fully appreciate the car. By the way, even an ordinary 812 Superfast with an 800-horsepower engine cannot be called slow. The supercar accelerates to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds, and its top speed is 340 kilometers per hour.

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