First Drive: Pininfarina Battista – $2.4m, 1,900bhp hyper-EV driven on road and track

First Drive: Pininfarina Battista – $2.4m, 1,900bhp hyper-EV driven on road and track


This is the future of really, really fast things. It’s the sister car to the Rimac Nevera, so based around the same powertrain technology, electrical architecture and carbon core – but is draped in a body and interior of Pininfarina’s design. Sorry, yes, forgot to mention, this is an all-electric hypercar, sorry Hyper-GT. A 1,874bhp and 1,696lb ft monster capable of zero to 60mph in sub 2 seconds, 0-186mph in less than 12 seconds, a top speed of 217mph and if you can find a 180kw DC charger, you can top up from 0-80 per cent in 40 minutes. But what’s the future of really, really fast things like to drive? Well, we sent Magazine’s Jack Rix to Miami to find out. Rimac C_Two electric hypercar first drive: Lotus Evija EXCLUSIVE First Drive: Electric Awards 2021: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

imagine for a second you had the money to buy yourself one of those the two million pound pininfarina batista the rimac navera based italian designed pure electric hypercar what would that be like well today we’re going to engage our imaginations and find out i’m dressed how i imagine the rich person might dress this is my house for the next 20 minutes at least and we’re gonna drive the batista on road and on track come on let’s go i forgot my phone okay a quick lesson in how to start up the pininfarina batista the first thing you do is jab this dial here that fires up the whole system this screen over here gives you information on what you get in the various modes how much power it gives you if you also go into the settings here this is how you adjust your steering wheel it’s also how you adjust your seat and this screen over here this gives you your audio settings your sat nav but most importantly on a day like this your air con and that’s about it spin this dial to d and we’re off so we’re in miami playground of the rich and famous that house back there by the way on sale with one sotheby’s for seven million dollars if you fancy it but who cares about bricks and mortar when you’ve got 1900 horsepower to play with and actually let’s start there with the numbers let’s get them out the way early doors because they’re unavoidably impressive i have at my disposal 1900 horsepower four electric motors one for each wheel and a t-shaped 120 kilowatt hour battery running behind the seats and down the spine of the car zero to sixty miles an hour takes sub two seconds zero to 186 miles an hour takes less than 12 and total range is around 300 miles if i drive like a retiree it can also charge from naught to 80 in 40 minutes if we can find a point that’s powerful enough charging if you buy a batista won’t cost a thing by the way you’re given a card that lets you access any public charging point for free nice touch you should recoup your two million in oh several thousand years so it’s fast premier league fast but quarter miles and lap times yeah they’re not really the batista’s main concern the car that it shares its carbon tub it’s electrical architecture it’s powertrain with the rimac navera now that that is the techgeek’s wet dream this is supposed to be more about old school luxury an outrageous surplus of performance sure but a classically beautiful design the world’s finest materials and endless customization options that pinupharenic claims means no two of the 150 car run will ever be the same it might be electric but the batista still makes noise pumping it out through two external speakers and the internal 12 speaker sound system and get this the sound increases in increments of 54 hertz because that’s a multiple of 432 hertz which is considered to be the purest sound in the universe hmm utter marketing crap or actual value to the customer you decide okay so let’s flip it into furiosa mode for maximum noise and it sounds it sounds good it sounds interesting it’s like the cars breathing or throbbing it’s if nothing else a good conversation started down the pub sorry polo club later on and the news from downtown miami is this car is ridiculously easy to drive if i were in something like say i don’t know a carrera gt a mclaren f1 they would have many finely honed mechanical components that i need to be managing in stop-start traffic like this but not this it’s smooth and comfortable and quiet especially if i dial it down to one of the lesser modes there you can even drive this thing with one pedal without touching the brake and just using the regen to slow down in a hyper car it is a wonderful way to travel but a bit of a battle of willpower not to gun it at every opportunity because the performance is ever present it looms like a devil on your shoulder see what i mean so we’ve sampled the mansion the low speed manners and public roads what this billionaire needs now though is exclusive use of a track you know to put my purchase through its paces first though quick charging a coffee at somewhere called the collection basically a massive dealership and supercar owners paradise that’s right that’s better isn’t it that is what money buys you an entire racetrack just to yourself go on then let’s just um let’s just slow down to a stop here and see what all the fuss is about 1900 horsepower let’s uh get heads around this acceleration shall we just stand on the front oh man all the blood just went to the back of my body that’s ridiculous that makes a tie can look like a g whiz it is absolutely outrageous that a car that weighs over two tons that doesn’t have any marketing around it saying it’s supposed to be good on track it’s supposed to be the more laid-back sibling to the rimac never and yet it can do this on a track now that old adage slow in fast out nah mate with the batista fast in fast out now earlier it rained quite a lot in fact the track was completely soaking we came out for a drive and that’s when you felt the weight of this thing because there was a lot of momentum in all the corners it was sliding about everywhere but we’ve been patient we’ve let the track dry out and now you can feel what this car is all about because it just grips and absolutely rich the steering is wonderfully hyperactive in that familiar italian way and the brakes oh they’re absolutely monstrous considering the amount of weight they got to haul off okay so we’re in the brilliantly named furiosa mode now that gives you the full 1900 horsepower means the torque vectoring is enabled there are other modes available pure karma energy and other italian words that i can’t really pronounce but this is the one that matters because that torque vectoring just makes such a big difference honestly you can feel it shuffling all that power around and it makes the car feel about 500 kilograms lighter now the only thing that i can compare this experience to is driving the prototype of the lotus avaya but that that was a completely passive car there were literally no electronics switched on no abs no traction control definitely no torque vectoring this this has all the electronic trickery on your side and it really does make all the difference it’s supposed to be a hyper gt this thing a gt i shouldn’t be able to do this now clearly i’ve got one eye on not bringing my billionaire fantasy to a slightly crashy end so i’m just going to dial it back for this section and gather my thoughts and the best way i can describe this car is that yes it has nearly 2 000 horsepower and that sounds extremely intimidating on paper doesn’t it and it is quite intimidating if i’m honest because in a straight line the acceleration’s unlike anything i’ve ever felt we did a launch earlier and it spun up its wheels in a straight line with the traction control on you’re constantly slightly wary that you have a power station’s worth of grunt under your right foot but in the right conditions in the dry when it’s got a chance to really grip into that road that’s when this thing’s astonishing the computer the technology that goes into making this chassis the batteries the motors everything work together it’s just an amazing engineering achievement that’s wrapped in this beautiful beautiful body now i don’t suspect many batista owners are going to be queueing up to take their car to their local track day but i tell you what if they do they’re in for a bit of a surprise because this thing has surprised me around every single corner today it’s not supposed to be this good a car that’s this fast this powerful this intimidating and this heavy but go on do the right thing use your car properly you’ll have my respect forever clearly owning a pure electric hyper car has certain limitations lack of noise limited range not being able to bang up and down the gearbox to name just a few but the thing is at this end of the market it’s all about conjuring up an experience that lodges in your brain and i’m telling you it is impossible to drive this car without being mesmerized besides if you got one of these on order you probably already got an aston martin valkyrie on order probably a gordon murray t-50 maybe even a konig sagiasco and if that is you may i urge you to add one of these to the collection because what it offers is not only brain melting it’s also completely unique anyway mustache reservations at nobu you

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