Ferrari said the reasons that can kill a V12 engine

Ferrari said the reasons that can kill a V12 engine


Gradually tightening norms complicate the situation, but right now, to abandon the V12 in Maranello do not plan to.

Ferrari is not going to deprive their iconic V12 cars, although it uses a more compact V8 with twin turbo.

“We will fight for this engine,” said technical Director Michael Liters in an interview with Top Gear.


Despite the need to comply not only with the new standards Euro-6, but more stringent requirements in the United States and China, Ferrari will not curtail the production of supercars with V12 in the coming years – in contrast to the same Mercedes-Benz or BMW. Latest supercar from Ferrari has become the most powerful Roadster in the world.

According to Literal, the brand has the resources, and sufficient technical skills in order to produce sufficiently powerful engines in the current conditions. But as a separate issue, the representative brand is called and stringent requirements for the volume: rules limiting the sound of the engines, came into force in 2018.

These standards have already responded to the above-mentioned German company: recently it was announced that a quiet exhaust system will get hot Mercedes-AMG the A 45 and CLA 45’s S. However, engineers will try to compensate the driver for this loss with the broadcast of the exhaust sound into the cabin.


Similar problems, raises questions over the future 12-cylinder engines has already run into and the company Lamborghini, which was shown at the Frankfurt show its first production supercar with electrified propulsion.

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