FIRST DRIVE: Audi RS e-tron GT, 637bhp EV review… feat. Marques Brownlee

FIRST DRIVE: Audi RS e-tron GT, 637bhp EV review… feat. Marques Brownlee


The new Audi RS e-tron GT is more than just a Porsche Taycan in a sharp suit. It shares its platform and tech with the Porsche, but Audi is pitching it as more of a cruiser than an outright sports car… just one that happens to have supercar-shaming performance. With up to 637bhp available, it’s not just the first Audi RS model to be pure electric, it’s also the most powerful to ever wear the RS badge. Magazine editor Jack Rix, is among the first to drive one and deliver his verdict. As a bonus, we also speak to tech-reviewer Marques Brownlee about his thoughts on Audi’s new offering, and EVs in general. Marques is one of YouTube’s top tech-experts and, as we reveal in the film, soon to be a new regular contributor to Magazine with monthly written reviews on new electrified cars. Find more from Marques here: Series 29: Geneva Online Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

hello and welcome to top gear’s youtube channel don’t forget to like and subscribe and all that stuff that i’m supposed to tell you but usually forget and welcome to the audi e-tron gt the rs e-tron gt in fact um this is going to be a first drive review but there is a bit of housekeeping before we get going first of all props to outer uk for getting this car into the country this is a german car left-hand drive meaning we’re one of the first people in the entire world to get our hands on it but we don’t have long just a few hours so it is going to be a a taster a very much a first impression further down the line we’ll do proper road trip in this thing we’ll take it on track we’ll do all of that good stuff but for now we’ve got just a few hours in and around milton keynes and london glamorous we’ve managed to snaffle a few extra hours with the car actually by agreeing to shoot into the night so if it gets dark halfway through this video you know what’s going on so yeah we’ll try our best plenty of time to have a proper poke around because it’s just a fascinating fascinating car this isn’t it lots of detail to go through the first is the color this is a new color tactical green no relation to tactical chunders i’m told it actually looks quite good i thought it was going to be a sort of flat green mulchy army surplus store kind of color but it’s not it’s got a bit of ping to it a bit metallic to it you’re certainly going to get noticed if you go for this the other thing is the front end audi’s famous for having these enormous single frame grilles these gaping mouths at the front um but this you don’t need the cooling you don’t have the same cooling requirements as you have with an ice cast so you have this block this block of body color material across the front with this rather nice waffle pattern embossed into it looks fantastic looks a bit different to what we’ve been used to and then the headlights so these are full-on doctor evil speck led matrix laser lights freaking laser lights the benefit of that well when you’re on full beam uh the throw is about twice as far as before also they just sound cool coming around the side now 21 21-inch wheels on this car these are the biggest wheels you can get for the e-tron gt it’s a press car you’re going to see a theme in a minute they’ve thrown all the options of this one including carbon ceramic brakes here the charging port now on the tie can you’ve got that fancy thing where you slide your finger under there and it electronically reveals itself it’s all very fancy unless it gets frozen shut here just a more conventional push and open evidence of audi cost cutting well wait until you find out what the price is later on now i should also mention these creases up here above both the wheel arches when we first saw pictures of this car when it was first revealed these are the things that stood out the fact that it’s got some proper muscle some proper stance straight out the box the tie can is more of a kind of pebble smooth elegant shape isn’t it this audi’s bit meaner i like it speaking of options this one’s got a couple of individual add-ons so carbon effect wing mirrors i think the jury’s out on those but i do like the fact that they’ve got real wing mirrors not cameras for wing mirrors like you get on the e-tron suv their options on the utron suv carbon fiber roof looks fancy supposedly lowers your center of gravity but honestly when you’ve got a slab of lithium-ion battery under the floor i’m not sure it actually makes that much difference and this car has something called the dynamic pack plus on it so you’ve got four wheel steering you’ve got the electronic rear diff you’ve got air suspension everything we need to assess this car properly and if you come around the back well this is probably the car’s best angle for me it’s the car’s best angle that is a very pretty rear end and i don’t say that very often especially this tail light that runs the full width across and i’m sure that’ll do all sorts of fancy dancing around put on a proper light show when you lock and unlock the car you’ve got a pop-up spoiler in this section here and just overall it’s just a really elegant piece of design isn’t it now audi is pitching this car as the name would suggest as a more comfortable gt car as opposed to the sports car that the tycan is it’s fast just not quite as fast as the porsche if you like and that plays out when i get my invisible measuring tape out because it’s slightly longer than the tie can slightly narrower than the tai can and slightly taller than the thai cam but honestly looking at it here in isolation you wouldn’t know it looks it’s a good looking car then but is it a practical one there’s a slightly bigger boot than the thai cam 405 liters in the back another 85 liters in the nose the back seats are perfectly usable for grown adults or half grown ones like me and the dash design looks fantastic largely because audi has retained some physical switch gear more on that in a bit in terms of charging the 800 volt architecture means like the tai can charging up to 270 kilowatts is possible or in perfect conditions 65 miles added in just five minutes the interior then what do i like and what do i not like well i like the fact that it’s simple that audi has gone back to its roots and it’s created an interior that kind of combines the future in the past it’s like a greatest hits in here because you’ve got your screen behind the wheel your virtual cockpit you’ve got another touchscreen in the middle of the dash but you’ve got physical buttons down here for your aircon and your heated seats and then below these vents another bank of real switches for turning your traction control off and selecting your drives mode and um i like this little sliding lozenge bar that you’ve got down here for selecting forward backwards and neutral and this bar that runs across the dash here just a little design touch just reminds you that this is a car from the future and also the quality it’s off the charts it should be in an audi just all the switch gear and all the metal it uses is absolutely on point what don’t i like well rear visibility isn’t fantastic if i’m honest my view through the rear view mirror is like looking out of a letterbox and then there’s prices we’ve got to talk about them eventually so quattro which is the entry-level car that costs 80 grand this is the rs this will set you back 110 000 pounds or thereabouts and you can even add a pack on top of this one called the carbon vorsprung pack which is basically all the options you could possibly want bundled into one and that will set you back 133 000 pounds out the headline facts are these you can’t get this audi in rear-wheel drive only or with a smaller battery like the ti-cam it’s 93 kilowatt-hour and twin motor quattro four-wheel drive only your choice is whether you go for the standard quattro model with 469 brake horsepower or this rs version with 590 horsepower or 637 horsepower on overboost making it the most powerful rs model to date albeit in brief bursts capable of not 62 miles an hour in 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 155 miles an hour let’s talk about that big headline number shall we 637 brake horsepower because i just think it’s a bit of a cheat you only get it in launch control you only get it for a burst of two and a half seconds so let’s face it most of us are rarely if ever going to use it which means this car 99.9 of the time is a 590 brake horsepower car which is absolutely fine and by the way anyone thinking that this rs’s naught 62 time of 3.3 seconds or 3.6 if you’re not using launch control is slow because that’s what half a second behind the taikan turbo or 1.3 seconds behind the latest tesla model s plaid well i think you need your head examining because what really matters is how fast a car feels and this car feels honestly about as fast as you can comfortably or you would comfortably want to go in a road car anything more would just be painful moving on to range this rs version will do 293 miles on the charge according to the wltp test the quattro version does 10 miles more and you know what that’s great plenty for most people the problem is you’ve got tesla promising 400 even 500 miles now on the newest model s’s so the audi’s range will still be a limiting factor for some you just have to acknowledge that when it comes to range and charging infrastructure tesla is still miles ahead of the competition but look a tesla doesn’t drive like this the ride on these massive 21 inch wheels is absolutely magic the grip is phenomenal the speed that you can carry through roundabouts in this thing is quite frankly a bit naughty i’m told by the press release that the center of gravity on this car is actually lower than you get in an audi r8 and i can believe it i don’t doubt it for a second the acceleration well it’s fairly ballistic but you already know that you’ve seen the numbers you’ve read reviews and seen videos of the porsche thai cam before but the best way i can try and describe it is this sense that you have a deep deep well of acceleration at your disposal at any time so revs don’t matter gears don’t matter you just twitch your right foot and you teleport forwards it’s astonishing okay so the steering is good it’s quick it’s direct it’s everything we’re used to from a modern audi it’s not full of feel but then i didn’t expect it to be more interesting actually is the brakes because like the tie can when you first brush them that deceleration that you feel isn’t the brake pad squeezing against the carbon ceramic disc no that is the regen that’s recouping energy back into the battery but audi’s done a really nice job as they did in the thai can of making that feel natural and progressive so as you squeeze it a little more you decelerate a little bit more if you really stand on them that’s when the pads grip the discs and well we’re going to need a race track to see how the car behaves when that happens the body control it’s really good it’s absolutely astonishing really considering this is a 2.3 ton car 2.3 tonnes i can’t believe i’m saying that but it just doesn’t feel it it may well get found out a bit more on track but as a roker it just feels planted and and agile and nowhere near that heifer lump of a curb weight that it’s got potentially a little bit more body roll than you get in a porsche tycan but i’m picking at straws i’m using my memory here my memory isn’t very good um refinement yeah we’re cruising along the uh inside lane of the m25 here we’re doing about 63 miles an hour it’s really quiet it’s really smooth it’s all the good stuff that we’re used to for electric cars you’ve got special acoustic glazing in the windscreen this car has optionally got it in the side windows as well it’s not as quiet as you know a bentley or an s-class or an a8 it’s got slightly wider tires there’s a bit of road noise from there but it’s a very comfy car it’s a cruiser ironically it’s a car that you could cover very big miles in if you didn’t you know have to stop and charge all the time speaking of refinement and sound or lack of sound in here you do have something called the audi e-tron sport sound i think so if i go into my drive settings individual mode and then configure my individual settings drive system dynamic because we want it sharp as possible suspension comfortable because i’m getting a bit old and the sound profile so you can have subdued balanced or dynamic so you select dynamic and it creates this quite interesting slightly sci-fi sound very similar to the one you actually get in the ti cam i quite enjoy it i mean it’s not a throbbing v8 and for some people that’ll be a problem they’ll probably get quite upset about that on the internet but i like it i’m on board now for some bad news despite the tycan cross turismo being revealed pretty much on the same day this video goes live there are no plans for an estate or event version of the e-tron gt which is mildly disappointing as audi is the first estate company as i said earlier there’s also no plans for a simpler rear-wheel drive version of the e-tron gt which is also a bit of a shame and it means that the video of us doing doughnuts in this around the sainsbury’s car park is just gonna have to wait a little bit but this is a hugely hugely impressive car the big question is is it better than a thai can i think we’re gonna have to wait we’re gonna have to wait until we get them together it’s too close to cool right that’s the review done and to make up for the brevity and rush nature here’s a bit of a bonus we caught up with marquez brownlee youtube’s number one tech expert to get his thoughts on the aetron gt and evs in general plus some news now for anyone that’s thinking out there when did marcus brownlee become friends with top gear well actually we’ve been emailing a little bit over the last few weeks and marquez is going to be doing a few electric car reviews few hybrid um car reviews in top gear magazine and um eventually on as well so check that out so i’ve been driving the audi e-tron gt but i know that this is a car that caught your caught your eye on social media you were straight on twitter with your with your opinions well what did you think about the e-tron gt when you first saw it so don’t get me wrong i think it’s a gorgeous car and i’m i’m jealous that you’ve gotten to drive it because it’s probably a lot of fun to drive uh i just think there’s a bunch of different ways to attack uh presenting electric cars to a new audience and on the high end there’s like the performance way and on the economy end like i’m test driving volkswagen’s id4 right now that’s the other side of that coin so when i saw the uh the e-tron i was like all right it’s obviously high performance it’s not it’s not the highest end ever like we obviously just saw what tesla’s done with plaid but i was a little bit shy on the numbers i was like this is not a lot of range this is it’s going to have the same charging network as the tie can electronic market it’s good but uh i want great for 100 something thousand dollars so i was i was a little shy on it but uh i think it’s probably still very exciting and also it’s a sports car it’s fun yeah totally i mean you know it’s based on the the same platform the same underpinnings a lot of the same technology as the porsche tycoon i know you’ve driven the thai can and you liked it and what i loved is that you um you totally got the all right it doesn’t have the charging infrastructure and the numbers of the tesla but it drive the quality of the interior the way it drives it feels like a proper sports car you know what i’ll i’ll give it to some people because a sports car has never really been about efficiency so the fact that it doesn’t go 300 400 500 miles is it’s probably the best they can do right now is just win at everything else driving dynamics interior quality do that great and they’ll catch up on things like the software and the high-tech parts that tesla excels at eventually and so range will come so i’m not i wouldn’t make the trade-off because i do road trips i i use the supercharger network a lot but i could see how someone would make that trade see what baffles me okay is that this this bat this um audi has a 93 kilowatt hour battery now how are they gonna with this plaid plus how are they gonna get the 500 mile range is it is it all battery management software are they going to put an even bigger battery how do they how are they that far ahead of the competition so i think that plaid plus will be a bigger uh number uh i remember when i asked elon about the roadster which is the first like plaid power train they were going to make that has a 620 mile promise range and he told me it was a 200 kilowatt hour battery yeah i read that too 200 kilometers so when i when i hear plaid plus is going to have the same plaid powertrain and 500 plus miles and it’s not coming out till you know seven eight months from now to me i think that’s a that’s a different battery tech and that will probably enable a larger capacity whether it’s 200 or 150 or 120 whatever it is i think that’s going to be bigger than 100. but also their efficiency the way they get those numbers which they might not get like 500 truly when you really drive it like you want to but they’re they’re really good with that drivetrain efficiency a lot of that is software a lot of that is aero and they’ve gotten so good at that that that’s become their thing that’s why people you know sort of crown tesla’s the king there look at this we started off talking about the audi tron that’s the that’s the car i’m supposed to be talking about and we end up talking about tesla it always happens with electric cars but look um i can’t wait for you to have a go in this audi as well i mean it’s so fast on paper it’s not 63.3 so compared to the the plaid you know that’s it’s quite a way off but the reality is and i say this in my review what matters is how fast a car feels so we can sit here and trade numbers all day but when you’re sitting in the car on the road it’s that feeling and it feels as fast as you could ever want to go in a road car on a road like it’s just any more than that you start to feel sick so yeah have we do you think we’ve reached that point with this 1.9 uh time for the tesla that’s kind of it let’s not go any further yeah i don’t think we’re going to get much faster than that i mean it’s already our physics question yeah the roadster allegedly will do more but that’s not even like traction that’s not even tires to the ground that’s like like compressed air like that’s a crazy next level thing so yeah give me just a little update on this because i’m so there’s supposedly going to be some compressed air booster on the back of the roadster that adds to the performance and that’s not a joke right i mean that’s what he keeps saying so again if we go back to what elon’s been tweeting this is what he’s been telling us is uh compressed air replacing the back seats with compressors you know license plate flips down compressed air shoots out the back and you can go faster than the limits of rubber on the road yeah flamethrower out the front as well yeah yeah just just outfitted with everything at that point uh crazy crazy to see that in the hands of regular people oh wow wow it’s an exciting time look electric cars they’re coming so thick and fast there’s so much to talk about it’s great um to be able to talk to you it’s great that we’ve you know you’re going to be driving a few cars for top gear i’m so excited um we’ll keep it interesting we’ll keep sending you the you know the real world stuff like the id4 but then you know yeah see if we can get you in some hybrid ferraris and stuff like that as well yeah they’re both important they’re both both important you know obviously yeah um but look fascinating stuff marcos thank you so much always a pleasure thanks for having me yeah catch you soon you

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