FIAT’s plans for electrification of the model range

FIAT’s plans for electrification of the model range


FIAT has unveiled a plan it will launch to electrify its entire lineup in Europe.

FIAT has just started the electrification process. The market launch of the new electric FIAT 500 is a flagship that enables the Italian company to accelerate its transition to sustainable mobility.

At the Stellantis event, in which the electric car was the protagonist, there were several important announcements related to FIAT. The Italian firm is currently working on a 100% electrical range for Europe. And the fact is that this process of electrifying the entire range is aimed at offering products destined for the European territory.

To date, the aforementioned electric FIAT 500 has given birth to additional models such as the new FIAT 500 3 + 1. It is also known that a commercial version of a small electric town is under development.

FIAT will meet this ambitious target at the end of 2024. By this time, each of the models that will be included in its lineup will have an all-electric option. In the short term, the internal combustion engine will not be left without attention.

FIAT is working not only on the electrification of its passenger cars. The manufacturer is aware of the role that its commercial vehicles play. The brand guarantees that it will complete the full electrification of its light commercial vehicle range by 2022. Some models sold under FIAT Professional. The only model that will not be electrified is the FIAT Fiorino.

At the moment, FIAT is already selling an electric van. This is FIAT e-Ducato. By 2022, it has been proposed to introduce commercial hydrogen vehicles into its lineup.

We also advise you to watch a detailed test drive of the Fiat 500 from the FineAuto team:

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