Finding the pole star in an adventure-spec Polestar 2

Finding the pole star in an adventure-spec Polestar 2


We’re taking Polestar’s rival to the Tesla Model 3 on an adventure. Now, the Model 3 may trump the Polestar 2 when it comes to range and charging infrastructure, but does it have adjustable Öhlins dampers? Well… exactly. So join Magazine’s Tom Ford as he knocks the shocks to their softest and heads on an adventure to find the North Star, AKA Pole Star. Get it?Want to see more from the Polestar 2 – our ‘Best all-rounder’ in the Electric Awards 2021 – then head over here to see the awards round-up: Series 29: Geneva Online Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

welcome to a little electric adventure we’re going to a place called kielda forest dark sky park which is in northumberland in the very north of england and there’s not a lot of people up there which means there’s very little ambient light pollution which also makes it one of the best places in the country to go and look for stars the car we’re taking well it’s the brilliant pole star 2. now why are you doing that i hear you ask well it’s obvious really in the night sky there is a celestial body called polaris or the pole star see where i’m going with this now basically polaris doesn’t move very much and it’s aligned with north in the sky so if you’re in navigating at sea or anywhere really back in the day you used to find the pole star and then you’d be able to figure out where you were supposed to be going it’s obviously what this car is named after you know the star that leads the way so what i’m going to do is i’m going to take a pole star to try and find the celestial pole star i’m also taking an electric car into a forest with no charging points which will be a lesson in doing the maths on how much battery percentage i’ve got left and how far i’ve got to go now this is the polestar 2 dual motor the one with a 77 kilowatt hour battery and two motors on either end giving just over 400 brake horsepower and four wheel drive in the uk it costs around fifty thousand pounds but there are cheaper single motor smaller batteries versions on the way in the meantime this one does zero to 62 miles an hour in under five seconds and manages 260-ish miles on the official wltp cycle if you drive like a sedated grandmother and in the spirit of glorious top gear overkill i’ve also made some very subtle modifications do you know what i just really like driving this car even wound out these olins performance dampers most people wind them down to make the car more responsive and tighter and faster i’ve done exactly the opposite and wound them right out so the car’s actually it’s not soft soft but it’s a lot softer than it would be usually if it’s quite heavy so this car is well over two tons so when you go around the corner with the dampers wound out it does lean a little bit but the ride is actually pretty good and also we’re going somewhere very dark so i thought we need some lights so i’ve put two low draw led spotlights in the front grill and then also i’ve got an aerodynamic roof rack which i’ve then ruined by putting two spare wheels and four extra led spotlights we may not be able to see the stars because we’ve brought some suns with us it’s fair to say that adding a hugely unaerodynamic roof rack acting very much like a giant sail on the roof has not helped said range although it will charge at a healthy 150 kilowatts if you plot your journey to find the bigger rapid charges so it’s not so much of a problem but hypermiling this ain’t i don’t know how off-roading affects your range but i’m about to find out yes within a day i’d managed to get a fairly important puncture and although i had packed spare wheels a jack the locking wheel not key and various other spares i had entirely forgotten to pack a wheel brace to actually get the nuts off the wheel and so we had to send for help adventure wouldn’t be adventurous without the odd hiccup after all but pride swallowed the pulsed r2 was soon back on track literally and ready for the night time those special lights they really did work i’m actually slightly surprised the forest didn’t just catch fire but we were on our way to find some help with real stargazing a place filled with telescopes star maps and people much cleverer than us hi i’m here with dan pye who is the chief astronomer at kielder observatory in northumberland dark sky park and he’s going to help us finally find the celestial pole star polaris dan where is it can you help us find it yeah it’s just there right thanks dan okay dan i know who you are but could you tell me what is your name what do you do and where are we yes so i’m dan pai director of astronomy at kielder observatory ah now i don’t know whether you notice but we’ve got a pole star car can you tell me about polaris i can um so polaris is a very special star for us particularly in the northern hemisphere because it means that we can always find our way north and the star itself actually isn’t one star it’s there’s three stars it’s a trinary system which are three stars orbiting around each other the main one is quite a big one though it’s about 44 million miles in diameter which is quite a bit bigger than our sun and it’s about 400 light years away from us and the reason why we call it the post are the reason why it is the north star is because it just so happens to be perfectly aligned with that central point of that axis of rotation of our planet so currently our planet’s spinning around as it does once every 24 hours is pointing in the direction of this star and then as we move our way around the sun it more or less stays perfectly north for us see that dot in the middle that is the pole star so in pre-history that would have been used for navigation from for everything from boats to anywhere you didn’t have a landmark is that what a pole star would have been used for yeah absolutely the navigation is is one of its biggest biggest uses i guess in history but also we can use that uh the the altitude of the north star in order to be able to figure out what latitude we’re on on the planet as well so would you say it’s the most important star apart from the sun yeah it probably is certainly for for us up here in the northern hemisphere it’s sad that the southern hemisphere don’t have a southern star it makes it more difficult to fight south in the southern hemisphere but yes it’s certainly one of the most one of the most important stars so there you have it we came we saw we got punctures and we found both pole stars although there are easy ways google navigate home you

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