First images of Chinese Rolls-Royce for $900 thousand

First images of Chinese Rolls-Royce for $900 thousand


In China, preparing a new generation of luxury sedan, Hongqi L5. The first images have hit the Internet. Like its predecessor, it will be the most expensive Chinese car – its price will exceed $900 thousand

Hongqi is a Chinese Rolls-Royce. Company decades building chlenovoz for the Chinese party and the ruling elite, but in the free sale they did recently. The Hongqi L5 is produced in small batches and harvested by hand under the order.

New Hongqi L5 has retained a familiar round face with led headlights and a wide chrome grille. But now its roof line was arcuate, and the rear doors are opened against the action – Rolls-Royce-Phantom.


The cabin is trimmed with expensive leather and wood. Hongqi L5 has got a virtual tidy and a large touchscreen.

Under the hood is still installed 6.0-litre V12 408 HP Chinese sedan equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

Will take at that price?

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