FIRST LOOK | New Range Rover: luxury 4×4 goes electric, gets seven seats, from £94k!

FIRST LOOK | New Range Rover: luxury 4×4 goes electric, gets seven seats, from £94k!


This is the new Range Rover. No, really. It messes with your head, doesn’t it? Is this really the new one? From the side profile at least, it just looks like the Range Rover we’re familiar with… yet unaccountably better. Smoother, neater, more polished, tightened up. But the new Range Rover builds on a totally new, mostly aluminium body structure. Launch versions include plug-in hybrids that’ll go 60 miles on their 140bhp electric motor before waking their 3.0-litre petrol engine. But if you want to do 0-62 in 4.6 seconds you’ll be needing the 530bhp V8 4.4-litre twin-turbo unit from BMW. And it can be had in two wheelbases, and for the first time it adds the option of seven seats in the longer shell. They’ll even be an EV version. But there’s a lot to go through, so allow Magazine’s Jack Rix to be your guide. Chris Harris on… Restomods: FIRST DRIVE: Singer’s DLS Project: Magazine Speed Week 2021: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

is it just me or does every new land rover these days come with a weight of expectation and heritage hanging around its neck the new evoque the defender the discovery and now this the all-new fifth generation range rover it’s the mark of a company that constantly delivers i suppose but there’s no getting around it this car has some very big welly boots to fit launched 51 years ago the range rover was a total revelation a 4×4 designed to be as good on the road as it was off it a savile row suit paired with a pair of waders from the three-door first gen through to the all-aluminium 4th gen car that’s being replaced it stayed true to that original formula albeit piling on the technology and luxury with each update and this new one pushes the tech and luxury even further these days there are so many other land rovers that do all sorts of other jobs that this car the range rover the daddy is free to be a full-blown luxury car and you only need to look at the prices to confirm that because a basic se spec model with a d300 engine will cost 94 000 pounds and the prices go all the way up to 140 grand for a first edition long wheelbase with a supercharged v8 and when you’re charging those kind of prices it needs to look the part which is where jerry mcgovern’s modern and minimalist design comes into play essentially he’s made this pebble smooth he’s done a velar to the range rover and as a result it has a drag coefficient of just 0.3 which is remarkable let me tell you for a car this size in fact to truly appreciate it you need to look at this car next to the current generation range rover to appreciate just how detailed and refined and smooth and smarter the exterior is and the best way to show you is to walk around so the front end you’ll notice it’s all flush all the way down here come round the side the shut lines so this is the big story the fact that these lines are so tight compared to previous generations of the car 23-inch wheels down there by the way and as you come down the side of the car again these are subtle changes but when you’re up close here where i am they make all the difference along here there is no waste finisher the body just curves around and flows seamlessly into the glass there’s no finisher along the roof either you’ve got flush handles here and essentially the entire profile of the car is the classic range rover silhouette so you’ve only got three lines you’ve got the falling roof line you’ve got the horizontal center line and then the rising floor line which rises up into a boat tail at the back and if we come around the back you’ll see what is probably the most distinctive part of this new range rover design and that’s the tail lights the way that they fall down the outer edges of the car giving it uh height presence and lots of other design words that i don’t really understand you’ve also got lights built into this full width bar here which i can show you if i knock on that window there we go your indicators are hidden behind here these lights by the way um you’re not getting direct led light into your eyeballs these are shown into a prism which gives you this lovely diffused red light so you’re not blinded when you’re behind this car in a traffic jam i do like it i tell you what that man jerry mcgovern he’s good isn’t he time for the nerdy bits for the first time there’s four wheel steering as standard expect the usual benefits a tight turning circle of less than 11 meters better agility at low speeds and better stability at high speeds then there’s the chassis systems like the 48 volt anti-roll control adaptive dampers air springs that use navigation data to prime themselves for upcoming bends the point of all this technology to simultaneously push comfort cornering dynamics and off-road ability to previously unseen heights clever stuff and then when you’re done beating up physics take a look at this it’s got a split tailgate of course and there’s a couple of things i want to show you in here the first is the parcel shelf now who here hates having to wrestle their parcel shelf out of here and then take it and leave it in your hallway and then go and find it again later rubbish here you just press a button and it retracts neatly to let you get your stuff very neat and the second thing is called the tailgate event suite it’s basically a series of cushions that helps you turn your tailgate into a little love seat so talk amongst yourselves want to figure this out that clicks in there this goes on top simple as that you can sit here you can watch the horse racing you can sip your expensive whiskey now this is available in short wheelbase and long wheelbase versions both based on the new mla flex architecture and the long wheelbase version is the first range rover to be offered with a third row of seats with seven seats unless of course you go for the plug-in hybrid but that’s nothing to do with packaging in space it’s actually to do with weight and you won’t be surprised when you find out how big that battery is yes there are two extended range plug-in hybrids with a 31.8 kilowatt hour usable battery capacity that’s as big as a whole honda e as a result both the p440e and the more powerful p510e models which both twin an inline six cylinder with a 141 horsepower electric motor have a range of 62 miles in pure electric mode which is whisperit actually useful want even more e-range well land rover has confirmed there will be a pure electric range rover with us by 2024. want to conserve lithium there’s a mild hybrid p400 petrol model d300 and d350 diesels and a flagship twin turbo v8 okay so on the inside of the new range rover and ah straight away i can tell you this is a lovely squidgy place to sit and there’s lots of new stuff to play with as well including right here the biggest screen that they’ve ever had in the lamb rover it’s 13.1 inches wide and the really clever thing here is the way it sits just slightly proud of the dash and you’ll notice it’s curved to follow the contours of the dash and the reason for that is because if you had to embed it into the dashboard you’d have to have a big fat dashboard to accommodate it here it can be much more slender run the full width of the car and make the whole thing feel more elegant there’s another screen here 13.7 inches that’s your digital instrument display and overall i’m aware that this is the biggest cliche in the entire book but it is very much like being in a yacht in here acres and acres of cream leather bleached wood the build quality is fantastic the cubby holes the storage area is fantastic so if i peel this back a couple of cup holders push that back a little hidden area down there more storage wireless phone charging you got a fridge in here now in terms of the technology a couple of really clever things this has got alexa built in so all you have to do is hook up your amazon account and then you can ask alexa to do whatever it is you want her to do it’s also got a 1600 watt meridian sound system with active noise cancellation including here’s the best bit speakers in the headrests of the seat which effectively give you a bubble of calm around your head acts like you’re wearing noise cancelling headphones perfect for drowning out the kids in the back not that they’ll notice they’re probably watching something inappropriate on the screen spoke there keep it down so is the new range rover any good well for me it’s a big tick in the design department it’s a big tick for the interior too i love that floating screen in the middle of the dashboard and on the powertrain front well come 2024 when they launch the pure electric version of this car there will quite literally be something for everyone if i got one question mark it’s over the pricing it’s punchy as hell but then as i said before this is a full-on luxury car you’re not going to see many of them down the farm

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