FIRST LOOK: Alpha WOLF electric pick-up truck – cooler than a Tesla Cybertruck or Rivian R1T?

FIRST LOOK: Alpha WOLF electric pick-up truck – cooler than a Tesla Cybertruck or Rivian R1T?


This is the Alpha WOLF electric pick-up truck, and if you’ve never heard of the company let alone the car, that’s entirely understandable. It’s a Californian EV startup that started making waves last year when it released rendering. But now there’s a real one. One Magazine’s Jack Rix can look, touch, and sit in the back of cross-legged. So let him be your guide to the truck to take on Tesla’s Cybertruck and Rivian’s R1T. Which would you have? Electric Awards 2021: – Series 30: Best of Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

it’s good isn’t it it’s very good i literally have no use for a pickup truck in london apart from monday the odd trip to the garden center but for some reason i want one of these quite badly this is the alpha wolf electric pickup truck and if you’ve never heard of the company let alone the car that’s entirely understandable it’s a californian ev startup that started making waves last year when it released renderings of the ace a refreshingly different retro coupe with wheel arches to make an amg black series blush then they showed us the jacks a rugged jacked up version of the ace and then it really got our attention when it revealed this the wolf but as much as we wanted to believe it was true and as much as we were encouraged by the fact that alpha is already taking no money down deposits on its website we only had renderings to go on until now when we’ve got something to touch and feel and walk around and sit in time for some numbers there will be wolf and extended cab wolf plus versions with naught 60 times of around six seconds and a towing capacity of up to more than three tons both get the choice of single motor rear wheel drive or dual motor four wheel drive and get the option of an 85 kilowatt hour battery for a range of 275 miles it’s also 4.7 meters long and a fraction under 2 meters wide that makes it shorter and wider than a single cab toyota hilux and a stretched four-door super wolf is also in the pipeline okay so this is just a model for the moment there’s no interior on here but interestingly this car has gone straight from 3d modeling in cad to this physical truck that we’ve got here and that’s interesting that’s relevant because it’s one of the pillars of this company alpha that it wants to use digital design tools to streamline the process of producing a car i have to say the proportions on this thing are absolutely amazing i knew that from looking at the renders but when i first walked in it’s bigger than i thought it was going to be in america i suppose this would be i don’t know a compact size truck a medium-sized truck a compact medium truck perhaps but to my warped british eyes this is quite a chunky piece of metal and i think it’s down to the width because it’s got some proper stance it sits quite low on its suspension and you’ve got these massive wheel arches poking out here now the wolf in its most standard form will cost a little bit over thirty six thousand dollars which is amazingly cheap really isn’t it um but this model here has been kitted out to be effectively top spec which means we’ve got lots of lights to play with okay so i have the controller of destiny let’s have some fun with these lights shall we so what have we got side lights low beam high beam you might want to put your sunglasses on for this because it’s about to get quite bright front spots how’d you like that boom and then the roof lights up there looks good doesn’t it there we go switch them all off what else can i show you around the front this massive bull bar perfect for nudging other cars out the way that are in your parking space under here looks like a traditional bonnet but of course you don’t have an engine so under there will be a frunk a significant frunk by the size of it uh here’s your charging flap on the side here and down here we have some pretty serious looking off-road tyres i think we might get a little bit of our shrub in there because the car is sitting quite low on its suspension but we’re not going to worry about that for now are we because this is just a model and it looks fantastic and interesting that you could spec your wolf with off-road tyres like this but the single motor rear-wheel drive powertrain the definition of all the gear no idea right what else can i show you yes if you look just underneath this chunky step rail here you may be able to see the battery casing just hanging down and what that tells us is that this is going to be a skateboard style underfloor flat battery as per most evs these days with either one or two motors one on each axle and you have the sport bar here which looks fantastic and is mounted with enough spot light to make tom wookie ford go a bit wobbly at the knees around the back oh i have to say i absolutely love these tail lights there’s something properly retro about them and then this is how you lower the tailgate revealing the full six foot bed pickup trucks are brilliant aren’t they right what else do we know well it’s going to be a body on frame construction like a proper truck we still don’t know where they’re going to get their batteries and their motors from but we do know that initially at least alpha wants to outsource production it will keep it in the us and the plans are to build 15 to 25 000 of these trucks a year and then if it really flies they will plan to build their own factory you can’t fault their ambition can you

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