FIRST LOOK | Apex AP-0: the 650bhp electric supercar designed to be a cyber dragon

FIRST LOOK | Apex AP-0: the 650bhp electric supercar designed to be a cyber dragon


The Apex AP-0 is a fully electric, 650bhp supercar from the man behind the mad Elemental RP1. Designed, engineered and set to be built in Britain, could this be the Lotus Exige of the future? Series 28: Geneva Online Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

this is the apex a p0 and it’s trying to pull off something that in theory shouldn’t be possible there’s a reason we’ve seen plenty of electric SUVs saloons and two-ton hyper cars because batteries are heavy the AP zero however is being billed as a lightweight electric supercar with an appetite for racetracks let’s dive straight in with the numbers shall we because apex appears to have pulled this thing off curb weight is 1,200 kilograms which is extraordinary considering it has a 90 kilowatt-hour battery stuffed under the floor wearing 550 kilograms on its own it’s motor produces 650 brake horsepower it’s rear-wheel drive it’ll do nought to 62 in 2.3 seconds and hit a 190 mile an hour top speed Plus find the wheel power to drive it gently and it has a range of 320 miles on the W LTP cycle and can charge from naught to 80% in 15 minutes no expense has been spared on the chassis either it features f1 style pushrod suspension while the key to keeping things really liked is the carbon fibre tub at its core wrapped in carbon-fiber body panels carbon fiber wheels 19 inch at the front 20 inch at the rear chip in – along with carbon ceramic brake discs and a sparsely furnished interior in terms of size think Porsche Cayman in length although it’s wider and lower than the Porsche despite that roof-mounted fin oh and the doors aren’t bad either let’s talk about design because cars to put speed and lightness above all else aren’t usually attractive in the traditional sense but this is a good-looking thing it looks like some sort of pissed-off stormtrooper which I like in fact guide Colborne the cars designer has an even more interesting take on that front-end apex is based in Hong Kong so I wanted to do something that had so some ideas for Hong Kong in China and get its kind of Eastern identity as well but kind of Chinese culture you have this idea of the dragon the dragon is intrinsic to China it’s a symbol there of wealth on prosperity and luck and also if you look at dragons they have this very expressive face so front of a car I wanted to give this car a kind of dragon identity we’d settled on an idea of a cyber dragon a robot dragon so Game of Thrones fans are going to love it and just check out those blade-like stalks for the wind cameras and the central fin which not only stabilizes the car at high speeds it also houses the lidar sensor but gives the car its autonomous capabilities yep you heard me right lidar sensor despite being a focused driving machine the ap0 has level 3 autonomy not quite hands off feet up take me to work but auto braking adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist are all included and will help take the edge off if you’re brave enough to use this car regularly and it’s prepped for even higher levels of autonomy when legislation allows my favorite view though is around the back notice how the horizontal light bar is intersected by a vertical light running from the fin into the diffuser thus forming the company’s logo clever also there’s no wing that’s because with 95 millimeters ground clearance a completely flat floor and a mammoth M shaped diffuser all the required downforce is produced by ground effect the interior is predictably pared back with leather lined carbon fibre bucket seats and a driving position where your feet are in line with your hips the fin theme continues inside – creating a hygienic divided between driver and passenger while there’s a curvy arrow shaped instrument display behind the squashed steering wheel and a further control panel between the two seats apex also talks about a holographic augmented reality display and an AR race instructor we didn’t get a chance to play with them for the apparently they help you to learn new tracks so it’s rapid packed with technology and a fine thing to look at so what’s the catch well probably the price costing from one hundred and fifty thousand pounds plus local taxes that’s 190 grand in the UK it’s not exactly cheap but it is almost real production is planned to kick off at the end of 2022 plenty of time then to get saving

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