FIRST LOOK: Honda E Prototype

FIRST LOOK: Honda E Prototype


A small electric city car with a big personality. Take a closer look at the near-production-ready Honda E Prototype, an update of the Honda Urban EV, one of the coolest concepts we’ve ever seen. First Look: Car Walkarounds: Chris Harris Drives: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. Make sure you’re subscribed to the official YouTube channel:

the Honda urban Eevee you might remember it it was hands down the coolest concept car of last year perhaps ever nailing the retro futuristic vibe and making me lust after an electric car for the first time but the problem with making such an aching ly good concept is the production car can’t possibly live up to our expectations or can it are you maybe thinking jack why are you hiding behind a wall well it’s because I wanted to share this excruciating moment with you behind there is almost the finished production version of the Honda urban Eevee I genuinely haven’t seen it yet I’ve genuinely got butterflies in my stomach because quite frankly I’m terrified that Honda might have messed it up right come on let’s do this rip that plaster off come on oh there it is there she is Wow drink it in Jack all right wheels are smaller arches are a bit smaller sprout in another door let’s have a look around the back oh yes very good initial emotion relief Honda thank you my nerves are shot to pieces I need a lie down Honda is calling this a prototype the Honda a prototype to be precise but Honda lies it’s actually 98% representative of what the finished car will look like when it goes on sale at the back end of this year price no idea yet but this isn’t a low cost car much like Apple doesn’t make low cost phones so expect to pay somewhere between 25 and 30 grand right so what has actually changed from the concept pretty much everything to be honest to varying degrees but don’t worry I’m going to walk you through it starting at the front here where we find a similar flush fitting full-width panel the curvature of which is dictated by this front facing camera and the lidar sensors in there the headlights you’ll notice are now full circles in the concept they were cropped off at the top looked a little bit more aggressive this is a slightly friendlier face and here we have an illuminated Honda badge which I’m told won’t make production because it’s illegal because it’s deemed to be an advert ridiculous I know up here yes we now know what this black square on the bonnet is for it’s the charging point click a button on your key and that pops out that’s where you plug it in moving around here wheels yes you may remember the concept had 20-inch deep-dish white multi spoke wheels looked a bit like Alpena wheels they were fantastic I fell in love with them surprise surprise they haven’t made production but these are a fair substitute these are the bigger wheels with 17 16s a standard the arches yeah not quite as swollen as the concept but they still stick out enough this thing is wider than the Honda Jazz oh yeah and there’s a reason it’s wider as well because check it out look it’s got cameras four wing mirrors and the reason that it’s wide is these sit within the cars width so you’re not going to knock them off when you drive past a white van flush fitting door handles because of arrow hidden handles for the rear doors you’ll notice the whole roof is blacked out and the bottom the doors are blacked out to that standard on cars actually remember the concept had a body coloured rim that ran around the roof like that so a bit of a shame but no matter I’ll get over it and round the back yes the taillights have changed from squirrels to circles and it sprouted a roof spoiler up here and that’s about it to be honest and you have to say within the constraints that they were working it’s a damn fine job time for some facts underneath is an all-new rear wheel drive platform so it should be fun in the wet ranges around 125 miles on the WL TP cycle and it’s rapid charge compatible so an 80% top-up in 30 minutes Honda won’t confirm the battery size or motor output yet but something north of a hundred horsepower seems reasonable it will be offered with four seats and five doors only there’s no boot in the front but a small one in the back and it’s 10 centimeters shorter than a jazz that’s not very big at all which might be a bit of a problem for some allow me to explain I am a miniscule 5 foot 8 if I get in the back here with the seat in front set to my preferred driving position well as you can see it’s really not much with the room at all but no matter as everyone knows back seats of a second-class citizens also known as your kids I on the other hand shall be loading it up in the front which is where my assistant comes in here apparently I’m not allowed to touch the car paints have been expensive and he’s got gloves thank you right just wait for the snooker umpire to close the door now the first thing to mention in here is that Honda wanted to make this thing have a living room feel and I have to say it does feel quite loungy in here this fabric down here that’s recycled polyester this worked here and right across the dash isn’t weird at all it’s a special four millimeter thick film and in the back we’ve got four interior lights which you can switch on and off just like your front room the center console down here more wood more buttons one in particular that I’m interested in though it says drive mode Honda won’t tell me anything about this but what it does suggest as this car might have sporty intentions but the main event is in front of us here starting with this a suspiciously production-ready steering wheel complete with some buttons here that suggest autonomous functions like radar cruise control and lane keep assist and then we get to the great wall of screen not one not two not five but six screens in front of me the outer edges those are the feeds from our aerodynamic new wing mirrors up here there’s another screen that’s fed from a camera at the back with a special self-cleaning coating so it doesn’t get caked in mud dead ahead a digital instrument cluster of course and then we get to these the two 12-inch beasts now the idea here is that your passenger can actually make themselves useful so they can change the radio station and change the aircon but they could also look for something on the map and then hit a button that swipes the screen across to the driver’s side which is pretty nifty I’ve also noticed something here called the personal assistant again Honda won’t tell me about this just yet but I can only assume it’s a serial a Lexus tile voicer system or get this down here a quite extraordinary array of power outlets two USBs an HDMI input a 12 volt socket and look at this a full-on 240 volt plug you could literally plug anything into that a hairdryer a coffee machine all useful for shaving vital minutes of your morning commute one last thing to mention is the visibility Honda could have pushed the a penis forward and created something far more futuristic looking but by keeping a fairly classic silhouette the view out is perfect and they’ve kept that hinter retro in the design okay so there’s good news and there’s bad news my concerns and that it might be a bit too small for big people that that 125 mile range might put some people off and in the prices to premium people won’t be able to afford it anyway but the good news is I like it quite a lot in fact so much so that I want to buy one of these so long as I can get set and those concept car wheels you

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