FIRST LOOK: Volkswagen ID.3

FIRST LOOK: Volkswagen ID.3


Ten years down the line, will the answer to every car-buying question be “Just get an ID.3”? Well, let Magazine’s Jack Rix show you around VW’s all-new, all-electric hatchback. Series 27: First Looks: Chris Harris Drives: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. Make sure you’re subscribed to the official YouTube channel:

when it comes to making cars on mass VW has a little bit of form it sold well over 20 million beetles and then in the 70s it introduced a car called the Gulf you might have heard of it it sold 35 million of those and Counting which is one car every 41 seconds since 1974 and now there’s this the VW id3 a car being touted as the third era of Volkswagen hence the name it’s also a car they hope will take them to the forefront of the evie race and with any luck sweep all that dieselgate nonsense under the carpet once and for and VW isn’t aiming low it wants to sell these in the hundreds of thousands all part of the VW group’s plan to sell three million V’s a year by 2025 with 50 fully electric cars across all its brands the id3 is the first on a new meb platform and the first of an ID family that will include a saloon multiple SUVs and a resurrection of the VW campervan even a dune buggy is on the carts just taking my first proper look at it and you can see straight away that the design priority here was to make the car as slippery as possible that’s the holy grail for electric cars of course because then you can make the most of whatever juice you have in your battery so at the front end a bit like the Jaguar ipace because you don’t have an engine to deal with you’ve got a much shorter stubby and nose then you drag the a-pillar forwards and you end up with this much more steeply raked screen the wheels they’re quite flat in design makes them more aerodynamic these are nineteen’s by the way eighteen to standard twenties as an option and under there you have a perfectly flat underfloor you may also have noticed that it doesn’t get the cameras for winged moves you get on an Audi e-tron they would have been more aerodynamic but they would have also cost a hell of a lot more and that’s the other priority with this car making it cost effective you’re not going to sell millions of these if nobody can afford them which is why it’s made from trusty old steel not fancy carbon fiber so the big question is do I like it well I think it’s gonna take some time to grow on me but that’s absolutely fine I don’t think VW is about to radically redesign this car any time soon if you take the golf as an example it certainly favors evolutionary design so here’s the hard numbers we’ve been waiting for it will be available with three battery sizes 45 kilowatt hour 58 kilowatt hour and 77 kilowatt hour which equates to 205 260 and 341 miles of range according to the W LTP test you’ll be able to choose between two power levels 148 brake horsepower and 201 brake horsepower it’s rear-wheel drive for now but all-wheel drive will follow and prices will start from under 30,000 euros which should convert to under 25,000 pounds when you throw in the UK’s three and a half grand government grant find a hundred kilowatt charger and you can add 161 miles of range in 30 minutes in terms of size well its footprint on the road isn’t really that much different to a golf it’s a few millimeters longer few millimeters wider where it differs though is in height it’s 60 millimetres taller than a golf and in wheelbase between the wheels it’s a hundred and forty five millimeters longer and where that translates is on the inside where the space is a step up Mountain I’ve got no official figures for the boot but using my eye scanner I can’t confirm death boot is big going around to the back seats as is traditional the seat in front is set to my preferred driving position and look at this look how much leg room I have left I can have much longer legs and still be comfortable back here lots of room so the passengers should be happy what about the driver okay so a quick look around the interior and we’re going to start with the screens there’s two of them the first of which is behind the wheel it’s this instrument cluster here and it’s a test to the steering column so as you can see it moves with the wheel the other thing to mention is this odd bit sticking out the side it that is your rotary gear selector so you press the button on the end for park that way to go forward that way to go backwards that way again to enter extra region one pedal mode and then the second screen it’s angled towards you and it’s moved away from the dashboard and the reason for that is because with that stubby front end the dashboard is just that much further away from you if it was over there I’d be reaching probably crashing into the nearest lamppost now it’s not quite Tesla esque in the way that Tesla do away with all buttons altogether but most of the switches in here are not physical they’re all touch sensitive with haptic feedback unfortunately the screens aren’t working on this prototype so I can’t show you how they work you’ll have to take my word for it in fact the only physical switches I found are down here for the electric windows overall there is a sense of spaciousness spaciousness because you don’t have to have a transmission tunnel so there’s that much air down here and here’s a nice touch on the brake and accelerator you have a pause and a play symbol just in case you forget what they do and for anyone there was in any doubt that the id3 has been designed to be a relaxing car to drive well you only have to look at the flat seats and the fact that you get an armrest to know that that’s exactly what it’s aimed at oh yes clear off don’t get me wrong I must titillated by the idea of a 2000 horsepower electric Lotus as the next man but for me the really exciting stuff in the electric car market is at this end at the affordable end of the spectrum where you might be able to get a tasty PCP deal with cars like the electric mini the Honda II and now this and for all you keen drivers out there that are renting at your screens about the curse of the electric car we’ll think about it this way the sooner you or I are traveling to and from work in our EVs the more petrol we’ll save to have some proper fun at the weekends

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