First images of the BMW i5 Touring wagon

First images of the BMW i5 Touring wagon


BMW’s new five-door electric car could be added to the lineup at the end of 2024.

At the moment, the German automaker is working on the creation of a new BMW 5 series sedan, as well as its electrical modification. It is also possible that the company is developing a station wagon and its “green” version of the BMW i5 Touring. The designers of decided to present what an electrified version of the fifth-door of the fifth series might look like.

The exterior of the new station wagon of the German brand has not yet been declassified, but the designers suggest that the exterior of the novelty will be made in the style of the new BMW 5 series sedan, which is still in development.

The car will probably get narrow LED head optics, and the electrified version will have a plug in the i4 and iX3 styles in place of the radiator grill. Several massive air intakes will be built into the lower part of the front bumper, and the hatch, behind which hides the connector for recharging the battery, is located in the left fender. The interior of the new BMW 5 series and 5 series Touring is not expected to be different, while the electric modifications will boast more legroom for the driver and passenger due to the absence of a central tunnel and a flat floor.

The eDrive40 and eDrive45 modifications with one electric motor can be offered as a power plant, and the M50 version will be driven by a pair of electric motors (one on each axle). The maximum power of the all-wheel drive modification will reach 580 hp. The electric motors will be powered by a 120 kWh lithium-ion battery, which will provide a cruising range of 700 km on a single charge.

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