Ferrari’s ‘non-crossover’ will hit Aston Martin DBX

Ferrari’s ‘non-crossover’ will hit Aston Martin DBX


The Ferrari company is developing the first crossover in its history, and insists that the car cannot be called a “crossover”. Until now, we had no idea what the new product would look like.

This striking concept was created by independent designer Dejan Hristov and was named Ferrari Simoom from the famous desert wind. The model is unlike any other car from the Italian brand.

The front end features slim, curved LED headlights that neatly follow the flowing design of the distinctive bumper with sharp air intakes. Even more interesting at the front of the car are the openings behind the front wheels through which air flows through the hood and to the sides.

If you look in profile, you will immediately notice that the crossover lacks traditional side mirrors. The A-pillars have small rear-view cameras. There are also no visible door handles. The rear doors are very small and bring half of the rear wheel arch with them when opened.

The Simoom does not have a rear window, which affects the practicality of the car, but makes it even more elegant. Also at the rear are narrow taillights, an LED strip, twin tailpipes and a pronounced diffuser.

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