Fines in the smartphone. Why not “DE”?

Fines in the smartphone. Why not “DE”?


MIA and Fines UA launched the app, where drivers are on the driver’s license number, taxpayer or the series and number of the fine may check and pay for traffic violations.

About it reported in a press release of the Ministry.

According to Patrol police in 2019 were issued driving fines in the amount of 500 million UAH. 40% of them were not paid on time. In this connection, the drivers were faced with the seizure of property, Bank accounts and other measures.


Team Fines UA solved this problem, releasing an updated app. Now it is possible not only to pay the fine, but also to check the status and history of payments.

“People don’t know that they still have debt. 40-50% of the queries which come to us daily about how to check the status of payment. Because you paid, does not mean extinguished, – says the founder of service Fines UA, Denis Dmitrov. In 2016, we could realize it in part payment, and that’s part of the check – we did everything manually. That is addressed to the appropriate authorities, trying to figure out where the payment is stuck and why. After opening the registry, in cooperation with the interior Ministry, we have finally created an updated version. Now it is a universal service that solves a full range of tasks – from information on the fine to control the repayment of the fine in the police”.

According to the platform Opendatabot currently a number of outstanding driving fines – 858 954 (this is approximately UAH 0.5 billion). One of the key reasons is a complex process, which involves the completion of a number of instances.

The app update Fines UA already works for IOS, Android update will be released in early may.

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