FIRST LOOK | Koenigsegg Gemera: the 1,700bhp four-seat ‘Mega GT’

FIRST LOOK | Koenigsegg Gemera: the 1,700bhp four-seat ‘Mega GT’


This is the new Koenigsegg Gemera, and it is a family car. Indeed, we know this because it has four seats, hot and cold cupholders, and the ability to store four adults’ carry-on luggage.Also, this is the new Koenigsegg Gemera, and it is absolutely mind-blowingly nuts. It has 1,700bhp, 2,580lb ft of torque, the ability to go from 0-62mph in 1.9s and up to 250mph in “record matching pace”. And that’s not all – the powertrain is bonkers too. Join magazine’s Jack Rix as he talks to boss Christian von Koenigsegg himself about this insane Mega GT then let us know what you think below.Want to see more cars from The Online Geneva Motor Show 2020? Here you go: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

well this is a bit of a weird one isn’t it you’ve probably heard that the Geneva Motor Show has been cancelled since the Swiss government banned events of a thousand people or more and yet here we are inside the stripped out largely abandoned Hall this place should be teeming with sweaty slightly stressed-out people in suits and yet it isn’t we heard that Koenigsegg still wanted to do its big reveal from its show stand so we said can we come along and they said yes and this is what we’re here to see a new breed of Koenigsegg it’s called the Jumeirah and it is quite simply a four-seat hypercar hypercar performance but with cupholders and heated seats and it’s real they’re gonna make 300 of these and this is the finished production machine and it’s fast as you’d expect really fast it’s got 1,700 horsepower but it’s a plug-in hybrid it’ll be 30 miles on electric power alone the electricity part contributes about 1,100 horsepower to motors on the back axle another one on the crankshaft the combustion part comes from get this a three cylinder two litre twin-turbo dry sump three valve engine betwee cylinder engine producing 600 horsepower that’s 200 horsepower per cylinder mind officially bone in fact it’s probably only one man in the entire world that actually understands truly understands how this car works and why it exists and it’s the boss man himself Christian von Koenigsegg Christian thank you for having us along to the Koenigsegg Motor Show well thank you for coming to mayhem you know it’s falling apart around us but we built our own little fence here and pretend like nothing happened yeah yeah so sorry for the noises in the background but it is they’re literally stripping out the show everything is falling down as we speak but wow look at this how long you been keeping this so the idea started back in 2003 we had our first sound in 2001 and I started thinking how do I get the family on board and do I have to dilute the like super car mega car idea if we have more seats so I actually started making seating bucks and things back then but the timing wasn’t right we were too small the technology to package everything wasn’t really there so we had like two or three almost starts over the years but then two years ago I said now we’re gonna do it tell us about the name Jumeirah what’s it mean yes so we were of course thinking about what should we call the car and we were having a family dinner with my parents and my mother came up with the name usually we try to do something Swedish GE is to give in Swedish and Mira is more so to give more you get more seats to get more space you get more you can share the excitement it’s more excitement and hopefully very little drawback you know all right we’re speaking of excitement take us through the end the power train first first of all it is a mid-engine combustion car so it’s in my mind it’s a proper like traditional concept of a make or you have the combustor and in the middle you have the the mid-engine look but then there are some tricks to this then it’s only a three cylinder but it’s got our unique free valve technology that really transformed the way the engine can respond and sound and how it can run in this case a twin-turbo setup in sequential ways with the use of these free valves so we have 400 Newton meters of torque at 1,700 rpm from a three cylinder but still eight eight and a half and and we have 600 Newton meters over a broad rev range and we have 600 horsepower and the engine only weighs 70 kilos so it was four I think in this modern environment of downsizing and being frugal and being able to run or CEO to fuels I mean this engine is designed for biofuels for solar fuels you can run it in worst-case on petrol you have this flex fuel capability but that’s not the idea it’s like running an Eevee on coal power that from a coal plant you can do it but you should but also for packaging is you know you need to get these two rows of seats you need to get the engine in you need electric motors and Electr so it needed to be tiny yeah and we actually have a prop shaft going from the combustion end into the front wheels so it’s mid-engine front wheel drives with the help of our direct drive system so you let you motor this on the crankshaft you got the three cylinder engine the motor on the crank Charlotte yes it’s a total of a thousand horsepower faster new to me just on the front and then two more yeah what one one 500 horsepower electric motor each for each rear wheel with a thousand Newton meters each and when you combine all these numbers in in a speed range we don’t top up the power levels on top of each other you want to spread them out for tours so if you look at our curves we have 3,500 Newton meters of torque and 1700 combined horsepower so this thing with four-wheel drive four-wheel torque vectoring my way four-wheel steering it can do 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds and top speed is 250 miles per hour fast enough and it has to range from a thousand kilometers if you juice up the battery full that is 50 kilometer range with only battery it lives under the front seats okay it’s let’s say usable 15 kilowatt hours just give us the elevator pitch how does free valve work for a dummy line right so even the people who are not so versed in combustion snows knows what a camshaft looks like it’s kind of the little thing with the tube on top of the valves with with loops on them pushing the valves up and down with this place we throw that away and then we put actuators over each valve so we can operate them individually when we want to open them how much we want to open and stay open you know with the camshaft if you would stay open you wouldn’t need to have a square capture profile and it would jump off of the corners of the of the cam so here but as we don’t have that we can stay open and wait for the piston and then go back we’re open half and completely individual so when you have four valves in one cylinder normally the camshaft you open those two you close those two a so here we can just play different heights not opening this one only open for one turbo open for two turbos we throttle inside the cylinder from one combustion cycle to another we can go for minimum power to maximum there is no gasping there is no feeling of air into air intakes everything happens live in the combustion chamber and then most efficient way possible so we even use a I we work together with a company in Austin Texas so we have AI controlled for the any because it’s so complex otherwise we just pop the head so you can take a look at the end I’m sure that because of course if this was straight six yeah I will be back here oh yeah exactly so we used that space for something else yes it needs you personalized luggage with the names of your family yeah so one in the front three in the in the rear full-size carry-ons yeah so I mean we’re working heavily with the Akrapovic on this titanium exorcist to make this three cylinder sound proper interesting noise exactly and I’ve been listening on three little cylinders for a year now to try to make up my mind and and what’s different with this one it’s a very big one normally a threesome is like a 1 liter engine this is a truly so we have similar sized Pistons and stroke and born like in our v8 so every combustion is big but it’s just fewer on them yeah but we can even run two-stroke with this in certain rpm range and then it sounds like a straight-6 yeah and you can really play with the free valves and the titanium exhaust and some echoing effect so it will have a very unique sound but a big sound it’s not like a silly tiny thing let’s talk about the way this car lifts straight away notice it’s true we tricked the eye a little bit everything is blown up proportionally so we have 22 inch wheels the largest carbon fiber wheels 21 inch in the front so they are bigger and then there is no handle on the door like we normally don’t have so there is no like human size component that you can refer to the size of the car so if you take it like a normal comes in and press like a large by 1.25 percent here it becomes this reeks of you you said look I won them on the four seater but it has to have one door of course no b-pillar so so you’re this was a nightmare so the the him she’s very beefy it’s actually hollow steel now instead of aluminium because it needed that stiffness and then it’s a lot of carbon fiber reinforcements in the door but the twisted part which is our new pattern is but by not adding any component so we did it first for the ESCO we kind of bent around the parts in cad and suddenly we got another feature that the door doesn’t not only swing out and rotate it also swings upwards so you can clear all the curves and also the large roof structure gives a lot of rigidity so this is what as far as we’re aware it’s the stiffest four seater car on the planet from axle to axle it’s 40,000 Newton metres per degrees difference yeah so that’s the advantage of smaller battery pack super efficient small combustion and you with a lot of power so our aim is 1880 acre brake with almost a full tank of fuel and that with this kind of performance power level in range if this was pure electric our calculation says like 2.3 tones maybe so that that is the advantage apart from if you like sound so you’re pre-empting my question is why didn’t you just make it an election that’s the least we can make it lighter for the same type of power and size but of course performance becomes also better because when it’s lighter breaking against better cornering becomes better and I saturation better how great do you want to feel when it’s like over yours this thing here will be Wireless phone shot and then you have eight cupholders yeah one hot and one cold for each person they will be a little bit bigger in the in the finally we actually put a Peltier element in between the front and rear cupholders on each side so when one holder gets hot the other gets cold from the Peltier effect so you can keep your milkshake going there for an hour or two and watch Netflix the travel at 400 km/h big screen in the back big screen in the front you’re saying it’s it’s a you’re not a second class no if you’re in the back I envision this car like of course we’ll see if that ever happens but someone driving up to the Oscars gala there is the red carpet there and a star clamps out from the back there is no folding of seats or past a b-pillar you walk out kind of gracefully as well as you were sitting in the front I think it’s that simple it is a mega car a Koenigsegg mega car with two more seats and of course there is no bracket in the industry for this I mean the most extreme luxury or expensive 4c tricky here is the rolls-royce this this has nothing to do with the rolls-royce it’s a completely different experience we kind of saw it as a whole in the marketplace I built it because I wanted it personally and this is my type of car and it didn’t exist okay so you’re gonna build 300 of these cars that’s it is a new benchmark for us I mean we did 80 of the regular that sold out quicker than we thought so we raised the bar with the ESCO said let’s try from 25 that went in a few days that was last year and this is a little bit more of the family corner so on so it comes in at a slightly lower price bracket and you know in order to make the noises like yeah I can but in order to make that work we need a little bit higher volume so I think the new marketplace is a unique segment is slightly lower but still expensive price makes it possible so in in u.s. dollar land that they start out like in that region they start at one point seven point seven okay still very expensive still very expensive but but you get the same but with two more seats Jumeirah Jumeirah that’s very well I can confidently say it’s the star of the show oh I think I believe you thanks Christian yeah thanks

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