Firefighters can’t put out electric cars

Firefighters can’t put out electric cars


Us firefighters admitted that they are not prepared to extinguish electric cars and hybrid cars. Almost a third of the American firefighters surveyed are not trained at all to extinguish” battery-powered ” cars; half of the firefighters did not receive instructions and protocols on how to act in cases of an accident/fire of electric vehicles.

The national transportation safety Board (NTSB) concluded that only 25 percent of American firefighters are trained to extinguish electric cars and are familiar with the specifics of fighting fire in cases where the flames engulf battery cells.

Every second firefighter surveyed by the National transportation safety Board admitted that they had not received training on extinguishing lithium-ion batteries of electric vehicles; almost 2/3 of fire departments and volunteer units explained the lack of an algorithm of actions and technical means for extinguishing electric cars by lack of funding.

As of the end of 2018, on average, fires occurred in only three percent of fatal road accidents. The share of accidents in which electric vehicles caught fire is even less – no more than two percent.

However, the popularity of electric cars is rapidly growing, and with the extinguishing of lithium-ion batteries there are difficulties: there is a threat of explosion or electric shock to firefighters, and already extinguished batteries are prone to spontaneous ignition.

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