Ferrari will track the contacts of their workers

Ferrari will track the contacts of their workers


In the framework of the project “Back on Track” employees of Ferrari, their families, and providers first, blood tests (to confirm absence of the virus), and then begin to use a smartphone app that would warn them if they were in contact with carriers of the virus (which was also registered in the app).

In Europe and in North America, automakers have to find ways to resume their business by preventing the virus at the production sites. So Ferrari introduced the system testing work and track possible cases COVID-19 will receive close attention.

The purpose of these changes is to ensure that only healthy employees will resume work. If someone is really infected, the app will alert those around them that work on the plant is that it is impossible. But after re-authentication work can continue.

According to representatives of Ferrari, 500 of the 4000 employees of the factories in Maranello and Modena had already passed the tests, and the company itself have the capacity to hold about 800 tests per day.

“This screening will allow us to retrieve an initial picture of the health status of company personnel”, – said the head of the personnel Department Antoniazzi Ferrari, Michele (Michele Antoniazzi), adding that almost all who were offered testing agreed to pass it.

A blood test shows healthy if the worker is or may be infected. In the second case, the employee has to pass one more test, showing whether he is a carrier COVID-19.

Under the same plan, Ferrari will offer special insurance for those who have been hospitalized after passing the test and getting a positive result. The company also will provide temporary housing and medical assistance for everyone who needs to be isolated.

At the moment, the Ferrari factories remain closed (as well as other businesses whose work is not considered a priority). But the company said that the proposed scheme, developed in collaboration with virologists, will help to ensure a safe working environment as soon as restrictions are lifted.


The guarantee of anonymity

Last year Ferrari produced slightly more than 10,000 cars, so its initiative would not be easy to implement in larger companies, which produce millions of cars a year.

However the Ferrari Chairman John Elkann (John Elkann) is also the Chairman of automotive giant Fiat Chrysler. According to him, Ferrari will share the results of the project.

The Ferrari app is limited by the rules of the European initiative called the Pan-European Privacy Preserving Proximity Tracing, which is designed to track chains of transmission COVID-19 without violating individual privacy.

This app was developed by technology start-up Bending Spoons in Milan. Bending Spoons are a company that the Italian government chose to create a national platform track, to have the opportunity as soon as possible to cancel the quarantine.

Already mentioned Michele Antoniazzi said that the app will only track the contacts of people using the Bluetooth technology, and will not record the history of movements. To manage the collected data will be a company based outside of Ferrari.

“People will be guaranteed anonymity, and therefore privacy,” said Antotsiany.

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