FIRST DRIVE: Rolls-Royce Ghost Review. 5.5 metres of sublime luxury

FIRST DRIVE: Rolls-Royce Ghost Review. 5.5 metres of sublime luxury


This is the all-new ‘baby’ Rolls-Royce – the Ghost. And with this new car, Rolls has gone in search of what it calls ‘post opulence’. That’s a more restrained aesthetic to you and I. Or put simply, anti-bling. But crucially, it’s £250k of all-new engineering magnificence. So, pour yourself a glass of fizz, sit back, and find out why the new Ghost earned the coveted award for ‘s Luxury Car of the Year. Series 29: Geneva Online Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

this is the all-new rolls royce ghost yes we realize it looks kind of familiar according to its maker however the only carryover parts from its predecessor are the spirit of ecstasy and the umbrella that’s stashed in the rear doors the result says the boss is the most technologically advanced rolls royce yet but this most famous of luxury brands faces some bracing challenges not so much from its mere mortal motoring rivals like the wonderfully sporting bentley flying spur and they tackle it new mercedes s-class now this challenge is bigger more difficult to define a rolls royce needs to be a total luxury experience something that you inhale as much as you drive and secondly well you must have noticed 2020 has been really pretty rubbish so a car whose 250 000 pound cost is just the best well it’s not exactly reading the room is it the rich might be getting richer hello jeff bezos but they might also be raining in a bed on the conspicuous consumption which explains the ghost’s restrained almost subtle aesthetic well as restrained as any car with a grill that’s referred to as the pantheon could ever be yep this thing is almost a temple on wales yet rose’s luxury intelligence unit has been talking to owners and the result get this is a new philosophy called post opulent hmm we’ll just let that sink in shall we subtle yes i know it’s not the first word that springs to mind when you think about a new rolls-royce but the ghost really is an impressively nuanced piece of work most cars are unavoidably blighted by shot lines but rules have somehow managed to get rid of them all or certainly minimize them i mean have a look at eleanor here the famous flying lady the spirit of ecstasy marooned on an expanse of metal and then there’s the way it looks well from the front at least it’s more relaxed more informal certainly compared to the phantom super limo but as is the modern way it’s also more aggressive looking i mean when was the last time anyone launched a new car and made it less aggressive looking the grilles vanes are stainless steel they’ve been sand blasted so there’s less of a hall of mirrors effect it’s wider almost two meters at its widest and it’s 5.5 meters long and this is the small rolls so imagine you’re a car designer and you’re dealing with this much sheet metal you have to employ some techniques to break it up rolls royce has done this by introducing what it calls a waft line this one here i’ve modified it slightly with some somerset road mulch walk down towards the end of the car takes about five minutes five and a half meters long nice bit of rear tire visible gives it a bit of stance the rear is tapered in some people think it looks a bit like a rubber 75. not a bad looking car the 75 actually but in other respects i think maybe a touch anonymous at the back but rolls royce is all about the details here’s a good one no such thing as a gutter on a rolls-royce ghost instead what we have here is a space that is apparently exactly one raindrop wide because someone at the goodwood factory has measured raindrops the idea being that the occupants don’t get wet when they open these electrically assisted doors details it’s all about the details unlike the previous ghost this one isn’t um haunted by the presence of bmw 7-series components instead it uses rose’s own modular aluminium chassis although it’s had its bulkhead floor crossmembers and sills repositioned to improve its handling aptitude the front suspension assemblies are further forward and the engine sits behind the front axle it also uses all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering for what rolls-royce calls a purposeful new personality higher greater dynamism this is the roles that some owners like to drive themselves well they’re not plotting to take over the universe from the back seat that is so what about that total luxury experience then well the rolls-royce ghost is one of those rare cars in which you feel better at the end of a long journey than you do at the start you set up high it’s almost a quasi suv style driving position and you’re cradled in a seat of almost absurd leathery comfort the view out is imperious across a vast acreage of bonnet whose boundary is demarcated by the flying lady there she is up ahead in a different postcode actually i don’t know why she feels being strapped to the front of this car so far ahead it’s a proper adrenaline junkie that one isn’t she rolls will go electric at some point when the battery tech matches its range needs for now we’ll just have to live with the 6.75 liter twin turbo v12 that’s good for 563 bhp and 627 torques from just 1600 rpm there’s double wishbone suspension at the front and a multi-link setup at the rear air springs all round and adaptive dampers although there’s only one setup and nothing configurable as it should be on the rules but somehow things have improved yet again thanks to a setup called the planar suspension system this adds a mechanical mass damper on the upper wishbone on the front suspension to enhance body control it works in tandem with the existing flag bearer system which scans the road ahead using cameras so that the surface imperfections are a rest before they’re even allowed to get crashed the sanctity of the experience oh it’s very smooth very very smooth and oh so quiet but not totally silent because as human beings would actually freak out quite a bit if the loudest sound was the one that was made by your own thoughts inside your head and it’s fast really really quite fast as it would be with a 6.75 liter 563 brake horsepower twin turbo v12 but it’s not about being fast it’s not about clipping apex is it’s not a ford fiesta st is it it’s about making the appropriate progress this isn’t a car you drive or heaven forbid hustle down the road no you finesse it along just wafting and all that power and torque and there is an 8-speed automatic transmission under there somewhere but it does its thing so imperceptibly its very existence is practically a rumor and that leaves you with more time to savor the interior open pour wood decorates the dashboard with a glowing ghost name played on the passenger side that uses 152 top mounted leds and 90 000 laser etched dots across the surface so that the light is dispersed evenly the air vents are stainless steel and have a pleasing resonance there are no irritating capacitive buttons in here either one simply rotates these red and blue discs to adjust the climate with a beautifully damped and clearly labeled rotary knob to control the fan speed this is how all cars should be it really is about the detail of this car the door handles the star lighter headlining the audio system rolls royce has got its own bespoke audio system it’s got a resonance chamber in the sills that effectively turns the entire car into a subwoofer there are exciter speakers in the headlining i mean the whole thing is like a mobile concert hall and i have to say it does sound absolutely extraordinary some of the infotainment is borrowed from bmw but it’s been given a rolls royce makeover and it it really is absolutely exquisite and then there’s a thing called the micro environment purification system basically turns the air conditioning onto recirculation if it detects airborne contaminants we’ve had enough of those this year haven’t we yeah it is literally the rolls-royce of face masks that’s why i deal with airborne contaminants the fact is nothing else turns the act of motorized forward motion into a more artful experience than the new ghost rolls royce has also wisely resisted fitting all the shiniest blingiest new attack and has concentrated instead on doing less better the ghost is a car of unfathomable engineering integrity peerless refinement and remarkable charisma whatever year 2020 has been the ghost elegantly shuts the door on it you

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