Ferrari take on successor to LaFerrari

Ferrari take on successor to LaFerrari


The portal published a series of spy photos of a mysterious prototype Ferrari in camouflage film, which is being tested on public roads in Europe. According to the source, the car looks like the flagship of the company called LaFerrari, but most likely under this body hides a super-modern “filling”.

Recall that the production of the Ferrari LaFerrari was completed in 2018, so it is unlikely that under the camouflage is hiding some special version of the ex-flagship. In addition, the prototype has some noticeable external differences from the LaFerrari. So, the prototype has a different design of the front part of the body and there are unusual air intakes. In addition, the test car is “shod” in conventional wheels, while the LaFerrari was installed with wheels with a Central nut.

Also on the sides of the prototype, you can see triangular blue stickers that indicate that the car is driven by a hybrid powerplant. Thus, the appearance of the test car on public roads can be considered a hint of the imminent debut of a certain super hybrid, which will take the place of the flagship in the Ferrari model range.

Presumably, the new products will go on sale in 2022-2023.

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