Finland Race | Mika Häkkinen Teaches Captain Slow to Drive

Finland Race | Mika Häkkinen Teaches Captain Slow to Drive


Mika Häkkinen trains ‘s very own Captain Slow, James May, how to drive at high speeds on a loose surface in Finland. : Taken from Series 12, Episode 3.WATCH MORE: Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Car Walkarounds: Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

tomorrow in the interest of science though probably more for your entertainment I suspect the officers entered me in an amateur race on a rally circuit thankfully though mickr has offered to train me up there’s something else about Nicola he’s not just helpful he’s quite modest not very big gravel last year I went out with Jackie Stewart if he won the World Championship three times I don’t know instead of just two Wow he told me to be quite smooth and fast on a tarmac circuit but could you teach me to be finished fast on a loose surface you think I can Effie the first of most important thing they could teach me was a cornering move known as the Scandinavian flick and because he didn’t want his mates rally car wrapped around a tree we started off with some cones when we come with the car how to trace the back end to touching all these cones to find the perfect slide okay this is how we get the back end around then it was my turn little left me to ride on the guards get the back end loose that’s not enough is it and action medical first front and then finally you did it in each way after we demolished all his cones I took Nick out on the proper course watching fan relaxing but now second third in a bit of a break I was bad sorry I forgot which way to go there they gave birth and then with Yoda’s guidance now back end out nicely here spare the gas yeah good roll it all came together excellent lesson over we stopped for a cup of hot reindeer blood and talked about why the Finns are so suited to motorsports tell me a bit about Sisu what Sisu see so in English means courage what is the what is the finnish courage let me give you example ok climbing a tree it jumped down from there so that doesn’t mean see so that is the courage a stupidity that is exactly so see so we can relate very much study in the motor-racing the example you try and rally car in a forest extremely really fast and you need courage to able to brake late to call throttle really early or very claw closer to a box of the corners and they’re also they’re quite quite reserved the Finns I mean you famously when you were a Formula One driver they’d ask you a really complicated question and you just say yes yes that’s right is it but the reason I’m asking is because I wondered if I might be in some way a bit Finnish myself I don’t like noisy people so does that make me finish do you think yes at home I quite like to have the spanners in my toolbox in order of size yeah so that I can always find the right one is that quite finish yes it is very much personally that’s what I do if you’re talking about the toolbox and everything has to be very organized I quite like to have the air vents on my car all pointing the same way exactly is that Finnish uh No the next day it was time for me to mix it with the Finns I’ve been entered in one of their folk graces which are run on part tarmac part gravel and take place every weekend all over Finland the Finns had kindly sorted me out with a typical folk racing car at 1967 Volvo Amazon now in actual fact it has 200 horsepower but in every other respect it’s scrapped but there’s a very good reason for this you see there’s a clever rule in folk racing all the cars in the race are given a nominal and equal value let’s say it’s a thousand euros then at the end of the race you can go to any other competitor and say I want to buy your car and he or she has to sell it to you it stops people spending too much money getting sponsorship and generally taking it too seriously it also means that the cars stay equal and the racing stays close which in turn sharpens the skills but frankly when the other drivers arrived I stopped worrying about their skills like over there’s about 85 and alongside in the grid featured some housewives a child a teenager and Bilotti surely this can’t be that difficult that girl next to me should be doing a maths homework by the time we hit the first corner it was obvious that these were no ordinary pensioners children housewives and fellow bees deidre dead have a Scandinavian flick finished person damn down I’ve lost it I’ve forgotten what mickr had said that these guys start doing this as soon as they can see over the wheel I’m getting fired I started to fight back a pasta pen w that was an overtake on a Finnish person she’s only 12 but that’s not the point but the 12 year old wasn’t having it Oh now normally I’d have been happy to stay there in the nice comfy ditch but that’s not what mickr would have wanted it was time to summon up some seasonal opportunity for overtaking using knickers training I overtook a housewife chance for glory and then granddad but then Adi was too much for me and in the end I finished somewhere near the middle I think all my top-level Finnish motorsport training has made me exactly average but that was average in Finland anywhere else and I’d have been brilliant you you

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