FIat 500. Shameful or Chic?!

FIat 500. Shameful or Chic?!


In the grey, homogenous mass of modern cars, every year more and more difficult to allocate something really special. Because the models are very different manufacturers less different from each other. Both technically and visually.

But the solution can be found. And even more: for the “solution” in this uncertain situation, I ask a very specific amount – a little less than 15 thousand dollars. The name “solution” – the Fiat 500.

Of course, you will need to make sacrifices. Because to buy a new car without the disadvantages of over 15 thousand is an impossible mission, even if you’re Tom cruise. How, in fact, buy a car with no deficiencies for any amount of money. So what yourself have to deny? Bend the fingers. In dynamics (you do not hope for any adequate performance from the little one with the engine in the 69 forces and 102 Nm, right?). In normal settings the automatic transmission (five-speed “robot” with one clutch means that bad things are). Good sound insulation (like – for your joy – working the motor and work out the bumps in the rear suspension, you will always know the sounds that they make).

Now let’s assume that the owner of the Fiat 500 will get in return. For style, you can bend as much as four fingers, and the one that is left to show anyone the design of the “five hundredth” do not like. Also – the amount of space for the driver and front passenger (Yes, all is well, despite the size of this kid). Also – controllability and maneuverability (relatively short wheelbase and are placed very close to the overhangs of the car wheels are a huge advantage when driving in the city). And if that is not enough, then in big letters in the column of benefits is to enter the word “emotions” (because that’s what emotions, good or bad, from new cars become increasingly difficult to obtain).

Maybe you will have a completely different list of advantages and disadvantages of the Fiat 500. But then you just need to compare it with ours. And fully we would talk about it in the test drive. So enjoy!

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