First hand details about the new AMG GT coupe

First hand details about the new AMG GT coupe


The revived AMG SL model will not replace but complement the AMG GT model family.

In an interview with Road & Track, Mercedes-Benz chief designer Gorden Wagener spoke about the development process for the new generation of the AMG GT coupe. A representative of the German brand noted that the new AMG GT Coupe will be based on the architecture of the AMG SL convertible, but the positioning of the two-doors will be different. The AMG SL model will act as a luxury comfort cruiser, while the AMG GT will become a sports car more like a race car. Unfortunately, the technical details and timing of the debut of the new AMG GT Coupé were not disclosed.

A representative of the German brand said that the new AMG SL can be considered a “real sports car”, but the presence of air suspension, an advanced MBUX multimedia system, and electronic assistants distinguish the convertible from the AMG GT coupe family.

Most likely, the second generation AMG GT will be offered with a two-seater saloon, a simplified front fascia and a number of luxury options will be deprived. But the model will most likely be offered with an all-wheel drive chassis and 4Matic + all-wheel drive system. Gorden Wagener drew attention to the fact that when developing the AMG GT, driving dynamics and lap times will be at the forefront.

The debut date and specifications of the new AMG GT have not been disclosed. The current generation of the model is living on the assembly line for the last weeks. The production of the coupe will end in December, and in several European countries the AMG GT configurator has already been closed on the Mercedes-Benz website.

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