FIRST LOOK: New 2020 BMW M3 & M4 feat. 4WD, 503bhp, ‘Drift’ Mode & *THAT* Grille

FIRST LOOK: New 2020 BMW M3 & M4 feat. 4WD, 503bhp, ‘Drift’ Mode & *THAT* Grille


The BMW M3 Saloon and M4 Coupe are back… and you won’t be able to miss them. Both feature BMW’s controversial new vertical grille, but stick to a familiar mechanical recipe: 503bhp, 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight six producing 503bhp in the ‘Competition’ versions – the only models coming to the UK. Offered first with rear-wheel drive, switchable 4WD will follow in 2021, as well as a cabriolet and estate later. Is this the sweet-spot M-car or has the M2 stolen its thunder? Watch our full walkaround to find out. Now, about that grille… Series 28: Geneva Online Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

i know what you’re thinking jack why are you hanging out in a random corridor next to the gents toilets well it’s not what you think is because behind this door here is not one but two brand new cars the new bmw m3 and the new bmw m4 what i wanted to do was give you the full slow burn reveal so you could see the cars as we walk into the studio from afar and then when we get up close because let me tell you there’s quite a lot to take it come on through here now remind yourself from the lights and wires and everything but there they are look perhaps not quite what you’re expecting was it the m3 competition over there the m4 competition over here and yes we are gonna start by talking about the front ends of these cars it’s bound to dominate the conversation around them this one over here not so much of a surprise we’ve seen the cooking versions of the 4 series with its enormous new double kidney vertical grill so of course they’re going to put a more aggressive version of it on the new m4 this however is a bit more of a surprise that they’ve taken that front end and grafted it onto the 3 series because with the standard versions of the 3 series saloon you get that smaller more conservative grille yeah two things i would say the first is that with a number plate across the middle it really does break up that grill it doesn’t look quite as in your face and aggressive and as alarming as you might think and the second is well these are m cars they’re inherently aggressive machines the type of person that buys one of these probably isn’t going to be a wall flower if you are an m3 customer you’re probably going to want your neighbor to know you bought the faster moving on the profiles of both three and four are familiar but enhanced with properly swollen wheel arches side seals that aren’t messing around staggered alloys 19s at the front 20s at the back aero optimized wing mirrors and a carbon fiber roof as standard sorry no sunroofs here around the back there’s these four gatling gung tail pipes with hidden flaps to keep the volume in line with your chosen driving mode it does look good from the back doesn’t it say what you want about that grill the proportions are spot on under here though is the bit we care about most a brand new three liter twin turbo straight six producing 503 brake horsepower in the m3 and m4 competitions that’s 60 horsepower more than you got in the old m3 and m4 comp it produces 100 newton meters more torque it revs a thousand rpm higher with the red line now at 7 200 rpm north 62 3.9 seconds whichever model you go for top speed 155 miles an hour or 180 miles an hour if you pay bmw a little bit of extra money now there will be a non-competition version with a measly 473 horsepower but interestingly that model won’t be sold in the uk and that is the only car that is offered with a manual gearbox so if you’re in the uk it’s auto only and we do mean auto because no more twin clutch dct gearboxes here this is a tuned version of the eight-speed zf auto please address all hate mail to bmw uk and there’s more surprises because from next summer the m3 and m4 will be offered with four-wheel drive for the first time sacrilege perhaps not traction will clearly be on another level and don’t worry there will be a rear-wheel drive only mode when you turn the dsc off completely also working away underneath you are adaptive dampers 10-stage traction control so you can choose how sideways you want to be and a braking system with two stage selectable pedal feel carbon ceramic discs are optional and denoted by gold calipers as are carbon bucket seats get both and you can shave off 25 kilograms there’s also the option of semi-slicks if you plan on taking your car to a track the interior is pretty much what you’d expect from an m3 that is to say a standard 3 series but with the smattering of red highlights all over it like these m shortcut buttons on the wheel the plus and minus on these gorgeous carbon fiber blade paddles behind the wheel the stitching on the gear lever down here and these buttons on the center console and then you’ve got lashings of carbon fiber everywhere a special mention must go to the m pro carbon bucket seats here which look absolutely gorgeous don’t judge me i quite like the two-tone leather as well they’re fully electrically controlled and not nearly as uncomfortable to sit in as they look as long as you’ve got your love handles in check this is though a fiercely complicated car there are many many modes to play with you cannot criticize bmw for lack of configurability but be warned you will need a full day in this car on your own to figure out how all the driving modes work this car also takes bragging to your mates in the pub to the next level with two modes in particular the first is called m lap timer and the second m drift analyzer yeah that’s not gonna end well is it the old m3 was a bit of a spiky customer beloved by the type of people who like to wear their racing boots to bed it’s unclear whether bmw have completely rounded off those edges on these new cars but with so much extra torque and power it’s unlikely to be a shrinking violet which is just as well because prices are going to start from around 75 000 pounds just under 75 for the m3 just over 75 for the m4 competition which is quite a lot of money but no matter because i’ve saved the best piece of news for last bmw has confirmed that for the first time it will be producing a touring or a state version of the m3 so personally i’m going to be waiting two years so i can take my dog along for the ride

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