FIRST LOOK: GMA T.33 – Gordon Murray’s new £1.4m V12 supercar

FIRST LOOK: GMA T.33 – Gordon Murray’s new £1.4m V12 supercar


The T.33 is the second all-new supercar from Gordon Murray Automotive. The three-seater £2.4m T.50 fan car remains the ultimate expression of technology and speed, while this two-seater T33 is something a bit more laid-back and conventional. It has the same incredible Cosworth naturally aspirated V12 as the T.50 with 607bhp, a screaming 11,100rpm rev limit and the choice of six-speed manual or a six-speed paddle shift gearboxes. Join Jack Rix as he gets a full tour of the T.33 and all the secrets behind it from Gordon Murray himself.Chapters0:00-1:59 Intro2:00-3:01 The Numbers3:02-6:02 Guiding Principals of GMA6:03-7:54 How the T.33 came about7:55-14:05 Styling and Features 14:06-17:49 Engine17:50-20:06 Gearbox 20:07-22:05 Aerodynamics 22:06-23:19 Wheels, Brakes & Steering 23:20-25:30 Usability 25:31-26:27 Interior 26:28-26:53 Sound26:54-27:15 Price27:16-28:57 Outro Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

welcome everyone to an underground car park but not any underground car park because we’re buried beneath gordon murray automotive’s new global headquarters in windelsham surrey to meet this gordon’s new t-33 supercar yes gordon’s been a busy boy because the t-33 is the second all-new supercar from gma the 2.4 million pound t50 which nobody outside of the company has driven yet although customer car production is supposed to be starting anytime now remains the ultimate expression of technology and speed the t-33 is something a bit more laid back and a fraction more conventional or in gordon’s words a car where comfort effortless performance and day-to-day usability are even more front and center in its character so the headlines are thus it comes with the same naturally aspirated cosworth developed incredible v12 as the t50 albeit re-engineered for slightly fewer revs slightly more torque at lower revs and slightly less power it’s also got as you can probably see a more conventional two-seat layout instead of the central driving position three-seater layout you get on the t50 and there’s now a choice of a manual gearbox or an automatic controversial it’s based around a brand new carbon fiber and aluminium structure and this carbon fiber bodywork is designed to have an aura of timeless beauty which i think is gordon’s way of saying it’s basically as clean and simple as it can possibly be no part of this car exists without having a specific function there’s none of the faf none of the wings and slashes and vents and other stuff that other modern supercars seem to be obsessed with before we bring gordon in some numbers like the t-50 only 100 t-33s will be built in fact gma will only ever build 100 of each car it makes the target weight is under 1100 kilograms about 100 kilograms more than t50 and the 3.9 liter v12 produces 607 brake horsepower that’s 47 horsepower less than the t50 and the same 335 pounds feet of torque power to weight 556 brake horsepower per ton rev limit 11 100 rpm versus 12 100 rpm in the t50 but fear not according to the literature a new ram induction and exhaust system will ensure a spine tingling signature sound i’m literally salivating at the thought by the way the t-33 will be the last non-hybrid gma supercar after that expect some e-assist but gordon says his mission is to keep this v12 going as long as he can gordon thank you so much for having us again um i wanted to start with something that um you’re quoted as saying in the press release and that is we are unlike every other car manufacturer we are not chasing trends we are not chasing headline performance figures we’re not chasing sales nor will we ever be and i just wanted you to explain a little bit more about what you meant by that that’s relatively simple so we haven’t got a massively complex management structure we have very supportive shareholders and for a start that’s unlike any other oem but actually we have seven guiding principles four of them technical and three of them to do with the customer and we promised everybody now and in the future we’ll stick to those seven principles so the on the technical side it’s number one’s driving perfection so that the target above all else about top speed performance naught to 60 whatever is driving perfection lightweighting of course engineering art every bit of the car whether the owner will ever see it or not is a piece of engineering arts and then to make sure the car is exclusive we promise we’ll never make more than 100 of anything that’s a model or a variant so this one for example there’ll be three variants a hundred of each and we promise they’ll be very very different and the bearings are gonna be we’re not sure yet we’re still working on that um it probably will follow the standard sort of automotive trends a spider yeah but the reason why we’re not announcing it yet is i don’t want to say it’s going to be a full spider if we can’t if we can’t deliver that okay so premium quality um absolutely uh limited volumes to keep it exclusive and the other thing is the customer journey is really important to us and now we’re in the middle of spec sessions for t50 yeah and we actually came down the feedback we’re getting from customers is that they don’t get that anywhere else at any other oem so there’s those principles we absolutely stick to and you’re going to spec you’re speccing every t50 with every single customer i mean you’ve only got so many ads in the day i know you can’t sell more than 100 cars i’m really enjoying it and the most important thing from a t33 point of view is the seventh principle is a return to beauty okay so we’re absolutely not following as it said as we said in the press release we’re not following current trends there seems to be a sort of a race on with supercar manufacturers to make something more dramatic you know bigger holes and holes and slashers and there’s a lot of stuff on cars now even very well-known manufacturers that actually doesn’t do anything yeah there’s nothing on this car you i’ll challenge you there’s nothing on this car that doesn’t do something well i do have an engineering degree i haven’t actually used it for many many years but i’ll see if i can find something and we’ll come to the design in just a second but first i wanted to learn a bit more about how this car was born in your head so uh did this did you come up with the idea for the t-33 before t-50 at the same time was it is it a package of cars that exist in your mind it’s it’s a it’s a motor car i’ve wanted to do for perhaps 25 maybe even 30 years long before 50. okay um around about the time we were doing the f1 in fact um the f1 was very specific like 50 no the halo car again central driving position i mean we always promised people 50 would be the halo car and it always will be we’re not going to do another one of those the aero central driving position 12 000 red sub 1000 kilos that’s it that’ll do for a like but around that time you know my my growing up period was the 60s and particularly with sports racing cars of that period i loved some of the cars in that period and the reason why people still go ooh and are about some of them is that they’ve just got classic proportions and lovely shapes now we applied that to 50 but of course 50 also is quite radical with the fan and stuff so i’ve always wanted to do you know a car that has all those influences but in absolutely no way retro not what ferrari are doing not what lambo were doing just a modern crisp car but with that with that feeling from the 60s so that’s really interesting so talk talk to us about because i think you’re right i came in here and um having sort of talked to you a bit about it in the past i suppose i was expecting something that was more overtly retro you know a real blast from the past but actually it’s not it’s just kind of clean and simple and kind of its own car but there are little references here and there from from you know cars in your own collection and cars from that period you’re talking about so why don’t you have a little walk around the car and you just point out some some bits that sure have significance absolutely i mean the first thing you’ll notice for example there’s no there’s not a lot in the way of ducting we’re trying you know everywhere coming in everything’s got a purpose you know that is obviously engine oil and water one of the one of the signatures of 60s cars that all the headlamps were one above the other they weren’t like the f1 and like t50 where they wide if you like and the other six the other bit in the 60s is this graphic ran right down to the front of the car now with with modern cars you can’t do that because there’s what they call a pendulum test which is a real pain but you have to do it which comes in at about 30 degrees and smack this and the light can’t break yeah so i worked with the guys in the studio this was a very early sketch i did where the graphic goes all the way down to the bottom but this is the front breakdown okay and this little vein here picks up the pendulum and saves the light but you’ve got the graphic going all the way down to the front it’s that sort of stuff and that goes all the way through the motor car really okay let’s have a look walk down the side here because i mean the interesting thing is we walk down the side and it’s just so clean and simple here that really there’s not much to talk about other than a little bit of more shape in the side seals than you get with the t50 and there’s a reason yeah there there is in fact because the one drawback with a three-seat car is that particularly if you’re on a narrow car is that the cabin obviously has to be wide because you’ve got three occupants even though they’re offset with the shoulder and the hip width difference um so the two things that happen is you get quite a wide motor car with very little chance of any plan for any coke bottle we call it hips um the other thing you lose is a bit of tumble home which is the angle that the cabin falls in and the more tumble home you can get and still drop the word glass that’s that makes the car more sporty so uh with this i’ve worked with uh kevin richards and our studio team to optimize the tumble home get this a little bit narrower but also leave ourselves enough to get a proper platform coke bottle writing now there’s an interesting story with this ram because obviously this this is just a model so we’re not going to see it moving today but tell us a bit about how that’s fixed to the engine and the significance yeah so that’s a little bit wacky that’s that’s the sort of thing we can get away with i think as a small company yeah um on the on the f1 and the 50 this ram reduction is part of the monocoque actually so once you come past the bulkhead you have to have some sort of flexible coupling because the engine rocks of course it’s rubber mounted um i’ve always wanted to do a car like a 19 sort of 70s formula one car with it where the air box the ram reduction goes straight onto the engine and moves with the engine so this is completely separate from the body sitting there at the lights revving your engine this is just wobbling and it’s got a secondary benefit too because lifting it up here and not being part of the chassis allows us to bleed off the boundary layer so we can make the we can make the intake slightly smaller and it becomes more aerodynamically efficient wow all those benefits it’s a cool feature to show your mates it’s got aerodynamic benefits looks great um now it’s a practical car this i’ve it’s been would you call it supercard gt it’s certainly i don’t like the gt connotation it doesn’t with me it doesn’t sit comfortably with the mid-rear engines yeah you know um but you’re right i mean like 50 you know we mustn’t forget 50’s got some decent luggage space and some very serious uh interior stowage decent once again all our gma principles so proper ride heights no nose lift or anything required very good visibility all-round visibility incredibly low scuttle uh the center of the body right over the center of the wheel so you can place it accurately for hitting the apex and and once again luggage capacity so this actually beats t-50 this has got two side lockers here with two cases how did you get into the like 50 this is another bit of a bit wacky so uh the the guys in the studio and myself did not want another shot line through here would have just wrecked all this so this whole panel this in fact all the way around here is your shot line for your luggage and there of course yeah the hinge point is right by the tail light and this whole side opens like it like an old-fashioned suicide door wow and then you stand these are dihedral yes so these come up and for safety the latch to release this is in the door jamb and then you release this and once the door’s out of the way you can stand here the luggage is actually right there so you just dropped it this opens to about here okay yep you’re not no right out like a conventional door okay and then you just drop the luggage in from the top so there’s two cases each side there and then in the nose there’s a large there’s another two cases in there okay so it’s 280 liters altogether which is like you know a small hatchback that’s enough uh fuel under here yeah these flip up too so there’s a lot of hinge a lot of closures oh you wouldn’t know so no well that was the whole point you know it wanted to look like people came hold on a minute there’s no openings anywhere but in fact everything opens so these are both top hinged one is fuel and one is oil and then of course we’ve got an active spoiler on the back and this hinges up as well for access okay and around the back i think i think the rear angle is my favorite um but again it’s just simple clean um circular lights is there anything back here any yeah we don’t we don’t do the melted japanese led lights you know i can’t stand all that stuff it’s it’s five years time it looks old-fashioned yeah and i don’t do funny-shaped exhausts either they’re rounds yeah yeah um all right so engine i think we’ve beat around the bush long enough in fact you’ve got one on a stand over here should we should we wander over there let’s go and have a look so if you’re a cynic you might just say you’ve taken this try me you’ve taken the t50s v12 and detuned it so as not to step on the t50s toes but i imagine a lot more has gone into it than that absolutely yeah the the one word you’ve got wrong there is detuned we’ve re-tuned it and and with a lot of it is 50 funny enough because we as we said earlier we’ve promised everybody that that would be the halo car and to be honest 12 000 revs with a four liter b12 is a bit on the limit you know it really is and and i i pushed cosworth to do 12 000 revs 11 000 is a lot more sensible but it also gives uh it gave them the opportunity and us the opportunity to look at re-tuning the engine to be even more drivable not that the t50 isn’t i mean now that i’ve driven it several times with that weighted motor car it’s got ridiculous low down torque you know but we’ve taken that to another level on this it’s got different cylinder heads different cams of course obviously different mapping for the valve timing completely different induction system and a very different exhaust system and even a different engine mounting system so the engines aren’t interchangeable so this gives a believe it or not this gives 75 percent of max torque two five but more importantly it gives 90 percent of max torque from four five to ten five which is ridiculous for an engine that rents to eleven thousand and is still over 600 horsepower yeah yeah wow and and and as you you you’re telling me a story earlier actually about driving around millbrook i think in in fifth gear yeah so just yeah it’s a lovely demonstration of the tour yeah i mean it’s it’s it’s it’s quite amazing actually and what was demonstrating the torque capacity of the of the t50 was the fact that we we and the test drivers myself we got out of 50 and somebody had borrowed uh the latest gt3 911 and below five it felt like a hot hatch you know just from six to nine is that that engine is delicious you know the sound and the pull that’s it just goes on and on to nine thousand but below five is just nothing you know absolutely nothing and i just jumped out of 50 um which pulls from 2000 rows fantastic and we’ve got to talk about the gearbox so six-speed extract manual as as per t50 but you also wanted to offer an automatic option in this case it’s not just a transmission actually you know um because there’s three variants and overall of this architecture 300 cars i i thought i shot myself in the foot again here keep doing it um i thought we’d have to offer something a bit more sort of varied if you like so we thought right left and right hand drive fine yeah because most people throw up their hands in horror 300 cars building left and right hand drive but if it’s designed in from the beginning it’s easy and that was the one thing and the other thing was full federal type approval which added 28 million quid to the program but we just figure you know we’re we’re a proper little car company now we’re going forward and keeping on with show or display importation just makes people a bit nervous quite rightly because it could change at any time and then the third thing was an offer of a paddle shift gearbox where it’s it’s a mighty transmission it’s the fastest gear change ever made on a road car and it’s a single clutch double clutch it’s it’s it doesn’t have any clutches it has it has a clutch on the flywheel for for pulling off yeah and after that there aren’t any clutches there’s no dogs there’s no clutches it’s a completely there’s no there is zero talk interrupt so to see what we call a seamless change so you know you get other companies claiming a few milliseconds of this and this this is absolutely no talk drop so it’s a it’s a pre-selector box so you’re already in the next gear it’s a it’s an extract design um all you have to do is release the one you’re in and you’re already in the next gear so it’s totally seamless and um you said you said you shot yourself in the foot because obviously you took on this automatic gearbox development program assuming the uptake might be i don’t know 50 50. yeah how’s it been so far well yes yeah can we talk about something else no no no um yeah so uh you know the standard car is manual because that’s out driving perfection but as i say to make it a little bit more appealing to a broader audience if you like we’re offering the paddle shift and so far um the car isn’t officially on sale until after the launch but we’ve done some quiet pre-sales with of course t-50 owners and people that miss t-50 because of all the cars we’re going to do this is the closest relative to 50. so um we’ve already sold more than half the cars and out of those i think three three only are pedal shifts it’s going to be the most spectacular collector’s item 1933 i i i don’t know what i’m going to say to the team if we get to the 100 cars and only five of them are pedal shifts because it’s cost a fortune well to develop the gearbox you’ve got these other two variants coming they may lend themselves more to an auto you know you know yeah the work’s done yeah so it’s a it’s a great combination we got the the fastest engine response in any car on the planet and the fastest gear change if you have that that combination well it’s very nice to have um all right let’s move a bit on to aerodynamics obviously you know super clean this car there is no obvious ways on the top surface that is creating downfalls apart from the pop-up spoiler so um i’m sure there’s some clever things going on underneath yeah so once again with this sort of styling obviously um we didn’t want to have um front lips and things sticking out you know splitters and bits like dive planes and all that sort of stuff the downforce target is slightly less than t50 which helps but the reason why we got away with the front end if you remember on t50 is because the diffuser is very steep and we draw off the boundary layer here which means instead of the diffuser making its downforce back here it actually makes it nearer the center of gravity which means we don’t have to generate too much on the front so with this one of course we have no fan but when we were doing the months of development on the fan we found once when we were developing the kick point and the shape of the diffuse and the size of the duct we switched the fan off and we still got 30 percent more downforce than not having the fan on so 70 reduction but still 30 more than you would expect and what we found was the duct that went back to the fan of course empties into the base suction behind the car and the base suction was pulling enough air through the slot to get a version of the same thing we stacked an idea in the bank and we spent a few months with the engineering team and our aerodynamics chat on on this and we’ve developed a softer diffuser but it still has the big kick point here just not as much as the fan and we get about 30 percent of the downfalls without the fan which means once again we don’t need too much on the front so the diffusers on the front are hidden in the front wheel arch so so we don’t need a splitter oh wow wheels brakes tires suspension um i mean it’s a similar story on the t50 isn’t it by being light you can use slightly narrow tyres absolutely it’s actually the same size um because the car is slightly heavier doesn’t produce quite as much down force it’s the same tyre size so it’s two three five two nine five and the car slightly bigger just while we’re on dimensions yeah it’s exactly the same width okay but it’s about 45 mil longer and the wheelbase is 35mm longer but it’s still a porsche box to size lotus but same um same tire and and this is all about you know you don’t want these special custom-made tyres that cost 10 grand a corner not at all yeah not at all i think a set of these is under a ground and uh this michelin is a fantastic tire the 4s is a brilliant tire really good all round time hydraulic steering hydraulic power assistance yeah the um the trick system we had on 50 is highly complex to develop and it works very well but this time we’ve gone for i couldn’t bring myself to do electric steering yeah no so one thing that lets my a110 alpine down it’s interesting we just um from the point of view of being usable obviously it’s things like you know the the visibility and the and the luggage and the egress ingress all that sort of stuff but the other thing we’ve just done we’ve done our first fuel consumption figures on t50 um sort of commuting touring average figures and we’ve got it we’ve got a range of about 450 miles on that car and this one although it has a slightly smaller full uh fuel tank it’ll still do 400 miles how big is the tank 75 liters and and 80 and 850 80 80 on 50 yeah yeah well that’s enough isn’t it yeah 400 it’s you know it’s a sort of and hopefully you know it’s it’s a sort of it’s a sort of supercar that people will use what we’ve noticed with 50 owners a lot of them have carrera gts okay that they still use and this is like a carrera gt on steroids you know another few thousand revs imagine smoke smaller right so then much more much smaller yeah and a couple of hundred kilos lighter and it has luggage space which of course the carrera gt doesn’t of course and you said uh you’ve been looking at some numbers upstairs this is pretty much bang on the lotus emira the new yeah yeah very much dimensions yeah boxster mirror yeah just with the 600 just b12 in the back and everything else it’s it’s going to be i mean ridiculously we sort of take that b12 for granted now because it’s been we’ve been around for two years or two and a half years but um it is just the best we we said right in the beginning we hoped it would be the best road car engine ever and now we’ve driven t-50 we know it is you know we can categorically say this car has got the best v12 on the planet i spoke to dario and ease and he basically said he was trying to take it seriously the first time he took it to 11 12 000 rpm he was trying i’m serious testing here and he just burst out laughing and and he came back into the pits how’s that all good he’s just wetting himself because it’s so much fun it is a magic engine yeah absolutely um all right interior now again this is just a just a model so there’s no interior on this but similar aim to the t50 driver focus analog yes ethos-wise absolutely the driving perfection again um very much carryover ethos from 50 but of course offset so no touch screens we’ve got all the connectivity you want with apple carplay and stuff like that but absolutely no touch screens no column stalks all the secondary controls are rotary machined from aluminium analog everything’s floodlit nothing’s backlit so it’s and still with the 120mm analog ref counter so absolutely the same focus we had on 15. yeah it’s just that you’re sitting in the middle on the 50. yeah which is that which is a which is the experience the usp and the and the halo effect if you like this i mean this is the sort of car we want people to just want you want to get out want to get back in again yes exactly and i remember you talking with the t50 the way that you tune the thickness of the carbon on the roof because it’s actually it’s the intake noise and the vibrations above your head that that’s what that’s what makes your ears happy yeah not the exhaust noise because that’s behind you um similar story here is it absolutely yeah so the pulse uh we just have to work on the on the layup in this area here so the pulse coming back out of here will will affect this just in the same way yeah okay i think we’ve covered most of it um so t-50 uh sorry to talk about money to 2.4 million 100 cars sold out yep um price of this one this is 1.37 1.37 yeah okay so a bargain a bargain yes when we’re talking about these sorts of numbers there is a bargain um 100 cars um and um and there’s one thing that i’ve also wanted to pull you up i started with a quote from you so i’m going to end with a quote from you and if you give me a second i just got to get it off my phone now you said if you had to have only one supercar the t33 is it now you’re talking about the usability and if you uh a t50 being more of a high days and holidays car and this has got that extra piece of usability so if you could only drive a t50 or a t33 for the rest of your life what would it be i think it would still have to be the 250. but it’s just it’s it’s it’s it’s more extreme of course the engine’s more extreme the central driving position the arrow is more extreme the arrow’s got many more functions and things to play with but uh but honestly you know i i think this is it’s it’s a 50 but just even more usable really and i don’t think anybody’s gonna only gonna feel too much of difference on the weight being about a hundred kilos heavier it’s still under 100 1100 kilos and still a better power weight ratio than a mclaren f1 it’s crazy i think in an ideal world you’d have a t-50 for those very special drives there’s very special moments and maybe one of these to use a little more often but yep i’ll sign up for that i’m in dreamland now thank you so much gordon thank you for having us pleasure

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