FERRARI SHOWDOWN: 488 Pista, 250 GT TDF, F12tdf, FXX-K

FERRARI SHOWDOWN: 488 Pista, 250 GT TDF, F12tdf, FXX-K


Here are some of our favourite films featuring the best of Maranello, from TV. In the mix, Chris Harris drives the Ferrari 488 Pista, the classic 250 GT TDF, the F12tdf and the raucous FXX-K. Which was your favourite? Series 29: Geneva Online Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

alright so this is the ferrari 250 gt berlinetta tour de france it’s a car named after the legendary race they’re not that one the other one the tour de france automobile they called it the toughest car race in history an entire lap of france four thousand odd grueling miles over ten days on road track and dirt the tour de france made the le mans 24 hours looked like a sunday fun run it ran for nearly a century but its glory days were the end of the 1950s where this ferrari 250 tour de france cleaned up winning every year it competed only 77 were ever made and this one is worth five million pounds they were easy to drive long distance they were reliable but they were also quick this one can do 160 miles an hour which is thanks to a three liter v12 producing 250 horsepower which by 1950s standards was a lot what’s it like into this airplane second healing tone first wow bit of understeer get on the gas early grab second listen to the noise my first day in the job can’t believe they’ve given me a 5 million pound ferrari to throw around wouldn’t make the best introduction to the bbc insurance partner would it hi yeah chris here the tour de france race didn’t just run on road they’d also stop off for a blast around any track they found along the way tracks like this one circuit paul rickard fast technical and boasting one of the longest straights of any track on the planet just the place then to let the old girl off the leash it’s really hard not to imagine yourself as some gentleman racer from the late 50s what a life to lead this is the most powerful v8 ferrari ever made it’ll do north to 60 in around three seconds but then so does every other grown up supercar these days what really matters here is that from a standing start after 10 seconds it’s doing 140 miles an hour 10 seconds crikey that’s fast and the 488 comprehensive rewrite doesn’t stop at the engine a quarter of a million pounds also buys you f1 grade aerodynamics and an exhaust made of in-canal which is the same stuff they use in rocket engines inside meanwhile every inch of the interior has been paired back to save 90 kilos in weight all of which makes the pista about nine tenths of a racing car for the road which comes with its downsides but if you’re going to go paired back and minimal at least make sure it’s pleasant i mean this seat here it’s as bony as an old donkey and what’s left of the dash well it’s 10 years old it’s from a ferrari 458 and then there’s this thing down here it’s a carbon fiber sort of sperm with buttons on it it looks like a medieval sex toy beneath the threadbare surface however lurks a lot of very clever electronic assistance but not the boring stuff that boings to warn you that you’re wandering out of your motorway lane or that there’s a scooter in your blind spot oh no the pistes computers concern themselves with something far more exciting drifts on demand ferrari calls it side slip angle control 6. basically we’ll tickle a break alongside the electronic differential to keep you in line or rather out of line it’s genius sliding a 700 horsepower ferrari shouldn’t be this easy but the piece that makes it child’s play there’s no question that with the pistol ferrari has done it again what you’re looking at is the new benchmark for the track focus supercar it is bonkers top speed 211 miles an hour but the tdf isn’t really about speed it’s about downforce the dark art of gluing a car to the ground through the power of air alone it’s not pretty but it’s all functional this big mouth gulps in the air then it strikes it through this nostril then in again into this intake here where it gets accelerated down the side of the car and these gills are fully functional because they reduce the pressure in that wheel arch and then everything gets kicked over this new rear spoiler and there are even flaps down there underneath that adjust to give you more down force but of course it’s also an excuse for some beautiful details everything’s carbon and little bits that stick out everywhere this car also has something ferrari calls paso corto virtually where the tdf’s rear wheels turn slightly in the opposite direction to its fronts they say this makes cornering more nimble i say more scary ferrari said it created this car to be challenging to be a bit of an animal by george it is i’m using about a quarter here in third gear and i’m completely sideways i don’t think i’ve driven a car that wants to oversteer more readily that was 90 miles an hour and i absolutely love it it’s a difficult car to control but would you want it any other way should ferrari make cars that everyone can drive all supercars now can be driven by complete idiots the world leads cars that are difficult to drive compared to the normal f12 then the tdf is easier to crash and less easy on the eyes and it costs a hundred thousand pounds more but none of that matters you want the car that makes the hairs your neck stand up that makes every nerve in your body dance like it’s at some insane 90s rave every time you push the throttle this is it this is that car the performance of the fx xk is so extraordinary it recalibrates your understanding of what a car is capable of it’s wonderful intoxicating it’s so cutting edge it’s i’ve got quite high water temperature now so i need to just cool it down well it’s high maintenance and that means your pit crew will spend a lot of time fiddling about with stuff you don’t understand it’s a reset on the uh and this ultimate ferrari thoroughbred is so extreme you can’t drive it on the road and it doesn’t qualify for any existing race series so as a car the fxxk doesn’t really make sense but it’s not meant to it’s not really a car what it is is a ticket to the most exclusive private members club on the planet and this club has one final members only benefit you see up to now the car has been holding back saving power to make sure its batteries never run flat but the fx xk has something called qualify mode and that gives you all the petrol power and all the electric power in one massive hit maximum attack for one lap only and well since i’ve only got one lap left well you can’t take it with you hello 1050 horsepower for a car what a day drink it up drink it up it’s the last lap unbelievable i’ll never get to do that again i’m staggered i’ve had a chance to do it in the first place the world’s electric i think i’ll remember this day more than every other you

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