Ferrari will do everything to save the engine V12

Ferrari will do everything to save the engine V12

The V12 engines are becoming increasingly rare bird in today’s demanding market. Even manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW are going to cease production of its most powerful propulsion systems.

Fortunately, the manufacturers of supercars yet ready to fight for as long as possible to save V12. After the Lamborghini, the same position was taken by Ferrari company.

According to Ferrari technical Director Michael Leiters, the Italian company will fight for the V12 engine, making it more effective and sustainable to meet modern emissions standards, and keep the engine that is the core of the brand.

According to Ferrari, hybridization and engine of large volume are not compatible – so classic atmospheric V12 will continue to play an important role, but a younger model will receive a hybrid power-plant of a smaller size.

We will remind, earlier Lamborghini was spoken about in the same spirit, stating that it intends to keep the V12 in the sale, while it is feasible from a financial and environmental point of view. The company believes that it is possible to make a V12 the current generation meets all the standards of Euro-6, but in the case of the introduction of more stringent restrictions, the situation may change.

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