FIRST LOOK | McLaren 765LT: could McLaren’s latest Longtail be quicker than a Senna?

FIRST LOOK | McLaren 765LT: could McLaren’s latest Longtail be quicker than a Senna?


Welcome internet, to the McLaren 765LT, the latest Macca to get the Longtail treatment and a car that produces a whopping 45bhp more than the already-ballistic 720S. But that’s not all. Increased downforce and reduced weight – some 80kgs less – makes you wonder: just how much could this new McLaren trouble the Senna?Want to see more cars from The Online Geneva Motor Show 2020? Here you go: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

last time I drove the 720’s I remember thinking this car is probably too fast not on the racetrack of course because that’s where you can use all the performance but on the public road it is properly ballistic and then I thought what on earth and McLaren going to do with the forthcoming LT version how could they possibly make it any faster well this is our answer the 765 fortunately there exists a surefire way of making very fast cars even faster adding power increasing downforce and removing weight and the 675lt sticks to it producing as the name suggests 765 horsepower 45 more than the 720 yes it also weighs 80 kilograms less so as a result it’ll do nought 62 1/10 faster in 2.8 seconds and naught to 124 miles an hour in 7.2 that’s a full six tenths faster than a 720 yes you just four tenths behind the Sena and p1 so how do you remove 80 kilograms from a car that is already quite skinny with great difficulty but I shall attempt to explain starting with the big stuff so you now get in carbon-fiber body panels which saves about 14 kilograms in the cabin you’ve now got the carbon fiber shell bucket seats from the McLaren Centre that saves 18 kilograms but the biggest weight saving comes down here with these new 10 spoke forged alloy wheels now they save 22 kilograms in total you’ll see they’re wrapped in stickier Trofeo are tires as standard and get this for a bit of detailed engineering in there it uses titanium wheel nuts just to shave off a few extra grams and while we’re down here we might as well talk about the brakes because you get the same calipers as a centre as standard along with carbon ceramic discs but you can upgrade to the ceramic discs from the centre which are very special indeed they’re the ones that for seven months for the ultimate in thermal stability which to your eye means you can abuse them lap after lap on track and they will refuse to fade in terms of stopping distance it’ll do 124 miles an hour to naught in just 110 meters and probably whip your eyes clean out of their sockets in the process and the weight-saving gets even nerdier there’s a polycarbonate rear windscreen and rear quarter windows thinner glass for the windscreen and windows no carpets a new carbon fiber center console and MacLaren’s first full titanium exhaust more on that in a bit and then we come to the styling not exactly subtle is it this car produces 25% more downforce than the 720 s and it’s that downforce requirement that dictates the way it looks so at the front end you’ve got this massive front splitter that entire carbon-fiber section there is all-new then in the front wheel arches you’ve got these carbon fiber vents here a bit like the 911 gt2 RS now that relieves pressure in the wheel ass because that’s one of the most turbulent areas in the car and just reduces lift on the front axle moving down the side of the car you’ve got these larger and more prominent carbon-fiber side sills here they just smooth the air down the side of the car and round the back you find the 7 6 5 s long tail doesn’t actually make the car any longer this but it is 20% bigger than the active rear when you get on a 720 s there’s also a substantially larger carbon-fiber rear diffuser down there and slap bang in the middle probably the cars defining design Q which is these four quad exhaust pipes there might be a bit actually of the bugatti chiron sport and i’m told these are very happy to spit flames on the overall which is always nice the engine is the same four litre twin-turbo v8 producing an old money 754 brake horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque that thanks to the addition of pistons fuel pump and a head gasket from the Sena the suspension is a refined version of the 720 s’s linked active hydraulic suspension now with 11 percent stiffer spring rate for to rear and a lower ride height at the front and the final drive ratio is 15% shorter than a 720s the lowest of any McLaren ever which plate the in gear acceleration feel quite Lively the good news is that some of that amazing engineering is on display if you go for the optional engine viewing port whole thing in the back which I can hardly recommend the rest of the interior is quite familiar 720 yes just with more bite so down here you’ve got mats but underneath that no carpet there’s no armrests here in this new carbon-fiber center console if you’re a sadist you can delete the aircon entirely and these seats just completely swallow you up they say the 765 LT is still a road car and to be fair it does still have conventional seat belts instead of those excruciating ly fiddly four-point harnesses but it’s probably not the perfect car of a supermarket run this is a very McLaren kind of car is maybe you get the sense that the engineers revel in exploring all that fine detail and the result is undoubtedly another phenomenally fast supercar but this is the first LT model to be a direct successor to another LT model the brilliant 675 LT so make no mistake it’s got some big boots 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