FIRST LOOK: Porsche Cayman GT4 RS – 493bhp GT3 engine, £108k, the loudest RS model ever!

FIRST LOOK: Porsche Cayman GT4 RS – 493bhp GT3 engine, £108k, the loudest RS model ever!


What would happen if Porsche wedged the 493bhp, high-revving, 4.0-litre naturally-aspirated flat-six from the 911 GT3 into the Cayman? Well… this. With Porsche’s pure electric future beckoning and naturally aspirated petrol engines on the way out, its hardcore GT department thought it would have some fun, producing the most extrovert RS model ever. Of course, there’s more downforce, stiffer suspension and weight has been stripped out but it’s the character of this car that separates it from the 911 GT3. The GT3 harnesses all the tech available to be the fastest and most precise thing around a track, the GT4 RS is all about noise and emotion and having fun, says Andreas Preuninger, the man behind every GT model. So we caught up with him in Germany to give us a full tour of the car.Chapters:0:00 Intro0:23 The Numbers1:31 Track Performance1:48 Weight Reduction + Interior2:30 Nürburgring Numbers3:00 GT4 RS vs GT44:46 Q+A with Andreas Preuninger18:17 GT4 RS Watch20:38 Outro Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

this is the car we’ve been hoping would exist for years it is the porsche cayman gt4 rs the harder cord version of what was the sportiest cayman that money could buy but now now it’s a proper junior 911 gt3 here’s the numbers it’s four liter naturally aspirated flat six that you may recognize from the gt3 can rev up to 9000 rpm and produces 493 brake horsepower and 332 pounds feet of torque that’s a respective bump of 79 horsepower and 15 pounds feet over the gt4 that power is sent to the rear wheels by a seven speed pdk gearbox no manuals here and paul says it’ll be good for a 3.4 second naught to 62 sprint topping out at nearly 200 miles an hour while these are all very impressive numbers what’s more impressive is how this car stays glued to the road via these front wheel arch vents via the manually adjustable front diffuser which is done by waggling your hand around inside that front wheel arch all the underbody arrow the rear diffuser and of course the big rear wing as a result this car produces around 20 percent more downforce than the standard gt4 when both cars are in their maximum attack track settings and crucially it does it without any penalty and drag the job here is to lap harder and faster than anything else out there that means there’s an rs only shock setup and its own bespoke spring and anti-roll bar rates porsche’s also used ball joints to keep the chassis tight to the body making sure the car is as stiff as possible this is an rs car which means it is the peak of porsche engineering nerdery which means there can be no compromise when it comes to saving weight so in the back you have extra thin gorilla glass you have a titanium roll cage which is part of the vice sac pack you have lighter door cards you have fabric door pulls you have storage nets here instead of traditional storage compartments and you have less insulation the sum total of all that means it is 35 kilograms lighter than a pdk equipped gt4 which means it’s 20 kilograms lighter than a pdk equipped gt3 and just three kilograms lighter than a manual gt3 all of those headline figures mean the gt4 rs can lap the nurburgring in just 7 minutes 4.511 seconds over 23 seconds quicker than the standard gt4 and just six seconds slower than the gt3 admittedly that was done with pro driver jorg bergmeister at the wheel and on a set of super sticky michelin pilot sport cup 2rs which are available as an option by the way but still impressive power torque weight lap times we know all of that but how will the layman the casual car fan be able to tell the gt4 rs apart from the gt4 well i’ll show you the gt4 by comparison as you can see is fairly clean at the front end whereas here it’s maximum aggression you’ve got the contrast colored carbon fiber bonnet of course but also these ducts which feed air straight to the brakes and then these air curtains which smooth the airflow down the side of the car around the back the most obvious difference is the massive rear wing with its swan neck mounts and aluminium supports now this can be adjusted manually via four settings for varying angles of attack but if you adjust this you must also manually adjust the front diffuser to keep the overall aero balance of the car just so and look it’s not just bigger than this wing over here it’s a lot bigger isn’t it and that’s because it’s modeled around the 911 rsr gt race car and of course the 911 gt3 what else can i show you well down here we have these twin exhaust pipes same as the gt4 but these are more elaborate these are titanium tipped which is part of the vice act pack the diffusers by the way are pretty much identical save for these extra little winglets along the side here and while we have the cars together let’s put the stats up question is how has porsche made the gt4 rs so much quicker than the gt4 and more importantly why well there’s no better person to ask than the man behind all of porsche’s gt cars andreas pointing her so i’ve got a few questions for you and the first one is a big one all right so why did you give the cayman the rs treatment was it because your customers weren’t satisfied with the gt4 or maybe are you hinting that i don’t know electric caymans are coming and you want to make the most of naturally aspirated engines while you still can well jack like always in life not everything is black and white so all of the mentioned uh um reasons were part of the mixture okay we have to say the first time we bought out the 981 gt4 the first of its kind it was such a huge disgrace but everybody kept asking why don’t you put something even bigger in this mid-engine platform and and the last for an rs version on the gt4 was already there on the last generation that’s for one so it was really something we acknowledged from the customer base but we as engineers and as people that are always wanting to climb up the ladder one step more we always had that in our back of our minds to do something like that on the second gen we already planned that and and you’re right yes the future of the mid engine platform um might have to do a lot with electricity and um so it’s high time to um to have a big party on the platform of the 718 with a atmospheric normally aspirated engine with 9000 rpm this car is a life concert on four wheels it’s it’s it’s such an entertainer and it was such a fun project to make a fun car and that was something that came from our hearts and we wanted to do it at a long time now we have to slot in the cycle plan to do it and it fits the gt cycle plan very well the ct model line we have the gt3 a little bit more positioned on top than we have the gt4 as a smaller brother and this car is in between well that’s interesting you mentioned the gt3 there because how how is this car describe how it’s sort of sufficiently different to a gt3 because on paper quite similar prices this is like slightly less simple it’s slightly less it’s less slightly less uh weight it’s it’s slightly less but only 20 kilograms with the pdk box um and and power it’s got gt3 engines so tell us about the difference in character and how these cars can actually sit next to each other um i think they will sit naturally next to each other in a lot of garages um it’s the gt3 is our is our product that always has this um huge competition all around it internally and mostly external everybody is trying to match the gt3 status match the 323’s value package match the gt3’s performance on the track and so we are very eager to give the gt3 everything we can to let it stay on pole position like we did now with a double wishbone front axle it has rear axle steering it all has all this gizmos that makes the car really fast it has this advantage i would say to having the engine in the back with a short exhaust that has not so much back pressure but this big wide wheels that we use on the track and it has all this high performance stuff and still is a driver’s car but it’s a 911 it’s a typical 911 that gt3 is a the the essence of all the virtues the 911 stands for this is the mid-engine car it’s a little brother here i think it’s positioned a little bit lower than the gt3 so it’s at least in euros at 30 000 euros different so that’s not slightly that’s quite quite a lot and um on that car i don’t think we have too much competition around in the field maybe the gt4 but this one is almost 24 seconds quick around the ring in this configuration so it stands for its own and we didn’t look too much into super arrow and the last eek out the last tenth of a second on the track rs normally means rent sport racing and um in german it’s better to be uh to be trained to be translated it’s rs it’s ren spas which means ren fun racing fun this is a little bit of a hybrid between a driver’s car that you use on a mountainous roads on on switchbacks and on on on on really demanding roads for the driver which you have a lot of fun driving the car just for the sake of driving old school driving wipes and a great car for track days we tried to find the perfect compromise here and i think we did because from the emotional point of view this is a complete different experience because on a gt3 for example if you’re talking about sound and sound is very very important for our customers and for ourselves too the gt3 sound is dominated by the exhaust this one’s dominated mainly by the intake which gives a complete different atmosphere and makes the driving from the acoustics completely different which is important but it has a mid-engined configuration so the high axis turnaround willingness i would say um it doesn’t need a reaction steering for that so the whole mid engine feeling is is very very much noticeable in that car is this a more hardcore model if you drove them on a track would it be trickier to extract the maximum potential from this than to extract maximum potential from the gt3 that’s i think this is something that has to be decided individually individually i mean our race drivers drive the same car um with at the with the same track and lap times with a completely different setup so it’s it’s it’s what you’re used to it’s what you what you have in your in your veins a little bit it is it is not hard to drive it is mid-engine so it is at at the very very edge a little bit more snappy which is normal it is definitely a lot more hardcore than the gt4 which we see over there because we’ve got different different suspension we got a little bit more aero we got at least 80 horsepower more and this 500 horsepower is very conservative and so i would say it’s more hardcore is it more hardcore than a gt3 yes in a way because it’s way louder in the interior i mean we’re matching all the worldwide criteria for external noise but in the interior this is such an entertainer it’s like it’s like the robbie williams yeah let me entertain you this is what this car is about the robbie williams important and it’s interesting because you mentioned the intake there but if you can take us around the most important bits that make this an rs not just a gt4 we were talking about the intake do we have so much time yeah come on let’s start right where you’re standing i’ll just describe the acoustical differences that we have to in in comparison with gt3 and on the gt4 as well and that is that there’s a reason for that it’s not only the engine being a gt3 engine which people might think that must sound same or similar it does not because we’re taking the intake charge from here so the intake port for the process air so they added enters the uh the engine for combustion um we threw away throughout the window and um here are ducts that lead to a air filter element to a big air box which you can see actually can we pop the lid yeah sure we can pop the lid and show you you see this carbon fiber air box here and you see the runners that come directly from the from the rear sighted intakes where normally the windows sit and all the intakes intake is coming over here the air filter element which is a race filter down there it’s not a paper filter it’s a oil waxed cloth filter very high quality and very less back back pressure so we have here the intake system that goes straight down to the engine the engines mounted directly underneath here and the only difference actually to the gt3 engine is the intake the upper intake park because we had to turn around the throttle body uh to a horizontal position now to be able to match uh to get the air in on a gt3 it’s 90 degrees to the other side that’s the only difference and the exhaust i mean the the engine is mounted in the middle so we need a little bit of a longer exhaust because we have to go through the drive shafts and there’s a longer travel to the exactly exhaust titanium and tips yes this is nicer package do i recognize from the 935 yeah right i mean the 935 stole this idea from historical cars we stole it from the 935 which was done by uh roughly the same people and we wanted to have a nicer looking exhaust than the one on the gt4 you should really definitely see yeah this is the rs even if you’re if you’re behind and it’s and it’s lighter and these going to glow interesting colors depends on your driving style i mean yeah and titanium normally uh gets this bluish note so all the cars we are testing and there’s cars with 100k miles and more they’re in the first let’s say almost an inch they’re blue yeah which looks fabulous and which matches the wheels actually there we go and you mentioned the the vice pack there so what what what does that add it sounds like i’ve been looking around the car kind of a must-have option to get to get the maximum out of it so so the exhaust tips and what else vicer package we introduced first on the gt2rs and we had a take rate of about staggering 90 or more so we decided every rs model needs a visor package and it consists of similar ingredients uh the recipe visa package is mostly lightweight and we like to show off the carbon so we see the carbon fiber front hood or bonnet yes i think bonnet bonnets yeah and you can have it as well maybe you remember the um the the color scheme of the gt2 rs which had this colored stripe along the um the front you can have that too okay looks more sophisticated it’s a it’s a special option um i will show the world on my car as soon as i’m allowed to this one’s uh got the got the normal got the normal coloration but that stripe matched that and this is any color you want yeah in the in the color that your exterior color is otherwise it looks like like a clown so we don’t want to have that we have this we have this carbon fiber bonnet on the visor as a visual carbon fiber all the cars have carbon fiber bonnets so it’s just painted magnesium rims so these are very lightweight magnesium rims if you don’t have divisor package you’ve got forged aluminum ones but the weight difference is substantial as you might know and another another bit is if you look at the interior we have a raised text covered upper part of the dashboard which looks very very cool and uh very racy and also very classic 935 also 935 yeah so there’s technology transfer between between race and road yeah that’s what porsche stands for and another bit of the viser package is this hood that you see the scoop the normal version doesn’t feature the scoop here and this scoop mirrors the optic of this what does it do a little bit more pressure a little bit more ram effect it’s not much it looks nice and it sounds different because you’ve got here a chamber that is changing the intake sound um to the better and that is louder i’m noticing how close this intake is to your left when we sit inside it’s 30 centimeters yeah i mean you hear everything you hear such a symphony of different frequencies and it depends on the refs and on your load this is so entertaining this car really tells you stories all the time when you’re driving thin glass gorilla glass carbon fiber wing that is visual carbon fiber titanium end tips and stabilizers in carbon fiber yeah and what else on the interior i’m testing it now you got the you got the badges and the and and and the emblems as a matter of fact yeah and um yeah that that rounds it up okay so while we’re looking at the driver’s seat there’s one thing isn’t there a special mode it adds downforce um and um we have we have we have a sport mode which makes the pdk shift uh more directly more brutally i would say uh for for racetrack use we can influence the dampers from let’s say the nurburgring notch life setup which is default now it’s not a comfort default it’s it’s it’s what you use on the street especially on b roads in england and um and we have and we have the uh a little bit tauter um chrome pre-track setting i would say that you that you would use on maybe silverstone to make the car even a little bit more stiff and control the body movements even a little bit more and taking away a little bit of the freedom to travel over the wheels which you don’t need when it’s flat but matter of taste i always run it in a notch life in a notch life setup because that’s where it’s set up originally and this works pretty good even for your commute yeah i mean commute i mean this is definitely not the car that you buy if you have to go from now it’s like talk in english terms from london to glasgow yeah once a year this is stupid this is your motorcycle yeah when you want to drive a motorcycle and you leave the motorcycle and you take you’d rather take this this is for the sake of driving and uh yeah for having fun in the car okay and i can’t help noticing your there’s many options for this car but you’re wearing one on your wrist so we should talk about this and i can even take it without with me with uh without entering the garage yeah this is this is a new watch that we brought out that this goes along with the car it bears the same vin number than the car that you can only order that when you when you when you order the car yes and it features an automatic movement with a rotor um that is uh and the rotor here so blue rotor to match blue rotor to match the wheel so you get exactly a spec that you have on your car if you if you have a great car you get a gray circle here if you get a yellow card this is yellow so it’s pretty much um pretty much customizable yeah very weird look at yourself look at this and you can wear it for the day oh thank you so much right leg it there we go look this is a step above and now the big question the final question how do i get myself on the waiting list for one of these because the competition for these cars is hot um i think that would be that could be a discussion that is that is coming because it’s not limited it’s not a limited car so and we’re gonna have a have a production run of at least two two and a half years on that one so uh there’ll be plenty of cars coming around i mean i remember when we first introduced a 718 spyro in the gt4 everybody was uh crying oh i didn’t get a card and mostly everybody has one now so maybe it takes some yeah some some some patience before we are able to build it but we are preparing uh that we can build enough cars so we’re not deliberately short making make a shortage out of these cars we’re just producing as many as we can yeah um but uh it it is uh realistic that this car will find a lot of lovers out there that want to have one this is true and we’re trying the best to to cover it all especially when we actually have a go at driving it absolutely i hope it’s soon yeah i mean driving that thing is really is really something i’m looking forward to when all the journalists drive the car because everybody of you will come back with the with the with with a mad grin in the face and asked me are you mad because this is this is this is the notion that you get when you drive the car in 2022 um to make a car that emotional and that entertaining as this one so we need to we need to enjoy it while we can absolutely just one more question how much is it well this will set you back about 141 000 euros which translates to about 120 000 pounds which is a decent chunk cheaper actually than the 911 gt3 so where would your money go if it’s on a gt4 rs may i recommend you get on the blower straight away because they’re aiming to start deliveries of this thing before the end of this year and trust me it’s going to be a special special thing you

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