Ferrari with the “muddy” history put up for sale for $250

Ferrari with the “muddy” history put up for sale for $250

Cars, like people, has its own history. And how “bad reputation” may depend on the further success, or Vice versa. In this case we are talking about a Ferrari 599 that was put up for sale at the price of scrap metal. No, even cheaper.

What is the reason for the price of $ 250? A couple of years ago, this Ferrari was involved in an accident, it seems like even mortal (with a pedestrian), but the driver left the scene of the accident, and it is still unknown who it was and where he is now. After a traffic accident the car was taken to the impound lot, where it stands to this day.

The car has never been registered (although the rooms hanging on it) and of course, not insured. Given the fact that all this happened in China, where the laws are pretty tough, not very clear how the owner managed to circumvent the law and drive without documents, but with license plates.

Well, okay – much more interesting that the police put the car on auction and stated a starting price of the lot amounted to $ 250, plus another $ 1400 will have to pay for idle in the garage. Total – less than 2 thousand dollars. For The Ferrari. One minus – it cannot be registered and take out of the country.

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