FIRST LOOK | Bentley Bacalar: the £1.5million, 200mph two-seat drop-top Conti GT

FIRST LOOK | Bentley Bacalar: the £1.5million, 200mph two-seat drop-top Conti GT


This is the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar – the first project from the luxury manufacturer’s coachbuilding division, Mulliner. Only 12 of these £1.5million, 659bhp speedsters will ever exist. They won’t all be this yellow, but they are all sold. So let Jack Rix be your guide to this crazy Conti GT. Want to see more cars from The Online Geneva Motor Show 2020? Here you go: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

this is the bacala a two-seater Bentley without a roof inspired by last year’s exp 100 GT Concept whereas that was merely a design vision this is real 12 cars will be built all of them already sold costing 1.5 million pounds each your honor they’re gonna love or loathe the fact that there’s a rash of these super limited multi-million pound specials at the moment cars like the Ferrari Monza the Aston speedster the McLaren Alva and now this but before you dismiss the baccala as Bentley trying to turn a quick buck or grab some headlines there’s actually more to this story than meets the eye yes on one level the back la is just a shrewd bit of business but it also marks the return of Bentley Mulliner as a proper coach builder a company that can trace its roots back to the 1500s when it made its money pimping up horse-drawn carriages bacala is the first in Molina’s coachbuilt portfolio so there will be more models to follow that offer radical bodies on familiar underpinnings and the ultimate in personalization that then complements the classic portfolio which was kicked off last year with the news that Bentley is going to build 12 continuation supercharged blowers from the late 20s and of course Mulliner will still let you go nuts with the color trim and materials in your standard Bentley back to the Bakalar it shares just one exterior park with the Conti GT and yes it’s the door handle because it contains the keyless entry system the rest is all new starting at the front then this lower intake and these headlights here would be LED running lights bleeding off the side of them that’s pure exp 100 GT Concept I’m not so sure about these intakes and the bonnet a little bit man sorry for me these 22 inch wheels are actually quite cool you got to get really up close to appreciate them they’re diamond-cut but it’s the contours of the wheel they’re really impressive the way that they come out and then swoop back in and I particularly like this ninja star cap in the middle in fact the rear wheels are a lot more pronouncing at the front you need to take a look up there moving down the side of the car this is not a convertible of course because it doesn’t have a roof at all but all the better for looking back there where the rear seats would be is now a sort of semi enclosed luggage compartment which is useful but also looks very cool indeed especially because the center console runs down the middle of the cart and then swoops up looping around the luggage compartment and creating these buttresses or cows or whatever you want to call them just to mention this bronze trim that runs alongside the top of the car it’s a bit of me that is the rear clamshell by the way that’s aluminium the doors and the front wings they’re carbon fiber and if we come around the back just a couple more things to show you the taillights those are pure exp 100 GT Concept again you’ve got a floating Bentley badge here and the track with its 20 mil wider at the rear than a con to GT so yeah it’s got presence but it’s the palliative materials that will really fry your brain there’s paint made from rice husk waste parts of the dash and doors are cut from River wood preserved in peat bogs for five thousand years giving it that unique black color and British wool is used alongside Beluga leather on the seats on the inside the overall architecture is pretty familiar Continental GT right down to the rotating screen in the middle of the dash will I ever get bored about now let me get down to the details of stuff that makes this interior unique stuff like these no storks behind the wheel and the wheel itself which is flat bottom and has the Bakalar logo down here at the bottom and then you’ve got leather straps for door pools and in the center of the dash here this air vent and the clock in the middle has been completely redesigned and this is personalised down here with this turquoise finish and it says one of 12 and then we get to the color and materials and there are quite a lot to go through if I’m honest so stick with me starting at the top of the dash we’ve got black now there next to yellow leather and that’s next to the 5,000 year old River wood that we mentioned earlier we’re gonna call it bog wood from now more brass trim classic Bentley veneer there and then that’s matched against this gray British wool and then we’re down into the Beluga leather on the seats not for the faint-hearted this bit but then that’s the whole point with this card the personalization sky’s the limit for that if you can dream up any color material combination you like Bentley can make it happen my favorite bit about the interior check out the speaker cover over there oh forgot to mention it moves to because under there is a six litre twin turbo w12 engine producing 650 horsepower which is about 25 horsepower more than you get in the standard Conti GT it’s got the same 8-speed twin clutch gearbox it’s got the same air suspension it is essentially underneath a Continental GT which is in no way a bad thing but while some of these will be driven occasionally most would just be admired they’re going to be parked up like a piece of art which is a bit of a shame isn’t it personally I’d take a standard Continental and 1.3 million pounds change but then again the target audience for this car probably isn’t a scruffy or excitement

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