Finest hour brand Wuling

Finest hour brand Wuling


On passing the motor show in Chengdu, some manufacturers have already presented the anticipated news. Left in the side of the Wuling brand, which on Friday, July 24 presented to a wide audience crossover X. Hongguang Joint concern SAIC-GM-Wuling has released many bestselling and some of them went beyond China, however under the brands Chevrolet and MG. The motor show in Chengdu could become a landmark for the brand Wuling.

Affordable compact MPV and vans sold only in China, but now the company introduced the crossover, which is designed not only for the domestic market. At its booth Wuling Hongguang X is presented only as a concept of fair sample has a chassis and it is not installed the power plant.

However, to assess the appearance of new items is possible. The car was very brutal design – the body has a rectangular silhouette and it looks very powerful. Rooftop features additional spotlights for driving in very difficult conditions.


In front of a note grille with large cells, as well as narrower headlights that are cleverly integrated into the design.

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At this point in the design of the car there is something specific that could not get into production. Presentation of the production car to be held in 2021. It is not excluded that the novelty will receive system of a front-wheel-drive unopposed.

Meanwhile, in avtosalone Chengdu, the presentation of the updated crossover Haval F7. The main changes concerned the car – the interior has a new multimedia system with a larger and upgraded instrument panel.

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