FIRST LOOK: Genesis GV60 – Tesla Rival with Drift + Boost Mode?

FIRST LOOK: Genesis GV60 – Tesla Rival with Drift + Boost Mode?


A Genesis is to Hyundai what a Lexus is to Toyota: a posher, plusher, more expensive offshoot eyeing BMW and Audi sales that the more humdrum cars from the mothership wouldn’t get anywhere near. So far Genesis has concentrated on conquering the USA, but it’s recently dipped a toe into Europe with brash saloons and SUVs and realised an electric crossover – a Tesla Model Y rival – is needed next. That’s where the Genesis GV60 comes in: a designer-label electric car based on the talented underpinnings of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia’s EV6. So forget about range and recharging for a minute. This is an EV with a Boost mode. An EV that can drift (apparently). An EV that has a mystic fortune-telling ball for a gear-selector… sort of. It’s not your usual electric SUV, but Genesis needs to be a lot more than ‘the usual’ if it’s to succeed.’s Ollie Kew has been for a closer look at the new Genesis. Could it be the beginning of something? Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

this here is a genesis gv60 and you’re thinking no it’s not mate this is a made-up car from grand theft auto or something but i want to show you around it because this could be one of the more interesting all-electric tesla rivals for 2022 so what exactly is a genesis well in the beginning there was hyundai and while highlights were making really good cars of late the n hot hatches the ionic family of electric cars but they’ve got ambitions to grow and take on all the premium players not just cadillac right here in the united states but the likes of jaguar and of course the germans the big guns audi mercedes bmw to do that right now in 2022 you need an electric car you need a bespoke ev so that’s what the gv60 is here to do it’s here to say i’ve got plenty of range i’ve got interesting tech interesting looks and you should take the korean seriously as a maker of luxury goods so what about the looks well you can’t make a splash in the electric car scene with a boring looking car not unless you’re tesla so what’s genesis gone for well we’ve got this quite flush clam shell bonnet and big grill here electric cars didn’t really need a big grill but this one’s got active shutters closed for aerodynamics are open to help cool the battery and it makes it fit in with the rest of the genesis range as does these sort of split all led headlights i think they’re quite handsome got some quite fussy but again interesting looking alloy wheels they’ve had some fun with those haven’t they flush door handles down the side very kind of new range rover they will fold in when the car is locked or when you’re cruising just to try and cut that bit of drag and then the real kind of headline styling feature is this zigzag this is supposed to invoke the look of a thunderbolt to make you think okay electricity that must mean it’s powerful that must mean that it’s zippy not sure if it really works with a car that’s so curvy elsewhere but it’s something to talk about it’s a conversation starter around the back it thinks it’s an old porsche 911 it has a ducktail spoiler this doesn’t pop up it just stays put but it helps the air cut smoothly off the back of the car and that’s what increases the range more split tail lights at the back and sort of a suggestion of a diffuser but no fake exhaust so on the whole what do we think of the looks i mean i’m a great judge of styling but i can see lots of bits of other cars in here maybe a little bit of bentley maybe some nissan juke and dare i say a little bit of tesla model y but overall i think the gv60 does work as a interesting looking kind of quirky crossover okay just in case you can hear what sounds like a plague of locus in the background i want to show you this ignore the gv60 for a minute ignore the quite sexy genesis concept car there’s this very strange screen here which looks digital but it’s actually loads and loads of kind of little plastic discs that are forming a mosaic that’s animated and it’s very beautiful but they can’t turn it off so great piece of technology no idea for shooting a video but there you go if you can hear that rustling in the background we’re not being invaded by insects it is the world’s weirdest wallpaper so far then the gv60 is seeming like a reasonably handsome but ultimately not that exciting electric crossover but not so fast because i haven’t told you yet about drift mode yep this thing the 429 horsepower top of the range version which is good for naught to 60 in four seconds will have a mode buried in the touch screen that sends more torque to the rear wheels and lets you actually power slide this sensible family crossover don’t think that ford are offering that on the mustang mackey somehow and speaking of going stupidly fast there’s more of that going on in here as well we’ve got a green button here on the steering wheel that says boost on it and if you press that the car will go into a kind of over boost mode and give you max overtaking power for 10 seconds just another way that manufacturers like genesis trying to make electric cars more fun trying to make the idea of not having an engine not feel like you’re missing out on excitement but i’m going to leave going quick alone in a minute and talk about stuff that’s happening when you’re sitting still because i can’t remember last time i sat in an interior where the designers have just gone so crazy let me talk around some of this so problem number one in your electric car how do you know it’s running you can’t hear an engine of course normally there’s some jingle to let you know when you’ve pressed the on button the car has reacted but genesis have done something a little bit different down here this odd bauble is called the crystal sphere it’s an odd sense piece to have on a dashboard but if i put my foot on the brake here and press the start button look at that now it’s a gear selector it flips completely over and you’ve got this quite cool star trek style control for putting the car into drive and reverse and then of course when you put her into park and you turn it off again it goes back i mean if this thing starts at 40 000 pounds i don’t care how much this has cost if it’s 35 000 just to engineer that oh absolutely worth it but if you’re worried that they’ve gone so mad on the gear selector that the rest of the interior will make no sense then fear not because besides the incredible octopus down here it’s actually relatively sensible i mean you’ve got actual buttons for the climate control that’s always helpful actual buttons on the steering wheel no touch sensitive nonsense paddles of course these are adjusting the regen braking still got normal indicator stalks we still have a round steering wheel you can’t find that in a few teslas these days and then the gv60 has got new screens this is kind of a headline act unlike the hyundai ioniq and the kia ev6 this has got a kind of curved bezel sort of rotated towards the driver like that and the interfaces are just faster it just reacts more quickly and there’s some really cool graphics going on in here the settings menu allows you to kind of swipe through a 360 model of the car i mean that’s just cool it’s just something that people are going to look at when they get in the car and think this does feel like an expensive bit of kit of course what makes the car feel really expensive are the materials i know you don’t have smelly vision but take it from me i don’t find hyundai’s the nicest smelling cards if i’m quite honest with you but this has a rather expensive aroma and then the short lines on everything the materials we’ve got this kind of knurled finish here on the center console here we’ve actually got a idrive style dial and some home and menu buttons so you don’t have to use the touchscreen if you don’t want to you can just do it down here that feels like you’re cracking a safe that has been put together really beautifully and all the controls just feel really well put together maybe there’s a little bit too much plastic pretending to be metal but overall absolutely feels a cut above what you’ve normally had from korea now of course when you’re platform sharing with an electric car it’s good news if the cars you’re based on are already really excellent because you inherit a good battery for example that’s what the gv60 does by borrowing bits from the kia ev6 the hyundai ioniq 5 got a 77 kilowatt hour battery in here and it does the 350 kilowatt very rapid charging if you can find one so from 10 to 80 charge a gv60 can do that in just 18 minutes since we’re talking about batteries we obviously have to mention range don’t we the best case scenario for a gv60 if you go for the rear drive model 280 miles go for a four wheel drive model that’s about 249 miles and if you go for a gv60 performance with the upgraded motors and this is before you start using drift mode best you’re going to get is about 240 miles and that is a long way off a tesla isn’t it but a tesla doesn’t have a rotating gear selector does it other technical touch i haven’t seen this on a car before you see this rectangle in the plastics unremarkable isn’t it but behind there there is a facial recognition camera and in just the same way that your phone can look at your face see it’s you and unlock the screen the gv60 can look at your face and unlock the car now i don’t know if this means that your twin can steal your car or if you grow your beard or change your hair then you’re locked out for the weekends but it’s an interesting feature and that’s not the end of this car’s ai abilities because inside there is biometric security now i’ve seen this before on the mercedes eqs but it’s interesting that genesis has nicked it already there’s a fingerprint sensor on the center console you tap that the car recognizes who’s getting in it immediately adjusts your profile your driving position where you want the mirrors what you want on the stereo the car always knows who is driving it so keep that little bit clean i mentioned this rather lovely clam shell bonnet didn’t i first thing for a genesis but underneath it not a load of space certainly not compared to that car beginning with tea i’m not going to mention again you get a wheelie bin and under that just about space for a cable so useful for not cluttering up with your shopping in the back your designer shopping of course after all if you’ve got one of these you only shop at the poshest outlets but not necessarily the most practical electric car in the known universe now it’s fair to say isn’t it that many have tried to succeed in the premium car game of late electric or not and well do you remember infinity i don’t they’ve pulled out of the uk entirely and even a heartland brand like jaguar or lexus who’ve been at it for decades have struggled against the onslaught of the germans maybe this is the right way to go you take a fundamentally sound ev platform with clever charging capability and good performance you cram it with weird and interesting gimmicks and then you cover it in interesting slightly zany styling i mean maybe they’re onto a winner here maybe this genesis could be the start of something right we’ve been very well behaved looking at this practical family crossover but i couldn’t bring you all the way to this posh genesis show room in hudson yards heart of new york city without showing you this because wow this is the future of genesis electric cars that comes after the present i am right on board welcome to the x coupe and this is a concept car in the classic sense there’s no performance data there’s no nurburgring time it’s all about the looks and i mean i love them it’s part pulse star one maybe some aston martin lagonda in there i mean why can’t bmw build stuff that’s this good looking anymore this is genesis saying yeah we’re going to have electric cars in the future but why does a flagship need to be a big suv why could it not be a classic svelte long bonnet coupe with some gt credentials so if genesis is the next big thing and if they do need an electric flagship i really really hope it’s this because wow

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