Fiat introduced the first electrified models

Fiat introduced the first electrified models


Company Fiat has presented updated Panda and 500, with the console Hybrid. On one electricity, these vehicles are not able to ride, but working on the principle of “soft” hybrid.

Fiat Panda and Fiat 500 are built on the same platform and equipped with identical 70-strong installation. It includes liter engine and starter-generator that assists the engine during acceleration, is responsible for the operation of the start-stop system and accumulates energy during braking. Both cars equipped with the six-speed “mechanics”.


Fiat 500 Hybrid will go on sale in Europe in February and March before dealers get a hybrid Panda. Then the market will be fully electric 500e, which will premiere at the Geneva motor show in the spring.

Who would You take a Fiat Panda or Fiat 500 Hybrid?

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