First Look At The New Maserati MC20

First Look At The New Maserati MC20


We take a look at the new Maserati MC20 in more detail after it’s initial launch! You’ll get to hear how its 3L Twin Turbo V6 sounds! Massive thanks to Klaus to filming this for us exclusively for my channel. What are your thoughts guys? xo AlexSpecial thanks to Klaus – #mc20 #maserati

what’s up guys supercar blondie here i’ve got something super super cool to show you come with me all right check this out mc20 the newest release from maserati all right let’s look at this in more detail together guys this was just launched last night but for the first time right now you’re gonna hear how the mc20 sounds we’re getting an up close look with klaus he’s the one filming he is the head designer of maserati so thank you klaus right coming into that famous trident there that has been redesigned a many small changes made to that for this car and for the cars coming i love how they’ve got that maserati there on the side of the headlights love that detail they’re going for this very sleek minimalist approach what’s cool about this car is it’s all maserati built this is the first time in 22 years that maserati has built their own engine mc20 they’re written on the side that actually stands for maserati corsa 2020 released in the year 2020 those doors we’re going to get a good look at them in just a second can’t wait to see them this car is going to be released in three versions this petrol version an all-electric version and a convertible all right let’s see the back now i’m loving the rear diffuser i like that gives it a lot of presence but if you just take a look at the rear as a whole it does give you kind of gran turismo vibes in that the exhaust pipes are in the same position right and also it kind of just looks a little bit squeezed so instead of the headlights of the gran turismo being quite thick they’ve just kind of been squeezed and pushed out a little bit i actually quite like the back um but i think i prefer the front when i first saw this i have to say i was a little bit disappointed that they had focused on a very minimalist classic look i like a little bit more drama in my designs but i think the reason why they’ve gone for this classic approach is because this is not a limited edition car so they need to really make something that’s going to appeal to a wider audience they have actually sold 19 000 of these cars already but what i might do if i got this and i’m considering getting it is whack on a body kit and make it look super extreme because this car lends itself well to a body kit because it’s so classic in shape and form all right now this is what i love look at these vents here in the back coming from the engine they are shaped like the maserati trident i really appreciate that little detail i think that is beautiful now let’s just pause here we’re looking at the engine this is a three liter twin turbo v6 okay they’ve gone with the v6 but guys it pumps out a lot of horsepower 630 horsepower it’s the first time in 22 years that they have not gotten their engines from ferrari so this is a fully built car by maserati in modena all right so that’s a trunk there you can see in the back they’ve actually got two trunks one in the back and then one in the front loving all that carbon fiber there on the rear diffuser and i actually really like those thin tail lights i think they look great all right now is where it gets exciting we are going to hear from the head designer himself klaus who has been filming this he’s going to show us his favorite features guys good to be here on the super cup monday channel i’m klaus moussa the head of design for maserati let’s have a look at the interior of this mc20 in my favorite feature the butterfly doors all right the doors are going up yes his favorite design feature as well as mine so cool of him to actually do this for us thank you so much especially for the supercar blondie channel this is the first time ever that a maserati has doors going up so i’m super excited about that and i think it’s going to be a really key selling feature on this car take you inside come on maserati has like this real like very iconic growl you can always hear if it’s a maserati passing press the pedal you see that little blue dial there that’s actually to go through the different drive modes we’ve got the beautiful mc20 badge to stare at after you’ve thrown down the cache for this baby i do love this detailed stitching and design panel there on the side and all across the seat i think that looks absolutely stunning somewhere nice to lay your feet when you’re going the top speed 323 kilometers an hour it’s got the start stop button there on the left and it’s also got the launch button on the right you can lift the whole car up from a button on the wheel as well you’ve got this standalone little infotainment screen which is nice everything’s very sleek inside it’s very minimalist only the things that you need you see that little button there on the door that’s actually to open the door right near the handle that’s quite nice i like that i like door open buttons the price of the mc20 has been confirmed at around 200 000 you’ve got the porsche turbo s and now that one’s a bit quicker and it’s got more horsepower but does it look as cool doesn’t have the butterfly doors for example i think at around 200 000 this is actually a really really good price and having heard that now i’m pretty convinced that i’m going to get one of these mc20s and i just want to say a massive congratulations to maserati i think this is exactly what the brand needed a little bit of injection of of speed and power and beauty and i think that they’ve really come through with a lot of that um me i would like a little bit more drama but i’d add a body kit to it and boom you’ve got yourself a very very good looking car a massive thank you to klaus congratulations on your beautiful design and uh thank you for taking the time out of your day in moderner italy to actually tour us around the car just for the supercar blondie channel that’s it i think we’re out bye guys love you you

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