FIRST LOOK: New McLaren Artura V6 hybrid supercar – a P1 for £1m less?

FIRST LOOK: New McLaren Artura V6 hybrid supercar – a P1 for £1m less?


The Artura is the first step in an entirely new direction for McLaren. A hybrid V6 powertrain. An all-new carbon tub. This is an entirely different McLaren to anything that’s come before. Or is it? It’s due to replace the 570 ‘Sport Series’ McLarens, but is it *actually* a mini P1 for one-sixth of the price? Magazine’s Editor Jack Rix finds out… Series 29: Geneva Online Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team? #TopGear #McLaren #Artura

good morning everyone and welcome to a photo studio in leighton buzzer where we’re here today to answer a question and not just because questions look quite good in the title of your videos no we’re here to ask is the new mclaren artura a p1 for a sixth of the price that’s the new arturo by the way that’s the p1 looking very good over there first of all yes it is a six for the price this is going to cost from about 182 500 pounds when it goes on sale a used p1 these days cost between 1.1 to 1.2 million pounds and the other thing i should mention is that unfortunately no i’m not going to be able to drive this car here today that’s going to happen around may time kovid permitting so really i’m not going to be able to fully answer my own question today am i but what we can do is dissect the details that we know so the headlines this car is new as in properly new new from the ground up it’s a new carbon fiber tub it’s a new body it’s a new power train it’s a new interior new new new new mclaren is even calling this car the start of a whole new era for the company it’s the start of their second decade of production in fact which is just crazy when you think about it isn’t it because going back to the mp4 12c mclaren’s only been in this era of producing road cars for 10 years they’ve made 25 000 cars and the improvement curve has been quite steep hasn’t it yes what else can i tell you about this car it is and here’s the big news a plug in hybrid so out goes the twin turbo v8 in comes a new three liter twin turbo v6 connected to that is a new eight speed twin clutch gearbox and there’s an edif built into the transmission charge it up and it will do about 30 kilometers in electric only mode it is rear-wheel drive that ev range by the way that’s about what you get with a plug-in golf these days isn’t it but then when you want all the power when you want the engine and the e-motor working together you’ve got 671 horsepower 94 horsepower of which comes from the electric motor so north 62 three seconds flat that’s only two tenths down on the p1 over there and top speed 205 miles an hour and get this in terms of co2 emissions it’s in line with the dacia sandero yeah 129 grams per kilometer more impressive still is that despite carrying around a 7.4 kilowatt-hour battery motor and other electric gubbins it weighs 495 kilograms that’s just 46 kilograms heavier than a 570 s which let’s face it is pretty negligible and yes the artura effectively replaces the 570s aka the sport series family but mclaren has had a re-jig of the range which is now bookended by the gt and ultimate series with the core supercars arturo and 720s grouped together in the middle okay so we’re going to come back to the artura in a minute and give you all the details on that car but for now we need to come over here and doff our caps to the genius that is the mclaren p1 and remind ourselves that this is a car that went into production in late 2013 over seven years ago which is just madness isn’t it because it still looks so fresh fresh as the day it left the factory and it’s still one of the most scalpel sharp warp speed fast supercars anywhere on the planet for me this was always the reprobate of the hypercar holy trinity with the laferrari and the 918 spider it was always up for a bit of a fight and the reason we’ve got one here today other than because i just want to perv over it a little bit is to remind ourselves that the hybrid supercar formula was nothing new is it mclaren nailed the formula with the p1 all those years ago but it’s taken them this amount of time to distill that formula down into something more attainable a sub 200 grand series production supercar yes honda gave us the nsx hybrid back in 2016 and then there’s the thousand horsepower ferrari sf90 but it feels like the artura is the opening of the hybrid supercar floodgates at a more approachable level ferrari is working on a v6 hybrid the hua can successor will be petrol electric a hybrid 911 can’t be far off and in many ways the p1 is where it all started where we all realized that hybrid tech wasn’t just to let a toyota prius eke out every drop of petrol it can take performance and a car’s responses to a whole new at level oh sorry getting a little bit distracted over here we’re here to talk about the artura aren’t we and let’s move on to the way it looks what do you think it’s not really my job to tell you what your eyes are telling your brain but what i can do is point out a few different aspects of the exterior design perhaps to help you make your mind up the first is the headlights so you’ll notice they’re recessed into the bodywork aller 720s the sport series cars were always flush with the bodywork moving down the side the wheels so they’re staggered 19 inch of the front 20 inch at the back and you’ve got these porsche 911 gt3 rs style vents on top of the front wheel arch here that releases the pressure build up in the arch but also adds just a little dose of aggression to the exterior design coming further down the side all the body panels are aluminium super formed aluminium no less and when you get round to the back look at the size of this rear clam shell wraps all the way around the back of the car that is a single piece of metal and then you’ve got these buttresses here which are always a nice touch and two things to mention on this rear deck the first is this laser cut cover and secondly slap bang in the middle is what mclaren calls the chimney it’s a heat chimney because down there in the engine it can get up to 900 degrees celsius and this just helps reduce that temperature down to about 250 degrees c around the back it’s all quite minimal you’ve got high set twin tail pipes big diffuser down the back no big wing you’ve just got this little lip spoiler here very restrained indeed now don’t get me wrong i think it’s a beautiful car it’s well proportioned it ticks all the supercar boxes but my worry is they could have gone a little bit further they could have differentiated it a bit more from the 570s because if you’re a casual supercar buyer are you really going to appreciate the step changing technology that’s going on under the skin i’ll tell you what though it’s definitely going to turn heads when this glides silently past you especially in this flux green color in the supermarket car park when it’s not gliding silently that new 120 degree v6 can rev all the way to eight and a half thousand rpm it’s also 150 millimeters shorter than the v8 so its mass is concentrated more towards the middle of the car steering nerds will be happy to hear the rack is still hydraulic there’s new multi-link rear suspension adaptive dampers and pirelli p0s with an embedded chip that can bluetooth all your tyre info instantly to the onboard computer mclaren has even lobbed out the reverse gear that’s taken care of by the e-motor and a bluetooth key boots up all this computing power as you approach so there’s no hanging about when you get in speaking of getting in just a couple of things i want to show you on the door here the first is something called the halo light which is this ring that runs all the way around the door card it’s not actually working because this is a pre-pre-production prototype but the idea is this whole ring illuminates so when you’ve got your wings up the doors are bathed in light fancy and the second bit is a nice bit of aero trickery which is this channel that runs right along the bottom of the door and what that does is channel air along there along the seals inside the sills and then into this intake here which feeds the radiators clever stuff now this is quite exciting isn’t it an all new mclaren interior a properly new mclaren interior and i’m going to start with the thing that’s right in front of my eyes because you’ll notice up here these two little rocker switches now normally on a mclaren you have a dial for the handling you have a dial for the powertrain and those are activated with two buttons that say active on them and that’s down on the center console it was always a bit overly complicated if i’m honest but they’ve changed all that and they’ve moved them up here onto the binnacle which is attached to the steering column so if i move the steering wheel you’ll notice the screen comes with it as do these two switches up here so the idea is you can keep your hands on the steering wheel but still control your powertrain settings switch between automatic and manual you can turn the esc off and you can change your handling parameters over here it’s quite neat actually you see how you just operate them with your index and your middle finger there but you’ve still got fingers on the paddles i’ve still got a thumb on the steering wheel all very neat indeed now those driving modes for the power train the first one is eevee only we talked about it earlier about 20 miles 30 kilometers of ev only range two and a half hours to charge it up and you can drive the car in pure ev mode up to 75 miles an hour the next one is comfort mode that blends the engine and the e-motor for maximum efficiency and comfort and smoothness and then we move up into sport and track mode which is all about dialing up the responses bringing maximum attack so that’ll be maximum torque fill with the gearbox and the power delivery it’ll be maximum throttle response they say that the throttle is twice as responsive as it is in the 570s and maximum regen when you’re on the brakes and just on the subject of throttle response i think that’s probably gonna be the defining characteristic of this car because if i’m honest the mclaren v8 the twin turbo v8 was always a little bit laggy certainly in comparison to ferrari’s twin-turbo v8 but this technology is going to close that gap and then some right what else can i tell you well in the center here we have a portrait 8-inch screen with all your functions that you need but here you’ll see it’s floating it’s proud of the dash and what that does as well as looking quite neat is create sort of a sense of space and airiness that you didn’t get in the previous sport series just this little bit of space behind the wheel your cup holder down there the dash feels further away it’s actually a more luxurious airy space to spend time in the materials too looks like build quality has gone up a notch as you’d expect with an all-new fresh start from mclaren and i must mention these seats here now you can order comfort seats but these are the club sport seats but don’t be put off by that club sport name they’re not nearly as ferocious as they sound you’ve basically got a fixed ratio between the squab and the back rest here they move back and forwards manually and then they move elliptically through an arc so you can go raise it up or you can hunker down works really nice the driving position is spot on i love that the fact that mclaren has stuck to their guns and hasn’t peppered the steering wheel with all sorts of switches and buttons there’s a purity to that which speaks to the purity of driving experience that you’re supposed to get in the mclaren oh it’s just nice to be in an interior in a mclaren that’s a bit different there’s even places to put your stuff unlike the sf90 with a decent boot in the front a shelf behind the seats a couple of cup holders big storage bins in the doors and electronic luxuries like apple carplay and adaptive cruise control my only criticism of recent mclarens has never been the way they drove or the way they sounded or the way they looked all of that is top top notch it’s the fact that such a huge range of their cars at wildly different price points from the 540c all the way up to the center are based around variations of the same mono cell carbon fiber chassis technology the same powertrain technology the same interior switch gear but this car is a completely fresh start it’s a new future-proof platform that will underpin a whole family of hybrid mclarens and it’s just the shot in the arm that the company needed but i need to come back to my original question don’t i is this a p1 for a sixth of the price well it weighs about the same as that car over there and it’s got about three quarters of the power so do you know what i think it might be but then again i’m going to be a complete cop out and wait to give you my definitive answer until we actually drive this thing in may catch you then

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