Fiat has released a line of “antibacterial” cars

Fiat has released a line of “antibacterial” cars


The Red Edition series covers the Fiat 500 model families, as well as the Fiat Tipo and Fiat Panda. At their core, such machines differ from conventional configurations in additional equipment and processing. In particular, the cabin filter, as well as the steering wheel and seats, are treated with a special biocidal substance that destroys viruses and bacteria. And as a welcome gift, a personalized dispenser and a special key cover are placed in cars before handing over to the buyer.

With the Fiat 500, the initiators of the idea of ​​”antivirus” cars went a little further. In addition to antibacterial treatment of the filter and surfaces that the driver and passengers most often come into contact with, a small UV lamp was installed in the glove box. With it, you can quickly disinfect the surface of your smartphone, house keys and other small everyday items.

It is enough to put your personal belongings in the glove compartment, close it and activate the system using the corresponding button on the center console. An external blue indicator and a sound signal will inform you about the end of the 3-minute irradiation cycle.

Fiat created Red Edition cars in cooperation with the international project RED, founded by U2 frontman Bono in 2006. To date, RED has raised almost $700 million for the global fund, helping more than 220 million people. Donations go directly to strengthening health systems and supporting lifesaving programs in communities hardest hit by the pandemic.

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