First Electric Porsche | Taycan Turbo

First Electric Porsche | Taycan Turbo


This is the first time Porsche has released an all electric Porsche. I absolutely loved the drive and the futuristic interior. What are your thoughts?Thanks to @porsche

right ready you weren’t expecting that did you hear that how cool is this car sound so this is the thai can turbo you guys fully electric you can see it’s mukbang there on the side of the car and what it has is a sound box come look at this you can just press this on electric sport sound switch it off and you get no noise whatsoever switch it on and you can hear that now you get this specially augmented electric sound which i think is kind of necessary on a an electric vehicle it just makes it feel so much cooler so much sportier when you drive it what’s up supercar blondie here welcome to the channel thanks for watching right so when you look at this it is obviously a porsche it is designed like a porsche usually would be now my issue with this is that they actually had an opportunity here to completely redesign the car it could have looked so freaking cool because of course you don’t have to work around an engine i’m a little bit disappointed because i would love to see porsche really push the boundaries in design and really stand out especially when we’re talking about a whole new era of cars electric did you guys see the porsche concept mission e when that came out we were like oh my god this porsche is going to look amazing is this the future of electric porsches well to an extent i think the porsche mission e looked so freaking cool this does have a lot of the same design features you know with these headlights the framing of these headlights it just looks a little bit more aggressive more futuristic the mission e i think it like has a bigger panel here the fenders here are much bigger uh than on this car they’ve got actually these cool discs here on the wheel these come standard now this is for better aerodynamics what happens is the air flows in through here and then over the surface of these wheels and straight down the body of the car and that actually serves as a really good aerodynamic design now there are actually going to be four different fully electric porsche models this one’s the turbo then there’s one notch up from that the turbo s this is quite nice you’ve got a glass porsche detail this is the key in the shape of a porsche i quite like that that’s cute and you open the back just with this button right here you guys that’ll give you access to this pretty big boot to be honest you could fit pretty much anything in here and you get when you buy this car the charger so this will come with a couple different ports so that you can plug it in to like a quick charging station at the mall for example or any port at home just a normal outlet and you have some more space in here so i reckon that’s pretty decent space plus it’s a four door you guys so you can fit lots of peeps in here as well there is actually this little port here where you can charge you’ve got one here and then you also have one on the other side which i think is quite nice um it’d be super helpful if petrol cars had it on both sides as well because it would save you so much time guessing which way to pull up at the service station so i like that it’s on both sides now come with me this is your back seat so the batteries in this car you guys lie across the floor of the vehicle but what they’ve done in the back is actually remove the vehicles here from this section so that you can fit your feet otherwise your feet would be like up here and it would be super uncomfortable not many people would be able to fit in here so they’ve removed it from here and they’ve double stacked the batteries underneath the back seats you’ve actually got these nice little handles that fold into the door panel and you just pull that up and they come out you see so when you unlock the car all of the handles will pop out like that but if you guys are on the mission e concept that was so freaking cool because this door came out this way and then you had the back doors come out this way which would have made an incredible design feature that would have stood out so well come inside guys now i am impressed with this i love this screen look how curved it is this looks super futuristic to me just sitting here in the driver’s position you’ve got this beautiful curved screen and then you’ve got two more big screens here one in the center console like this and one up here now what you can get is a display here as well for the passenger and unfortunately this version does not come with it but you can request that and i think that would look so freaking cool because then you’d have a screen literally going from here all the way over to the passenger and the passenger can control whatever they want from here now looking at the interior i actually really like it i feel it i think it looks super modern uh super futuristic with all of these beautiful displays the screens everywhere like i wanted to just move this so it faced me you cannot do that physically what you have to do is go into ac and then you can move the air vents by doing this the direction of the air vent changes if you move it around like this that’s pretty cool i really like that feature if you’re literally so hot you just want wind blowing in your face you can’t move it yourself you have to go into the button you have to like play around with all of this stuff just so that you can cool down which i think is a cool feature but very practically annoying the other thing in here is i find it really bizarre that they’ve made such a big deal out of these cup holders like that’s actually taking up most of the center console this is quite cool your little gear lever you push it down goes into drive you can see that here then you push it up neutral push it up again you go into reverse i really like that it’s very compact very cute i really really like that feature plus over here you guys this is the start stop button that’s to me looks super modern so if i just press that and hold it in the car goes off and if you hold it in again the car comes on now you only know the car is on because of all the lights it doesn’t make any sound at all little battery icon you press on that and it shows you how charged your car is 89 at the moment we have to compare it to a tesla right because it’s fully electric right so let’s look at this you can get a top of the line model s tesla for around 100 000 and it goes 2.4 second zero to 100 and it has a range of about 560 kilometers now this car you get at about a hundred and eighty thousand dollars and it goes zero to a hundred in 3.2 seconds with a range of 450 kilometers i love tesla’s technology but i’m not impressed with the design at all it’s just ugly i mean it’s just not impressive let’s just put it that way this is a nicer looking design it is after all a porsche porsches are very beautiful cars and you just can’t go wrong when you get a porsche all right who wants to test launch control ready so what we do is we go into drive mode and change that into sport and now it’s going to automatically activate launch control when i put my left foot down on the brake and my right foot down completely on the accelerator listen to this ready guys i’m genuinely excited to see whether or not i like this the feel of this car because i do love electric cars so let’s just give it a feel right ready you weren’t expecting that sergi behind the camera whoa whoa okay that’s in sports mode if you get the turbo s version it has an even faster mode sports plus holy moly that is fast you guys wow and what happens is if you take your foot off the accelerator the motors automatically break for you right the car is slowing down now and i don’t have my foot on the brake what you can do is you go into here recuperation and you turn that feature off what that means is the motors now do not automatically break if you want to break you have to put your foot on the brake itself so it totally depends how you like to drive i don’t mind either way what happens now when it’s off is i accelerate i take my foot off the accelerator and it just coasts at the same speed what it has also is two gears the first gear allows you to accelerate super quickly right which is what we just saw the second gear it will automatically switch into for longer drives so it conserves more energy and you know what i am a fan you guys i really like it i really like it i like electric cars a lot all right i got my first passenger look a friend of bonnie jump in mate let’s go for a ride no not interested all right guys that’s it thank you so much to porsche dubai for uh yeah lending me this incredible taipan turbo for a little bit of a spin i actually really enjoyed it guys really did i’m impressed um but then again i love electric cars so maybe i’m a little bit biased all right thank you guys so much for watching give us a quick thumbs up and subscribe to the supercar blondie family i would love love to have you all right i think we’re out cheers bye see y’all see if you can hear this as i drive away you

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